The Seven Tracks through the Lower Astral Plane

By George A. Boyd ©2022

In the spiritual evolutionary journey through the Subtle Realm, each Soul Spark must face the challenges of the Lower Astral Plane, which is located just beyond the top of the Middle Subtle Bands of the Continuum. Each one is tested with the great temptations; some are able to escape from this dark realm; some become entrapped; and some some become involved with the Occult Adepts who rule this realm. This article was written in response to a question about what happens to the individuals who must cross this Plane.

Q: Does everyone in the Lower Astral have to enter the Occult Mystery Schools?

A: Once the Soul Spark has reached the Hermit stage in the Lower Astral Plane—after having overcome the temptations of the Chemical Snare, the Sexual Snare, the Criminal Snare, the Political Powers and Corruption Snare, and the Spiritual Slavery Snare bands of this dark realm—the Soul Spark may enter one of seven tracks:

Track one – The Soul Spark ascends through the Occult Mystery School on its Ray. This track leads individuals to become high occult initiates or even an Occult Adept.

Track two – The Soul Spark elects to renounce the Lower Astral. On this track, the Soul Spark moves beyond Satan in the Occult Hierarchy and continues to develop in the highest levels of the Lower Astral Plane to the Light of Renunciation at the threshold of the Subtle Illumined Mind.

Track three – The Soul Spark is translated directly into the Subtle Illumined Mind, and its karma is moved upstream into the Planetary. [The Multiplane Masters of Mudrashram® use this track for Mudrashram® students, who reach the doorway to the Lower Astral Plane.]

Track four – The Soul Spark elects to remain at the station of the Hermit and renounce further progress. It acts as a spiritual counselor or a therapist to assist others makes it through the bands of the Lower Astral snares.

Track five – The Soul Spark does not advance into either the Occult Mystery Schools or the track of Liberation, but rather, it remains where it is. It acts as an emissary of an Occult Adept to assist carry out the project on which the occult initiate is working.

Track six – The Soul Spark feels led to engage in a religious service that worships Satan. They do not advance on either the Mystery School or Liberation track, but they work with established Lower Astral religious organizations to set up formal religious services and to carry out occult or magical rituals.

Track seven – The Soul Spark disseminates occult information through videos, radio shows, podcasts, public talks, articles, and books. In this posture, the Soul Spark does not advance into either the Occult Mystery Schools or the track of Liberation, but remains where it is to act as mouthpiece for Occult and Magical teachings. There have been some popular writers, philosophers, and media personalities who operate on this track.

For the Soul Spark to enter the Occult Mystery Schools: it must have a powerful desire to do so—and it must choose and affirm that it chooses to do so. The Soul Spark then undergoes a series of tests; if it passes these challenges, it is admitted to the Occult Mystery School on its Ray.

How prevalent are these alternate tracks?

  • Perhaps no more than one out of fifteen—about seven percent—of those who reach the Hermit stage of development, opt to enter the Mystery Schools.
  • In contrast, about eighty four percent choose the Liberation track.
  • The remaining nine percent are about evenly divided between the occult counselor, the occult emissary, the occult apostle, and the occult communicator.

We discuss these Subplanes of the Lower Astral in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course. We encourage those who are sojourning through the Middle Subtle Realm familiarize themselves about the major landmarks of this dark realm.

We also suggest that those who have advanced into the Planetary also become familiar with this realm, to assist those who may be trapped there, and show them how they can escape from this realm’s hypnotic spell.