What is Light Immersion?

Light Immersion, the Grace-Bestowing power of the Divine, is known as the gift of the Holy Spirit, Shaktipat, Holy Breath, or Baraka. It has several actions, depending on how it is directed. It:

  • Accelerates the spiritual evolution of the Soul
  • Opens the channels of the Nada and guides the spirit into communion with the Divine
  • Awakens the Kundalini Shakti
  • Activates the illuminined mind to channel intuitve wisdom and the higher abilities of the Soul
  • Balances the forces of the Soul
  • Transmutes karmas

We include Light Immersion sittings in our basic and advanced meditation courses. It is also an integral part of our Light Sittings and our Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling sessions.

To enhance the meditation experience of students, some spiritual teachers transmit what Swami Prem Dayal referred to as “the Grace Bestowing Power of the Divine.”

This fiery energy has been called the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Baraka, the Light of Translation, or simply, the Light.

The Light confers Initiation, the unfolding of the meditation student’s spiritual potentials.

The spiritual Master meditates upon us, and sends us a beam or ray of the Light, which opens us, enlivens us, and illumines us.

Aspects of the Light

This Ray of Transmuting Fire appears to us in meditation in several ways:

  • Light – we visually perceive this energy coming into us in meditation as an influx of brilliant white light. At times, this white fire will break into scintillating beams of colored light, and our inner vision is flooded with radiant, pastel hues.
  • Life – this powerful energy is vibrant with atoms of life force, or lifetrons. Meditators who receive this Light report accelerated healing from imbibing this elixir of living fire.
  • Love – the Light conveys the omnific force of Divine Love, bathing us and infilling us with the gracious unction of the Holy Spirit.
  • Wisdom – the thought force of the Illumined Mind, or Buddhi, floods our inner vehicles with intuitive knowledge, a downpour of ideas and inspirations. We are led to discern our spiritual essence and to realize our Soul.
  • Purification – the Fire of the Spirit transmutes karma, burning it out of our vehicles and cleansing the vaults of the unconscious mind.
  • Empowerment – the Master sends an attunement, a ray of the Light to the attentional principle of others. They in turn minister this Light to others.
  • Initiation – the Spirit unfolds the spiritual potentials of the meditator’s ensouling entity, opens the path of the spirit, and attunes the inner vehicles to a new vibratory state.

George giving a Light Sitting in October 2006

The Revival of the Light Sitting

The original Light Sittings began in 1984. They continued until 1987.

After a hiatus of 14 years, George resumed giving Light Sittings in late 2000.

His core meditation students came to these regular immersions in the Grace Bestowing Power of the Divine to renew themselves and quicken the pace of their spiritual evolution.

We currently offer two types of Light Sittings:

  1. The Silent Light Immersion – These in-person Light Sittings simply allow those present to receive the Light in silence.

    Afterwards, we discuss experiences people had as they were immersed in the radiant Divine energy that fills the room, and we answer questions.

    We hold these periodically in Los Angeles and Northern San Diego County.

  2. The Light Sitting with Attunement Meditation – These Light Sittings are conducted as a webinar twice monthly for our students all over the world.

    New in these on-line Light Sittings during the downpour of the Light is:

    • Satsang, the inspired teaching of the Guide
    • Training in Attunement Meditation, where participants are shown how to minister the Light throughout the world to those who are suffering and seeking help
    • Offering of a personal blessing for the loved ones of those present
    • A closing discourse where the teachers of the lineage give guidance and inspiration on a spiritual theme.

Our webinar version Light Sittings are open to all active students who are currently taking the Accelerated Meditation Program, the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, or the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation, or those who have completed any of these courses.

Active students may bring guests to the in-person silent Light Sittings.

When we visit our students in other cities, we often conduct Light Sittings for them and their guests.