The Lineage

Excerpted from Questions and Answers with Swami

© 1994 by George A. Boyd

“Who are the Masters of the Mudrashram® lineage?”

“There are nine current Masters, who are briefly described as follows:”

  1. [Mula] Sat Guru T – This 12th domain Sat Guru manifests Multiplane Mastery of all twelve domains, and is aligned with the lineage of Sat Guru Balyogeshwar Paramahansa. He is the root teacher and grandsire of the Mudrashram® lineage. His ministry is “infinite.” He was the teacher responsible for the source teachings of the lineage, and dictated the book, Your Life Never Ends. He occasionally gives satsang (channeled discourse), and is one of George A. Boyd’s guides.
  2. [Adi] Sat Guru A – This 11th domain Sat Guru has Multiplane Mastery of eleven domains. He is the unique teacher on this Plane. He rarely contacts individuals, as his ministry is universal. He is known for his ecstatic singing of mantras.
  3. [Adi] Sat Guru L – This Sat Guru resides at the origin [of the spirit in] the 5th domain in the Transcendental Sphere [the Bridge Path], and has Multiplane Mastery of ten domains. He is the unique teacher on this plane. He rarely contacts individuals, as his ministry is also universal.
  4. [Adi] Sat Guru “Lord” BD – This Sat Guru is at the Origin, the Creation and Manifestation point of lower worlds [on the Bridge Path]. He manifests a universal ministry and Multiplane Mastery of ten domains. He works with the spiritual evolutionary Plan in countless Brahmandas (“eggs” of creation comprising a causal-mental universe, an astral universe, and a physical universe) with all kingdoms of sentient beings…”from specks of dust to gods.” He was given the honorary title, “Lord” [by the Mula Sat Guru of the lineage]. He rarely contacts individuals.
  5. [Adi] Sat Guru SK – This Sat Guru is established at the origin of the 10th domain, and is aligned with the Masters of the Vairagya, who are popularly known as the lineage of the Eckankar® Masters.

    He is a Mahanta (World Teacher of this lineage) of the distant future, but silently works alongside of the teachers of today. He has Multiplane Mastery of nine domains, and has also “individualized” into the form of a Mahanta of the future. In addition to the universal ministry inherent in Multiplane Mastery, he also plays a more direct role in spiritual evolution in the 10th domain.

    His work primarily consists of adjusting karma to allow individuals to reach the fifth stage (Mahdis, a state of Mastery upon the Soul Plane) from the lower worlds, but also works with a few, rare, selected individuals to help them ascend to the Anami Lok, and join the brotherhood of ECK® Masters. He appears as a distant blue sun on the highest spiritual Plane of the 10th domain.

  6. [Adi] Sat Guru “Swami” Prem Dayal – A Paradise Master of the 8th domain, this holy Sat Guru is in perfect alignment and attunement with Lord Jesus. He manifests Multiplane Mastery of nine domains.

    His ministry is universal, working with the Masters of Kriya Yoga, Mahavatar Babaji and Avatar Sri Krishna, and functioning as a Bodhisattva in the Transcendental Hierarchy.

    Yet his ministry is also individualized, channeling satsang and writings through George A. Boyd, ministering the Light one-to-one during Light Immersion sittings and the Mudrashram® meditation courses, answering student’s questions, and giving seekers personal Soul Attunements and channeling spiritual guidance for them. Students report feeling Swami’s presence, and on occasion, even behold him during meditation sittings.

    He is the first of the Mudrashram® teachers to externalize from the lineage, by letting his name and form be revealed to the public. He is responsible for designing the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, and for originating the Light Sittings (transformational Light Immersions), and the Raja-Vipassana and Attunement meditation workshops [these workshops are now available in a webinar format in the Intermediate and Advanced Study areas].

    He dictated one book through George A. Boyd, The Discourses of Swami Prem Dayal, was the major “spiritual consultant” for the textbook about the Yoga of the Seven Mudras.

    [This textbook is now available in two volumes: Volume One – The Fundamentals of Meditation for those who have completed one of our intermediate courses; and Volume Two – The Advanced Practice of Meditation – for those who have completed our advanced course.]

    He co-channeled a new book of guidance and inspiration in 1994 [of which this article is a part] with the newest Master of the lineage [e.g., Swami Charan Das]. He is… the Grace and inspiration behind this “project” of bringing the Mudrashram® teachings to humanity.

  7. [Adi] Sat Guru HHA – this Sat Guru functions within the Transcendental Hierarchy, working with the group karma of nations and ethnic groups. He exhibits Multiplane mastery of nine domains. He does not work with individuals, except as his transmutation of group karma indirectly affects them. He is “in perfect attunement” with Masters of the Transcendental Hierarchy, [taking the form of a 9th degree Pratyeka Buddha].
  8. [Adi] Sat Guru “Buddha” BJA – This Sat Guru also functions within the Transcendental Hierarchy, working closely with Lord Maitreya and His closest disciples. He manifests Multiplane Mastery of nine domains. He also does not work with individuals, but rather with “humanity as a whole.” He [has assisted in the preparation of] some of the newest Masters of the lineage to work with individuals.
  9. [Adi Sat Guru] “Swami” Charan Das Paramahansa – This Master of the lineage manifests Multiplane mastery over nine domains. He has begun to assist Swami Prem Dayal in the “project” of the Mudrashram® teachings.

    He originated the workshop, “Flying: the Ultimate Spiritual Adventure,” which combines Attunement Meditation with Raja Yoga meditation. He [co-channeled a] book of guidance with Swami Prem Dayal.

    [The material channeled during this period when Swami Charan Das began his ministry during the period 1992 to 1994 spawned not one, but three books: Question and Answers with Swami, Light on Meditation, and Discoveries on the Path.]

    He will supervise the preparation of empowered, initiating teachers sanctioned to instruct others in these teachings, and is responsible for instituting new creative modalities to disseminate these teachings.

    He is the source of the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course and the Satsang Program Home Study Course, for example.

    Like Swami Prem Dayal, he has externalized himself, letting his name and form be known. Also like Swami Prem Dayal, he does channeling and attunement work.

    “Masters of our lineage are given the title Swami when they reveal themselves (Swa, meaning “self”) to humanity. Silent, universal ministry accomplishes much. But some of these Masters of Compassion chose to work directly with humanity, sharing their pain and travail, and aiding them in making steady spiritual progress.”

Since this article was written in 1994, two more Masters in the lineage have arisen in the lineage.

Please refer to our article on the Mudrashram® guides for more current information on Swami Prem Dayal, Swami Charan Das, and Swami Prabhu Ji Maharaj.

These two new Multiplane Masters are:

  1. Adi Sat Guru “Avatar” PKA – this Master will assume the mantle of the World Teacher in the Hierarchy in the coming Astral Age. He works with the karma of humanity so that they will be able to transition into the next great round of development. He manifests Multiplane Mastery of nine domains. He does not work with individuals.
  2. Adi Sat Guru Prabhu PN Maharaj – this Master [dwells at the Word State on the highest Plane of the Bridge Path and also] assumes the form of a Maha Chohan in the Transcendental Hierarchy. He will function in this Office during the coming Astral Age. He also works with individuals, guiding and giving discourse. He manifests Multiplane Mastery of nine domains.

    [This Multiplane Master has channeled a book of his teaching, The Winds of Adi Sat Guru Desh.]

Types of Sat Gurus

There are three types of Sat Gurus: the Mula Satguru, Adi Sat Guru, and Sat Guru Bhagwan.

Sat Guru Bhagwan – This is a stage where the individual has merged their spirit in its origin, but has not liberated their ensouling entity. They have complete Mastery of an entire domain and are stabilized at the highest spiritual development within that Creation.

Adi Sat Guru – This is a stage where the individual has merged both spirit and ensouling entity into their origin, and can work within that domain and from beyond it. This ability to work within a domain and from beyond it is only possible from the Bridge Path, and from the Sixth and Seventh Transcendental Paths. This is the state of Multiplane Mastery.

Each of the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage are Multiplane Masters. Sat Guru T works from the Seventh Transcendental Path, Sat Gurus A and HHA minister from the the Sixth Transcendental Path, and the remainder of the teachers of the lineage operate upon the Bridge Path.

Mula Sat Guru – Mula means foundation or root. The Mula Guru of any lineage is its founder, the first teacher in that tradition. Sat Guru T is the Mula Sat Guru of the Mudrashram® lineage.