The Progression of Integration

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: How does the process of psychological integration progress? Do people become more integrated as they grow spiritually?

A: Integration first occurs at the level of the personality and then progresses to encompass transpersonal and universal perspectives. Transpersonal integration occurs when you begin to incorporate elements of the Superconscious mind, and ultimately come to identify with the Higher Self or Soul. Universal integration occurs when you are able to minister to thousands and millions of other Souls—this is the state of spiritual Mastery.

Integration appears to progress through seven stages:

  1. Relative disintegration – You sense that you are composed of multiple parts or subpersonalities. Your parts are often in conflict, and it is hard for you to move forward in your life, because it is difficult to decide on what you really want to do. As a result, you cling to what is known and comfortable, even if it doesn’t make you happy. You may find that elements from your unconscious mind regularly run your behavior: things you sense in the world around you and what other people say and do trigger you to do and say certain things, even though you may feel this is not right or good.
  2. Partial integration – Your life begins to make sense and have a relative coherence. You identify with your roles at work, as a parent, as a partner in a relationship, and with activities you do in the community. You have established regular routines that make your life more efficient and less stressful. You begin to honor your needs, and you have set times for work and productivity and times in which you relax and rejuvenate. You continue to improve your results as you periodically monitor your behavior and modify things to do even better. You have trusted, supportive role models who guide you and mentor you. You may have the support of a religious or spiritual community that inspires you to do your best, or influential business leaders who show you how to prosper and how to advance in your career. You continue, however, to have aspects of your behavior you do not control. For example, you might have emotional outbursts, or be immoderate in your eating or using alcohol.
  3. Personal integration – You become self-aware, and you recognize that you create your personal destiny through what you choose. You set goals in each area of your life, and you manage your time and resources to achieve them. You are able to dialog with each of the subpersonalities within you, and find ways to meet their needs. Unconscious patterns and the influence of others govern less of your behavior; you consciously chart your course through life and make your own decisions. You become clear about what you want to do, be, and have in your life; you set about making that happen.
  4. Genius – You begin to tap into the abilities and knowledge of your Soul and begin to express them in your life. With your established capacity to make the things you choose happen in your life, you begin to concretize the inspiration of your Soul as creativity, inventions, new theoretical knowledge, and novel procedures and methods that improve productivity and performance.
  5. Transpersonal integration – You discover your Soul’s purpose and you begin to cooperate with your Soul in carrying that out. Your Soul fully expresses through you and you become its instrument. You gain discernment of the true nature of your Soul and you can guide and teach others to discover their own Soul and its gifts.
  6. Universal consciousness – When your Soul evolves to states of universal consciousness, you begin to minister and teach the multitudes. This first stage of universal integration allows you potentially influence millions of lives. You may originate a thought stream that inspires many people all over the world.
  7. Spiritual Mastery – At this stage, God empowers you to guide, teach, and transform other Souls, leading them to personal integration, lifting them to connect with their Soul’s genius, gain transpersonal integration, rise into universal sates of consciousness—and ultimately, rise to the same level of Mastery you have achieved.

Gaining personal integration is an ongoing process throughout your life. Using centering methods, meditation techniques that unite your attention with your Self, help you become established in this core of your personality and facilitates you taking charge of your life and incorporating your many parts into a harmonious synthesis. In addition to centering methods, there are several other methods that we teach that can help you work with these subpersonalities to help you integrate them into the Self.

As you begin to connect with your Soul, you begin to activate your Soul’s genius. Techniques drawn from Agni Yoga and Jnana Yoga assist you to make this connection and channel this wisdom.

You can begin to contemplate the Soul directly using Raja Yoga, and to awaken its innate knowledge and ability using Kundalini Yoga. This accelerates the rate at which you achieve transpersonal integration.

You achieve transformation in your spiritual development into states of universal consciousness using a transformational method. In our system of Integral meditation, we give you a transformational mantra that allows you to reach these states after sustained practice over several years.

Ultimately, if you follow the track of your spiritual development to its culmination, you will reach the stage of Liberation and Mastery. At his highest level, you will become an channel of the Divine Light.

We teach methods to help you activate stages three through five, and to ultimately rise into universal states and spiritual Mastery, in our intermediate meditation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We invite you to learn how to do these methods, so you can more swiftly achieve personal and transpersonal integration.