Mudrashram® Study Groups

What Is A Mudrashram® Study Group?

A Mudrashram® Study Group is a collection of Mudrashram® students who are studying the same course—for example, the Accelerated Meditation Program, the Satsang Program Home Study Course, or the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course— and they wish to study together.

Students who are in the same geographical area who are taking the same course can request to start a study group, and we will assist them with study guides and other curriculum materials.

What Is A Mudrashram® Introductory Group?

A Mudrashram® Introductory Group is a program put on by advanced students to present Mudrashram® to seekers.

These groups will feature videos of our founder, webinar recordings, and selected reading to let those who have come to learn more about Mudrashram® understand better about what we have to offer them.

More experienced students may wish to give experience talks.

There will also be an opportunity for seekers to ask questions about the courses to those who have done them.

They will be able to order books and sign up for programs.

When Will These Groups Be Available?

We anticipate that as Mudrashram® grows, there will be more students in the same area, and they may like the support of a study group.

Those who are deriving great personal and spiritual value from Mudrashram® may feel inspired to share these teachings with others. They may wish to start introductory groups in their area.

How Do We Start These Groups?

Please contact us of you are interested in either of these groups.