Practical Meditation Consultations

What Is A Practical Meditation Consultation?

This one-hour session focuses on daily life concerns that distract you from being able to participate in deeper meditation practice.

A practical meditation consultation differs from a regular meditation consultation in that its depth of meditation does not go beyond the Conscious mind. It is primarily a guidance session working with daily life issues to help you live more effectively, successfully, and gracefully. It utilizes practical meditation techniques instead of centering and transcendence methods

What Will I Get from this Consultation?

A practical meditation consultation can help you in a number of ways. You can:

  • Learn study skills to optimize your ability to acquire knowledge.
  • Set goals for your life and doing life planning.
  • Get in touch with your present time experience, so you can enjoy and appreciate your life.
  • Find and keep a job, so you are so not worried about financial concerns.
  • Develop independent living skills, so you can be less dependent on others and more self-reliant.
  • Cope with stress, and design a personalized stress reduction program.
  • Find your inner sense of truth, and inner guidance, in the midst of daily living.
  • Improve your mental concentration, and your ability to control your attention.
  • Calm your emotions, so you can experience greater serenity.

A practical meditation consultation helps you remove the obstacles that keep you from moving to the deeper stages of meditation. It draws upon George A. Boyd’s years of experience as an educational and vocational counselor to provide you with the life skills to move forward to achieve your goals and dreams.

Please note: A practical meditation consultation is not psychotherapy, although it may incorporate common counseling methods. If you suspect you are having mental health issues, please see a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist.

When Do I Need this Consultation?

  • When you have a practical concern that does not require you enter a deep state of meditation.
  • When you want to learn stress reduction, or augment your life skills.
  • When you want to set authentic life goals, and better cope with your life, as it is today.

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To Order this Meditation Consultation

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