The Mudrashram® symbol

The Mudrashram symbol shown above represents the process of spiritual development in Integral Meditation.

The triangle at the top of the image represents the Initiate who empowers the sittings for each of the sacred mudras.

The curved line connecting the triangle at the top of the image represents the descent of the Divine Grace as the balancing force. This is the gift of Guru Kripa Mudra.

The capstone of the pyramid represents the ensouling entity. In this sacred space of integration, all forces are in a state of perfect harmony and balance.

The four lines of the pyramid connecting with the capstone represent the four paths of development. These four paths are empowered respectively by Kundalini Mudra (awakening awareness into the Superconscious mind), Nada Mudra (opening the channels of the Nada), Mantra Mudra (unfolding the spiritual evolutionary potentials of the ensouling entity), and Raja Mudra (uniting the attentional principle with the ensouling entity).

The four lines at the base of the pyramid represent the working out of the four types of karma.

  1. The first path of development unfolds the Soul by transformational mantra. It overcomes Adi Karma.
  2. The second path of development opens the channels of the Nada and sets the spirit on the Way back to God. It purifies Sinchit Karma.
  3. The third path of development awakens the potentials of the Superconscious mind. It transmutes Kriyaman Karma.
  4. The fourth path of development trains the attentional principle to transcend the limitations of body-consciousness. It works out Pralabdha Karma.

The line connecting the capstone of the pyramid with the Tai Chi symbol represents the guidance of the Self by the intuition of the Superconscious mind. This is empowered by Jnana Mudra.

The Tai Chi symbol represents the Self in its active and passive forms, Will and Being, Action and Rest.

The square represents the Subconscious mind. The circle represents the Conscious mind.

The curved line connecting the circle to the Tai Chi symbol represents the infusion of the Light of the ensouling entity through the body. This is the attunement of Agni Mudra.

Those who can visualize the guide forms of Swami Prem Dayal and Swami Charan Das will discover that both wear the Mudrashram® symbol upon a golden medallion around their necks.

This symbol was first externalized in 1984. It is golden in color.

The name Mudrashram is a contraction of two Sanskrit words, “mudra” and “ashram.”

A mudra is a sacred hand gesture portrayed in classical Indian dance. Esoterically, it refers to a spiritual power (siddhi) possessed by a spiritual Master. In This tradition, it refers to the eight Grace-Bestowing transmissions, the seven sacred mudras plus Dharma Mudra.

Ashram means shelter. It has come to refer to a retreat center where people learn yoga and practice meditation. Esoterically, it is the force field that surrounds a Master. It is an enveloping sphere of Grace, protection and illumination by which Masters imbue their aspirants and disciples.

You may meditate upon this symbol, knowing it to be a representation of the complete Integral Yoga work.