The Online Samadhi Week Program

Couldn’t make it to the retreat in Big Sur? Felt like you desperately wanted to take this course? Not to worry!

We have taped all of the meditations and you can do the course in the comfort of your own home… or on your cell phone, if you like. Oh, you’ll also get the course workbook. Oh, yes and you’ll even get a one hour session with our master meditation teacher to ask your questions, all included in this fabulous course!

While you are listening to this course, we recommend that you do intensive meditation and spiritual journaling, and study the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course and Initiate’s Library books. You might take off an entire afternoon on a weekend to do this.

Now granted, this will not be anywhere as beautiful as Big Sur—unless you live in Big Sur—but you can pretend you’re on retreat with us!

What this course covers

Day One – Life Review

  • You will fill out a life coaching form to explore what you want to be, do, and have in your life, and what you need to change to make this happen. We will gather in the evening to witness and listen to what you wish to share about this, and support you in manifesting this.

Day Two – Introduction to Samadhi

  • Guidelines for doing intensive spiritual practice: transformation and integration
  • How you integrate your spiritual experience through the Seven Rays and within the personality
  • Types of Samadhi
  • How you achieve Samadhi
  • Practice of Atma Samadhi

Day Three – Touching the Monad

  • What is Paramatma Samadhi?
  • Tracing the Chords of the Monad
  • The 360-degree consciousness experience

Day Four – Cosmic Octaves of Samadhi

  • Turning off the vehicles of the personality
  • Turning off the vehicles of the Superconscious mind
  • Attaining inner stillness and silence
  • Turiya Manasa Samadhi – the experience of cosmic consciousness – receiving Divine Grace
  • Divya Dristhi Samadhi – awakening the Divine Eye center, and receiving intuitive guidance
  • Hamsa Atma Samadhi – union and fusion with the Astral Soul

Day Five – Higher Cosmic Samadhis

  • Brahman Samadhi
  • Sunya (Maha Nirvana) Samadhi
  • Yogi Preceptor Samadhi
  • Kaivalyam Samadhi – Origin of cosmic consciousness
  • Cosmic Soul Awareness Samadhi
  • Kirtan Samadhi
  • Avataric Consciousness Samadhi
  • God Consciousness Samadhi
  • Brahma Jyoti Samadhi – Origin of the Astral Soul

Day Six – Supracosmic Sphere Samadhi

  • The Supracosmic Seed atom and its chakras – taking its perspective on the Path
  • Supracosmic Soul Samadhi
  • Supracosmic Guru Samadhi
  • Maha Para Nirvana Samadhi – Origin of the Supracosmic Soul

Day Seven – Transcendental Sphere Samadhi

  • Bhava Samadhi – union with the spirit on a Transcendental Path
  • Maha Sahaja Samadhi – union with your aligned Transcendental ensouling entity
  • Prabhu Darshan Samadhi – union with the Soul of the Bridge Path
  • Brahma Vidya Samadhi – union with Satchitananda

Day Eight – The Journey to Mastery

  • Visualizing the entire work you have to do – the four quadrants of karma
  • The Lotus Feet center – the Quintessence mantra; the stages of experience of the transformational mantra
  • The Form of the Disciple
  • The Mahatma Stage
  • The Dharma Lord Stage
  • Becoming a Multiplane Master
  • The Infinite Stage

Who is eligible to take this course?

You need to have completed the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation. We recommend that you have done the Satsang Program Home Study Course, so you are familiar with the guided meditation format of studying with us. We also suggest that you have a copy of the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course to review, as we will be describing higher levels of the Continuum. And you certainly have to be strong in your basic meditation fundamentals—Raja Yoga on all of the Seven Ray Paths, Nada Yoga, and transformational mantra— to benefit from this program.

I’m Excited! Where Do I Sign Up!

Go to your level two completers area and click the purchase button. It’s that simple.