Library Membership Program

What Is Your Library Membership Program ?

Library Membership is free. It gives you access to over 150 of George A. Boyd’s articles, with more articles added periodically—and a collection of free webinars and short question and answer videos. It is a password-protected portal that allows you to read any article that is in the library.

It is designed both for those of you who want to read individual articles, and those of you who wish to research entire topics.

What Will I Get from Library Membership?

With your Mudrashram® e-library card, you will have the opportunity to study and learn both about the Mudrashram® teachings, but to expand your knowledge about other topics covered by George’s writing. These include:

  • Meditation
  • Recovery from Addiction
  • Cults
  • Religion
  • Practical Meditation
  • Guidance for Seekers
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Selections from George’s beautiful, mystic poetry

For those of you who need information on a specific topic, we now have a search feature built into each library page, so you can continue your study of a particular topic of interest.

We also have a glossary link on every page of the Library to help you understand terms with which you might not be familiar—plus, we have now added a complete metaphysical terms glossary.

We also now offer a way for you to give us feedback on any area of interest for which you desire additional training on our Library Home Page. We now have books, webinars, and trainings for many of the topic areas in the Library, and you can learn about these programs by letting us know which areas interest you.

When Do I Need Library Membership?