General Class Information

Our Classes

Our Introductory Class – the ITM (Introduction To Meditation)

This course is designed for those who have not meditated before, but who want to practice the rudiments of meditation without going into profound states of absorption in the Superconscious mind. This is currently available on-line, in individual, group coaching, and individual coaching formats.

Our Intermediate Classes – the AMP (Accelerated Meditation Program) and the MMCIM (Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation)

These courses are a complete training in Integral meditation. They give you all the tools you need to enhance your personal functioning, work out your life issues, and unfold your spiritual potentials.

We continue to have a by-mail AMP for those of you who wish to study independently.

The AMP is available on-line with additional videos not available in the by-mail version to augment your training experience, plus there is the option to add a group coaching or individual coaching course.

Those taking these classes usually have some background with meditation and entering an altered state of awareness.

If you’ve never meditated before, you may want to consider taking the Introduction to Meditation Course first, so you can develop facility with moving your attention to selected focal points—this enables you to do the more advanced spiritual work we teach in the AMP or MMCIM.

The MMCIM is an in-person course that taught in two formats: once-weekly over six weeks, and an intensive format over five or six days.

(1) The once weekly evening class is taught over six weeks, usually on a weeknight.

(2) The intensive version is usually taught over five or six contiguous days, but this can be customized for the student’s schedule.

It is designed for those of you who learn best with a live instructor.

It is usually taught in Southern California.

We do teach this class in other areas when we have a host, and there is sufficient interest to warrant doing a class. We do this in an intensive format over five days for areas out of Southern California.

Completers of the Intermediate Program can progress to our Advanced Class.

Our Advanced Class – The MACIM (The Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation)

This course builds on the foundation of the AMP or MMCIM, guiding students to explore the higher bands of the Great Continuum of Consciousness—the Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental levels.

You learn meditation shortcuts, advanced meditation practice methods, and you travel to the highest level of consciousness, Satchitananda.

This course includes an introduction into Kriya Yoga, advanced Jnana Yoga methods, methods to connect with the Mudrashram® lineage, and much more.

It is available in-person in Southern California taught once weekly over eight weeks, in a live webinar format over nine weeks, and in an intensive format taught over six days.

This course is also available on-line as an independent study program.