On the Curious Matter of Strange Initiations

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I have noticed marked personality changes in people who are initiated into different spiritual groups. In some cases, people seem to go completely crazy and delusional. Can you shine some light on what is happening?

A: There are two factors here: integration and inappropriate and premature identification.

Integration means the personality can contain, process, and cope with the new knowledge, directives, or requirements for behavioral and cognitive change that the spiritual teaching impresses on the personality.

Moderate lack of integration can lead to personality disorders, in which normal personality functioning is negatively affected.

Severe lack of integration can lead to psychosis and breakdown of the ability to function.

Inappropriate identification means you identify with a spiritual essence—a vehicular seed atom, a nucleus of identity, spirit, or ensouling entity—that is not at the cutting edge of spirituality.

For example, if your cutting edge of spirituality was in the Abstract Mind Plane on the Temple of Philosophy Subplane, and you use spiritual practices that awaken the cosmic consciousness nucleus of identity, you are effectively identifying with a spiritual essence that is eleven Planes above your cutting edge of spirituality.

Here’s a depiction of the higher levels beyond this cutting edge of spirituality from the vantage point of the Soul that is on the Abstract Mind Plane:

  1. Psychic Realm [identification at this level is with a vehicular seed atom, or “Star Seed”]
  2. Wisdom Plane
  3. First Exoteric Initiation [identification at all three levels of the First Planetary Initiation is with the Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity]
  4. First Mesoteric Initiation
  5. First Esoteric Initiation
  6. Second Initiation [identification at this level is with the Solar Angel and the Mighty I AM Presence nucleus of identity]
  7. Third Initiation
  8. Fourth Initiation
  9. Fifth Initiation [identification at this level is with the Planetary Soul or Atma]
  10. Transplanetary Initiation [identification at this level is with the Monad or Paramatma]
  11. First Cosmic Initiation [identification is with the cosmic consciousness nucleus of identity]
  12. Second Cosmic Initiation [identification is with cosmic soul awareness nucleus of identity]
  13. Third Cosmic Initiation
  14. Fourth Cosmic Initiation
  15. Fifth Cosmic Initiation [identification is with the God consciousness nucleus of identity]
  16. Astral Soul [identity at this level is with this ensouling entity]
  17. Supracosmic seed atom of a Supracosmic Path [identification is with this nucleus of identity]
  18. Supracosmic Soul [identification with this ensouling entity is achieved when the Supracosmic seed atom unites with the Supracosmic Soul]
  19. The spirit on a Transcendental Path [identification is with the spirit and its ensouling entity]
  20. The Soul of the Bridge Path [identification is with this ensouling entity]
  21. Satchitananda [identification is with this ensouling entity]

Premature identification means you place your attention in union with a spiritual essence that exists on a Plane beyond where your Soul dwells. So, if your Soul dwells on the Abstract Mind Plane, you experience premature identification, for example, when you identify with the Star Seed in the Psychic Realm, the Moon Soul in the First Initiation, the Mighty I AM Presence in the Second Initiation, Cosmic Consciousness in the First Cosmic Initiation, a Supracosmic seed atom, or a spirit on a Transcendental Path.

What happens when you work with these essences beyond your cutting edge of spirituality is that you receive information that is cast in powerful emotions; this acts like a hypnotic suggestion. These suggestions may motivate you to do spiritual practices germane to this higher level. You might be led to adopt the philosophies, doctrines, or belief systems that are anchored in this higher essence. You might be induced to make personality changes or lifestyle modifications based on these belief systems that arise in this higher level; this may disrupt your life, your relationships, or your ability to function normally in the adult role.

What you commonly see is that you misunderstand, misinterpret, or distort the ideas you receive from these levels beyond your cutting edge of spirituality. This can bring about belief in strange conspiracy theories; stimulate paranoid ideation; and cause you to function in a trance-like state while remaining in an altered state of awareness.

If this identification is coupled with transformation of that higher essence along its track, you may see marked perceptual and energetic changes—even beyond those experienced during initial identification with this center. Perceptual changes include the sense that the world and your life are unreal. Energetic changes may give rise to a Kundalini syndrome.

To avoid these excesses that communion with these higher essences beyond your cutting edge of spirituality can generate—that produces lack of integration and inappropriate and/or premature identification—we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Obtain information from your cutting edge ensouling entity that guides you to carry out your expressed Soul Purpose.
  2. Debrief any information you receive during an altered state of awareness through reflecting on its meaning. Notice whether this information (a) provides information about a skill you are developing—e.g., you are learning astrology and aim to practice this as your profession: you receive guidance about astrology in your meditation; (b) it has practical guidance for your daily life and actually improves your life situation; (c) it helps you to overcome a longstanding personal problem or character weakness; and (d) it does not put forward illogical or fantasy assumptions that cannot be verified or demonstrated.
  3. Meditate on the vehicles of consciousness and the spiritual essences that are contained within the sphere of influence of your cutting edge of spirituality. While you may visit these spiritual essences on the higher Planes beyond your cutting edge ensouling entity to explore the Path ahead, you should not identify with these essences nor transform them, as this can produce imbalances. See our articles, “The Cutting Edge of Spirituality” and “Avoiding Imbalance from Spiritual Practice.”
  4. Build your personal foundation before venturing into the transpersonal zone. You should be able to fully function as an adult to carry out your responsibilities at work, school, and in your romantic, marital, or parental relationships—before venturing into the Great Beyond.

  5. Be a spiritual scientist. Treat all assertions of belief or spiritual truths as untested hypotheses, until you can verify them and demonstrate them.
  6. Don’t try to meet your personal emotional needs through spiritual identification. Your need for a loving human partner is not truly satisfied if you become a devotee of Jesus or Krishna. You will experience love at a higher level; but this will not fulfill your personal yearning—and these desires will continue to rankle in your unconscious mind until you satisfy them.
  7. If you channel information, preach or give satsang, or do healings or attunements—don’t assume that all information you receive from the higher Planes is benign, relevant, and appropriate for those that receive this information and energy from you. You need to know the individual who is receiving this outpouring from you well enough to assess whether they can genuinely integrate it and use it appropriately.

To not become warped and strange from taking initiations that lead to union and identification with a spiritual essence that is inappropriate for your current level of spiritual evolution, and your personality’s ability to integrate the new knowledge and perceptions you gain from this altered state of awareness, we recommend your do your spiritual practice at your cutting edge of spirituality.

If you are not sure how to do this, we teach you how to do spiritual work at your cutting edge of spirituality in our intermediate meditation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

The Progression of Integration

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: How does the process of psychological integration progress? Do people become more integrated as they grow spiritually?

A: Integration first occurs at the level of the personality and then progresses to encompass transpersonal and universal perspectives. Transpersonal integration occurs when you begin to incorporate elements of the Superconscious mind, and ultimately come to identify with the Higher Self or Soul. Universal integration occurs when you are able to minister to thousands and millions of other Souls—this is the state of spiritual Mastery.

Integration appears to progress through seven stages:

  1. Relative disintegration – You sense that you are composed of multiple parts or subpersonalities. Your parts are often in conflict, and it is hard for you to move forward in your life, because it is difficult to decide on what you really want to do. As a result, you cling to what is known and comfortable, even if it doesn’t make you happy. You may find that elements from your unconscious mind regularly run your behavior: things you sense in the world around you and what other people say and do trigger you to do and say certain things, even though you may feel this is not right or good.
  2. Partial integration – Your life begins to make sense and have a relative coherence. You identify with your roles at work, as a parent, as a partner in a relationship, and with activities you do in the community. You have established regular routines that make your life more efficient and less stressful. You begin to honor your needs, and you have set times for work and productivity and times in which you relax and rejuvenate. You continue to improve your results as you periodically monitor your behavior and modify things to do even better. You have trusted, supportive role models who guide you and mentor you. You may have the support of a religious or spiritual community that inspires you to do your best, or influential business leaders who show you how to prosper and how to advance in your career. You continue, however, to have aspects of your behavior you do not control. For example, you might have emotional outbursts, or be immoderate in your eating or using alcohol.
  3. Personal integration – You become self-aware, and you recognize that you create your personal destiny through what you choose. You set goals in each area of your life, and you manage your time and resources to achieve them. You are able to dialog with each of the subpersonalities within you, and find ways to meet their needs. Unconscious patterns and the influence of others govern less of your behavior; you consciously chart your course through life and make your own decisions. You become clear about what you want to do, be, and have in your life; you set about making that happen.
  4. Genius – You begin to tap into the abilities and knowledge of your Soul and begin to express them in your life. With your established capacity to make the things you choose happen in your life, you begin to concretize the inspiration of your Soul as creativity, inventions, new theoretical knowledge, and novel procedures and methods that improve productivity and performance.
  5. Transpersonal integration – You discover your Soul’s purpose and you begin to cooperate with your Soul in carrying that out. Your Soul fully expresses through you and you become its instrument. You gain discernment of the true nature of your Soul and you can guide and teach others to discover their own Soul and its gifts.
  6. Universal consciousness – When your Soul evolves to states of universal consciousness, you begin to minister and teach the multitudes. This first stage of universal integration allows you potentially influence millions of lives. You may originate a thought stream that inspires many people all over the world.
  7. Spiritual Mastery – At this stage, God empowers you to guide, teach, and transform other Souls, leading them to personal integration, lifting them to connect with their Soul’s genius, gain transpersonal integration, rise into universal sates of consciousness—and ultimately, rise to the same level of Mastery you have achieved.

Gaining personal integration is an ongoing process throughout your life. Using centering methods, meditation techniques that unite your attention with your Self, help you become established in this core of your personality and facilitates you taking charge of your life and incorporating your many parts into a harmonious synthesis. In addition to centering methods, there are several other methods that we teach that can help you work with these subpersonalities to help you integrate them into the Self.

As you begin to connect with your Soul, you begin to activate your Soul’s genius. Techniques drawn from Agni Yoga and Jnana Yoga assist you to make this connection and channel this wisdom.

You can begin to contemplate the Soul directly using Raja Yoga, and to awaken its innate knowledge and ability using Kundalini Yoga. This accelerates the rate at which you achieve transpersonal integration.

You achieve transformation in your spiritual development into states of universal consciousness using a transformational method. In our system of Integral meditation, we give you a transformational mantra that allows you to reach these states after sustained practice over several years.

Ultimately, if you follow the track of your spiritual development to its culmination, you will reach the stage of Liberation and Mastery. At his highest level, you will become an channel of the Divine Light.

We teach methods to help you activate stages three through five, and to ultimately rise into universal states and spiritual Mastery, in our intermediate meditation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We invite you to learn how to do these methods, so you can more swiftly achieve personal and transpersonal integration.

Faculties of the Soul’s Intuitive Knowledge

By George A. Boyd ©2018

In our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program, we teach about the seven chords of Jnana Yoga, the octaves at which the Soul uses its innate intelligence and intuition. You can read about these seven chords of Jnana Yoga in our Library [you can get a free library membership here—if there are particular areas that interest you, please let us know on this page where you sign up for the Library.]

This intuitive thread, which has been called the Antakarana, stretches from the physical brain to the Soul. With each meditation, insight, and revelation, you activate this thread and build the Soul’s knowledge and wisdom.

At the core of this thread there are seven essential aspects of the Soul’s intuitive wisdom. These include:

  1. Discernment – This enables your Soul to recognize its own nature and differentiate its essential nature from its vehicles of consciousness and the phenomena of the inner Planes. At the culmination of discernment, you gain Soul Realization, or Gnosis. This faculty has also been called Viveka, or spiritual discrimination.
  2. Mandalic reasoning – This faculty is anchored in the brain center of the Soul’s essential vehicle. It resembles a series of concentric circles (some perceive this center like concentric spheres) that mirror each stage of the Soul’s development—from the first nodal point of the Subtle Realm to your current state of spiritual evolution. Through mandalic reasoning, you can tap into the knowledge you have gained at each nodal point of the Path; you can also locate archetypes on different Planes that correspond with one another—this is the basis of the esoteric dictum, “As above, so below.”
  3. Multi-dimensional knowledge – This allows you to plumb the energetic thread that connects each of your vehicles of consciousness, and to access the knowledge of each of those vehicles. This operates through the seed atom of each vehicle of consciousness; it permits you to plumb the content corresponding to any nodal point in any vehicle of consciousness. This inner coordinate system allows you to locate specific content in any vehicle and to bring it up. This has been referred to holographic knowledge.
  4. Depth intuitive knowing – This enables you to know the identity state contained within each vehicle of consciousness, to declare it (e.g., the I AM declaration of Jesus in the Bible, “I am the bright and morning star”), and to empathically enter the experience of others. It is this faculty of intuitive connection that enables you to take the perspective of the Soul when you do healing, psychic readings, coaching, depth counseling or psychotherapy, or ministry.
  5. Connections with the intellect – This expresses in seven ways; most people utilize one or more of these connections with the Soul’s illumined mind to receive and communicate the information they gather:
    1. Visual-symbolic – This resembles a cascade of images or symbols that enter awareness in meditation. You need to reflect on each of these images to glean additional information about it.
    2. Verbal intuitive – This inspired verbal guidance and inspiration speaks through you and you hear yourself speaking it. This has been called satsang, channeling, or prophecy—depending whether the source of the information comes from, respectively, your own Soul, another spiritual entity, or the Divine Spirit.
    3. Silent thought reception – Here you receive guidance and direction through silent intuition. You hear the thoughts directed to you in your mind. This mode of transmission of guidance and information has been called telepathy. You commonly access this connection through asking questions to your Soul—we refer to this as the “tell me circuit.”
    4. Visual thought reception – In this connection type, when you ask the Soul a question, it moves your attention within you to the level where you can directly experience the essence about which you are curious. So, for example, if you wanted to know what is the form of the Divine at the top of the Abstract Mind Plane, your Soul would guide your attention to the level of the Continuum where you actually would behold that Being. We refer to this as the “show me” circuit.
    5. Behavioral guidance – Through this connection, you receive plans for sequences of action, blueprints for building something, or guidance for new behavior you have never practiced before. For example, this connection is activated in those who have a calling to build temples. We call this the “praxis circuit.”
    6. Creative inspiration – This is a downpour of poetry, artistic images, or literary or dramatic dialog that you capture through your particular artistic gift. You sense that your Soul is expressing through you, and you put it down, for example, through writing it, painting it, recording it, or sculpting it.
    7. Systemic view – This gives you the big picture of a system. We call this synthetic form of perception global intuitive perception. It enables you to view how all parts fit together into an integrated whole.
  6. Integration – This alchemical process enables you to change elements of your unconscious mind into an aspect of consciousness that you can utilize. You access integration through a series of evocative techniques drawn from meditation, psychotherapy, and hypnosis. When this aspect is operating, you typically will be encountering and interacting with an element of your unconscious mind, and progressively changing it until it can be re-integrated into consciousness. This form of intelligence has been called synthesis or integrative reasoning.
  7. Jnana Shakti – This is the innate energy of the Soul’s illumined mind that operates each of these six essential aspects of intuitive wisdom. This aspect is awakened during the sitting we give for Jnana Yoga in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and in the introductory session of the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.

Each of the seven chords of the Soul’s intelligence and intuitive wisdom can be accessed through evocative questioning and attentional focusing techniques. You can learn about these methods in our intermediate and advanced meditation courses.

We encourage you to study the activity of each of these faculties of your Soul’s intuitive wisdom, and to learn methods to enhance their operation. This will enable to allow your Soul’s innate genius to flower and to have full expression in your life.

Aberrations of Volition

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Normally your volition is anchored in the ego, Self, and Soul, and you operate autonomously. There are, however, a variety of states in which volition appears to operate outside these parameters, giving rise to states that feel like they are beyond your ability to control them. These are briefly described below.

  1. A higher aspect of the will in a nucleus of identity or higher octave ensouling entity, which has been activated through meditation practices earlier in life or in a prior incarnation, may begin to overshadow the personality and give behavioral commands. This may occur concurrently with a Kundalini awakening—the Kundalini is raised into this essence when this overshadowing occurs—or this can occur without it.
  2. In this state, an entity in the unconscious mind split offs from the personality and exercises control over thinking, feelings, and behavior. These split-off elements of the mind, which appear to act as islands of volition, have been called subpersonalities. Working with these subpersonalities typically utilizes hypnosis or imagery psychotherapy. This type appears to correlate with the experience of those who demonstrate addictive behavior—even though they “choose” not to do something, these patterns take them over and enact the behavior despite their objections.
  3. In certain spiritual traditions, the Masters or Initiates may induce spiritual awakening experiences. When an Initiate takes someone as their “disciple” through this energetic transfer, they may begin to exert control over them. A beam of Light or Shakti appears to anchor in an inner center within these “chosen disciples,” connecting them directly with that Initiate. These multiple rays emanating from the Initiate form a pattern like a wheel—we call this emergent pattern, the wheel attunement. Those caught in this attunement may report that they receive direct commands to carry out overt behavior or to do specific meditations.
  4. As a result of doing Vipassana or Zen meditation practices, some practitioners report that they enter a void or vacuum state in which it appears that there is no Self or doer, and actions appear to arise of themselves. In Taoism, this state has been called wu wei.
  5. In states of severe inner conflict, people may experience “Jekyll and Hyde” splits within themselves, where their normal personality functioning appears to be taken over by a separate or alternate personality within them. Each alternate “Self” appears to have its own volition. This state appears in dissociative or multiple personality disorders. Therapies that work to achieve personality re-integration are used to address this type of volitional aberration.
  6. When people surrender their will to God, a spiritual Master, a god or goddess, or their Higher Self, they often find that this agency of the Superconscious mind begins to direct their behavior, giving them specific guidance as to what they should do. This seeking of a Higher Power’s direction is voluntary. This voluntary allowing of a Power outside their own Soul to guide and direct them can be extended to a variety of other “invitation scenarios:” letting a god, goddess, or “spirit” take over their voice and movement (possession trance), asking a spirit guide to speak through them (channeling), or requesting “God” or the “Holy Spirit” to speak through them (prophecy).
  7. This state appears when someone enters an altered state of consciousness and powers begin to operate that are not available to normal personality functioning. These powers can arise as a result of the Infilling of the Holy Spirit (the Gifts of the Spirit), union of attention with a higher spiritual essence (Samadhi), or the full awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. This is a highly ecstatic state. The powers that arise in this state go away when the Holy Spirit withdraws, attention returns to normal awareness, or the Kundalini goes back down to the grounded state.

Type 1, 3, and 6 volitional aberrations require you to break the connection with the internal or external agency that exerts control over you. We discuss type three in greater depth in our articles in the Library, “Induced Kundalini Awakening” and “When Spirituality Is Less than Free.”

Integrative psychotherapies can help you deal with type 2 and 5 volitional anomalies. Self help methods like the Rainbow method and the Mandala Method that we teach in our intermediate meditation programs, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program, may assist you gain insight into these patterns. These approaches aim to bring the wayward subpersonality or complex back into integration with the Self.

The volitional alterations of type 4 and 7 can usually be rectified through returning attention to the waking state of awareness from the altered state of consciousness that contains the abnormal perception of volition (type 4) or the activation of supra-personal “powers”(type 7), and/or lowering the Kundalini Shakti.

If you are aware that you are experiencing one or more of these types of aberrations of volition and it is interfering with your functioning, we encourage you to pursue the strategies appropriate for your situation. If you are beginning to lose control of your life and destiny through your spiritual practices, you may wish to back off from them for a while, to help you regain your balance and perspective.