An Overview of Our Available Readings

Our Readings and Attunements

Types of Readings

Metavisional Readings

A metavisional reading is viewing with the attentional principle. This so-called third eye is not an anatomical organ at all, but is consciousness itself. In its ground state, the attentional principle dwells behind the pituitary gland center of the Subconscious mind. Activated by the power of Raja Yoga, this witnessing principle can travel through each of your higher vehicles of consciousness and through each of the Planes of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading becomes possible when a connection is established between your Superconscious mind and your Conscious mind, allowing you to receive information from the Soul. It is receptive in nature. This means that the reader does not actively travel to the level at which the reading is done as in a metavisional reading, but asks a question to the Soul and listens for an answer. The reader then relays this information to the person having the reading.

Channeled Readings and Attunements

A channeled reading is one which the reader receives information from a spiritual entity other than the Soul. For example, people have been alleged to channel angels, departed spirits, UFO aliens, sundry Masters and adepts of all types. One gentleman even allegedly channels dolphins. George channels three teachers of the Mudrashram lineage: Swami Prem Dayal, Swami Charan Das, and Swami Prabhu Maharaj.

A channeled message occurs when you give permission for the entity being channeled to speak through you. You act as a kind of microphone through which the entity can give the message. This is done in an altered state of consciousness: you must go within to where the spiritual entity resides and link up. Then the spiritual entity can give teachings and answer questions.


An attunement is a transmission of spiritual light and energy. It can take several forms. It can flow as healing energy, bestow emotional peace and comfort, radiate intuitive knowledge and guidance, lead the attention of another person into a deep state of meditation, and open and unfold the spiritual potentials of another through the fiery power of Light Immersion. Attunement adds an extra dimension to channeling. Whereas channeling transmits a spiritual entity’s wisdom, an attunement immerses the person receiving it in waves of spiritual love and power.

George has given all three types of readings since 1983.

Quotes from Our Guides about Psychic Readings

  • “In a metavisional reading, the chela quietly declares, “thus have I seen.”
  • “In an intuitive reading, the chela humbly confesses, “thus have I heard.”
  • “But in a channeled reading and attunement, the chela speaks with gratitude and awe, “thus sayeth the Master, and you have now experienced his Grace, love, wisdom and power which has flowed through me. I am not the doer, only the instrument.”
  • “The channeled teaching and attunement is of a whole other order of magnitude.”
  • “Our psychic readings aim to give you additional information about your spiritual development, and to help you find solutions for the issues and problems you are experiencing personally. They are not meant to supplant your own insight, reflection, and meditation, and above all, your courageous and effective action.”
  • “Every reading is inherently flawed, subject to the inability of the reader to interpret all contextual clues and to intuit accurate meanings out of the symbolic material that is the template for these readings. You can use it as a source of information, but not your only source.”
  • “Try all information received on the touchstone of your own intuition, your Soul’s wisdom, and your heart’s silent inner knowing of truth. Take what is valuable, abandon the rest. Ask can I use this information, is it reasonable, is it practical, is it doable, does it make sense to me?”

Structured and Unstructured Readings

There are two types of psychic readings, structured and unstructured.

Structured Readings

The structured reading uses a template of pre-defined meanings to interpret a symbolic or environmental array for an individual. For example, the Tarot Card reading, attributes specific meanings to the Empress card, and then applies this information to the individual’s situation.

Unstructured Readings

The unstructured reading uses only inner visualization to derive information for the individual. An aura reading, where a psychic gazes at the energy emanating from or surrounding the body and interprets what it means, is a reading of this type.

Readings We Give

George A. Boyd does one structured reading:

He does four unstructured readings:

Our Introductory Readings

  • The Foot Reading – brings to light your aura, detailing the qualities that you project into the environment around you.
  • The Tarot Card Reading – examines current issues impacting your personality as mirrored in the Tarot cards. You will receive an interpretation of the meaning of these powerfully evocative cards and explore these meanings more deeply together with the reader.
  • The Basic Soul Reading – reveals your stage of spiritual evolution in the Planetary or Subtle Realms. The reading details the Rays that impact your Soul, your personality, your mind, your emotions, and your physical body and how these express in you.
  • The Triple Scan Reading – includes all three readings above.

Evolution of the Soul Reading

  • Seed Thoughts Soul Reading –gives clear images for the visualization and contemplation of the nuclei of your higher vehicles of consciousness. In some cases this reading will also yield affirmations or mantras for these centers.
  • Higher Octaves Soul Reading – provides information about your state of spiritual evolution beyond the Subtle or Planetary Realms. It reads the Cosmic, Supracosmic and Transcendental octaves of spiritual development. It can identify lineages with which you have been affiliated, detect mantras and techniques you may have practiced, and what teachers may have initiated you in these higher spheres. It shows you your Path, your level of development, and the teachers working with you at these profound levels.
  • Meditation Technique Analysis Reading – details the effects of your current meditation practices, and long term consequences of using them.This reading gives suggestions for appropriate meditations geared to your cutting edge of spiritual evolution.
  • Karma Reading – scans the zones of the higher unconscious through your causal body, and reveals the patterns of karmic issues through the four quadrants: your Adi, Sinchit, Kriyaman, and Pralabdha Karma.
  • Relationship Compatibility Reading – examines the interplay between the spiritual essence, ensouling entity and metaconscious nuclei of two partners to assess affinity and compatibility factors. It further looks at spiritual alignment and soul purpose of each partner where this is relevant for understanding the dynamics of the relationship. It compares both partners’ spiritual evolution, Ray type, karmic challenges and strengths of you and your partner. It uncovers how your mutual attraction factors, core factors and metaphysical factors impact your relationship.
  • Spiritual Teacher/Teaching Compatibility Reading – determines whether a current or prospective spiritual teacher is a good match for your spiritual development. It describes your cutting edge of spiritual evolution, your ray type, and teachings that fit with your current stage of spiritual unfoldment. It explores your teacher’s state of spiritual evolution, the path you will tread, and the impact of following this path on your spiritual essence, ensouling entity, and personality.
  • Soul Purpose Reading – traces the trend line of your cutting edge of spiritual evolution, showing your dormant potentials and your liberation. It may also give information about the particular mission your Soul is expressing through your personality in this life, and clarify your attunement with the Will of God. It unveils your spiritual calling, your Soul’s mission, your progressive stages of mastery, and reveals specific techniques to help you make your spiritual ascension.
  • Kundalini Syndrome Reading – examines the arousal of your Kundalini Shakti, noting any imbalances in your vehicles or abnormal intensification of the kundalini energy. This reading can track the origins of the symptoms you are experiencing as a result of Kundalini Emergency Syndrome; we can also help you identify whether your symptoms are kundalini-related or stem from another source. This reading includes an optional attunement to correct any imbalances, to see if the abnormal state of kundalini arousal can be attenuated.

Past Life Readings

George formerly did two types of past life readings, the intuitive past life reading and the metavisional past life reading. He only does the metavisional type now.

The Intuitive Past Life Reading encapsulates significant information about each of your lives in this cycle of time. It gives:

  • Your approximate year of birth
  • The location in the world in which you were born and lived
  • Information about your gender and appearance
  • Your important experiences and relationships
  • Major lessons you learned
  • Talents or abilities you cultivated
  • Your ethical and spiritual development
  • Cause of death
  • Your approximate year of death

Note: Intuitive past life readings have now been discontinued as of 2019.

The Metavisional Past Life Reading gives all of the information of the intuitive past life reading, but in much greater detail. This is a moment-by-moment scan of each of your past lives.

Very specific information can sometimes be gleaned from metavisional past life readings, such as names, dates, descriptions of rooms in your home, your reactions to events occurring around you, the decisions you made in the context they occurred. You are an active participant in this reading, as you can ask George to explore specific information that you wish to know.

Currently, only the metavisional past life reading is available. It is done over Skype, Zoom, or other visual webinar platform, where it is recorded live for you.


  • The Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling – channels the Grace, Light, and Power of Guides of the Mudrashram® lineage, and gives guidance for your specific questions. This is an ineffable immersion in the Divine Light.
  • Guidance Channeling – provides guidance for a specific question, with suggestions for integrating or applying the material received. This reading is only available by mail or e-mail.
  • The Light Sitting – this is a group version of the Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling.

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