What Is An Ensouling Entity?

By George A. Boyd © 2019

Q: In your writings, you talk about an ensouling entity. What is that?

A: When we examine the four poles of being, the ensouling entity dwells on the first pole of being. There are 13 of these ensouling entities—these are the master integration centers in the Superconscious mind for different segments of the Great Continuum of Consciousness. These include:

Ensouling Entity Number

What We Call the Ensouling Entity

Where It Operates


Spark (Jivan Atma)

Subtle Realm


Soul (Atma), also called Higher Self,
or Transpersonal Self

Planetary Realm



Transplanetary Realm


Soul (Hansa Atma)

Cosmic Realm


Soul (Binda Atma)

Supracosmic Realm


of the Bridge Path

portion of the Bridge Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity

Transcendental Path


ensouling entity (Satchitananda)

Transcendental Path

The ensouling entity is the Divine Atom that ties together the activity of the awakened vehicles of consciousness in that band of the Continuum of Consciousness, links with the development of the spirit through that level, and is the focus of the attentional principle that brings about enlightenment and Gnosis for that segment of the Continuum.

In many spiritual traditions, they teach you to focus your attention on the third pole, and identify with a nucleus of identity. In some of these traditions, they may not be aware that there is the overshadowing ensouling entity; and some of them may also not be aware of the spirit.

As a consequence, you see these groups identifying with a nucleus of identity, and using transformational methods to unfold it. When spiritual practice is done in this way, you will often see that a selected nucleus of identity is moved off of the axis of being, and aspirants’ attention is fixed in this integration center of the Superconscious mind. This strategy for spiritual development brings about imbalances.

In our Integral meditation program, we teach you meditations to awaken your spiritual essences on all four poles of being. We teach you how to do this in our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. This strategy unfolds all four poles in synchrony, so you do not generate imbalances.


The Void of the Supracosmic Sphere

By George A. Boyd © 2010

We have mapped 73 paths of the Supracosmic Sphere in the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, our premier consciousness studies program. Those who have completed one of our intermediate programs—either the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail or online Accelerated Meditation Program—are eligible to take this program.

When we read of the enlightenment experiences of Supracosmic Gurus of different traditions, they often describe the highest state of attainment as a Great Emptiness or Void. Their Supracosmic seed atom is dropped; they become one with the Light of Spirit and become instruments of Grace.

Teachers who have attained this state have disseminated the teaching that this Void is the ultimate state of Realization. Buddhists refer to it as Nirvana or Sunyata. Taoists call it the Tao. Hindus describe it as Nirbikalpa Samadhi. Sufis speak of the state of Fana fil Allah, the dissolution of the atom of selfhood and merging back into the Infinitude of God.

Other teachers, however, recount that before rising into this Void, they first realized the Supreme Self [we call this ensouling entity, the Supracosmic Soul]. After uniting the Supracosmic Seed Atom of this Path with the Supreme Self, they discover that their seed atom and the Supreme Self unfold together, until they are established in this same state of Voidness. In this state, the Supracosmic Seed Atom is merged in its origin as in the state of those who attain the Void, but instead of encountering an empty Void, the Supreme Self is established in this Void.

Those who attain Mastery in Supracosmic spiritual traditions do not generally have an explanation of why this variance between spiritual experiences exists, e.g., why one disciple will have an encounter with a Supreme Self, while another disciple will not.

Teachers of the Mudrashram® tradition, who view the Great Continuum of Consciousness from the highest Planes of the Bridge Path in the Transcendental Sphere explain that the reason why some encounter the Supracosmic Soul and others do not is that if spiritual development of a Supracosmic Seed Atom is not on the Path where their Supracosmic Soul dwells, they will not have an experience of a Supreme Self. When development of the seed atom is aligned with this Supreme Self, they will have this experience.

The Mudrashram® teachers further point out that both types of experience of the highest state on a Supracosmic Path fall short from the Ultimate Liberation of the Supracosmic Soul from the Supracosmic Sphere, a state the Mudrashram® teachers call Mahaparinirvana. They describe six states beyond this Void-merged state:

  1. Discovery of the origin of the lineage established on this Supracosmic Path
  2. Discovery of a center or chakra in the vehicle of the Great Supracosmic Plane Lord that substands the Path they have traversed
  3. Encounter with the Supreme Guru, the Being who empowers the teachers of every extant Supracosmic Path
  4. Journey through the Lokas of Existence—Plant, Animal, Angelic, Devonic (world of gods and goddesses)—and discovery of the Supreme Trimurthi of the Supracosmic Sphere—the beings called in the Hindu tradition, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva
  5. Encounter with the Four Lords of Karma of the Supracosmic Sphere
  6. Merging of the Supracosmic Soul into the Light that created it (Mahaparinirvana)

The Mudrashram® teachers elucidate that the reason why teachers of the Supracosmic Sphere do not experience these additional six stages of the Path and reach full Liberation in the Supracosmic Sphere is that the techniques that they use are based on the origin of the Supracosmic Seed Atom, so development beyond this state is not possible.

In many cases, the method Gurus used to develop the Supracosmic Seed Atom is a powerful mantra that unfolds this seed atom along their Supracosmic Path. The Mudrashram® teachers refer to this mantra as the Supracosmic Divine Name or Guru Mantra. The origin of the Mantramic Power is established in the state of the origin of the Supracosmic Seed Atom, so those who become Masters of Supracosmic Paths commonly do so by sufficient repetition of the Supracosmic Divine Name for their Path.

Other methods may be used to unfold the Supracosmic Seed Atom on various Supracosmic Paths. These methods include continuous contemplation of the presence of the Supracosmic Seed Atom, Translation through receiving the Light from the Guru established in the origin of this Path, or unfolding through breathing methods such as Kriya Yoga.

Kriya Yoga is unique among techniques given in the Supracosmic Sphere in that it has a technique capable of liberating the Supracosmic Soul. Mudrashram® teacher, Swami Charan Das, describes a system of Adi Kriyas that lead beyond the First Cosmic Initiation.

The first of these techniques, called Kaivalyam Kriya, unfolds the Astral Soul and its vehicles to the Origin of the Astral Soul at the top of the Cosmic Sphere.

The second of these techniques, called Soruba Samadhi Kriya, unfolds the Supracosmic Seed Atom of the second Path on the Shiva Plane (Shiva 2), leading to the awakening of an immortal form.

The third of these techniques, called the first Cosmic Fire Kriya, directly unfolds the Supracosmic Soul, and can lead it to its Origin.

The Mudrashram® teachers state that this method is unknown, except to teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage, who rediscovered it, and to Krishna and Jesus, who have revealed it to only a few of their disciples. The Mudrashram® teachers further disclose that there are two additional methods that can liberate the Supracosmic Soul:

Use of the Alayic Divine Name – this mantra, which is established on the Bridge Path, unfolds the ensouling entity at its cutting edge, and simultaneously unfolds higher octaves of being in alignment with this axis of being—the Astral Soul, the Supracosmic Soul, and one of the ensouling entities of the Transcendental Path. This technique, in many cases, will actually liberate the Supracosmic Soul while the disciple on the path is progressively moving their cutting edge ensouling entity forward on their spiritual evolutionary track. In other cases, when the Supracosmic Soul is not liberated through this means, when the Supracosmic Soul becomes the cutting edge in this progression, it will be directly unfolded to its origin.

Translation from the Transcendental Sphere – Reception of the Light, through Light Sittings, Soul Attunement Guidance Channeling, or as part of the Grace-Bestowing ministry of a Multiplane Master, may directly unfold the Supracosmic Soul in selected individuals when this is appropriate.

The Mudrashram® teachers report that Supracosmic teachers established in the state of Voidness—regardless of whether they simultaneously unfold their Supracosmic Soul or not—become instruments of Great Light, Love, Wisdom, Grace, and Power. These individuals can teach the multitudes; some of the more active ones may number their followers in the millions. Those teachers capable of disseminating their teachings to large numbers of people, we call Jagat Gurus.

Jagat Gurus head many of the major sects of Hinduism, Buddhism, the Sikh Dharma, and the major sects of Islam. Given the great influence that some of these Jagat Gurus have, it is not surprising that they can shape the beliefs and behavior of thousands, even millions of people.

Moreover, some of the more dynamic sects have an active tradition of proselytization, which leads their followers to bring new members to the sect. The subsequent initiation into the spiritual practices of this group activates additional Supracosmic Seed Atoms on this Path, whether or not the initiated individual’s Supracosmic Soul is on this Path or not.

The Mudrashram® teachers point out that when individuals develop themselves on these Paths, outside their cutting edge of spirituality, they often run the risk of creating imbalances, which can disrupt the energy axis of the Kundalini Shakti and interfere with the ability to operate at the level of the human personality. They also underscore that those that become teachers in these traditions demonstrate the highest degrees of imbalance, and these teachers effectively propagate these imbalances in their students.

While great virtue, discipline, devotion, creativity, inspiration, illumination, and spiritual powers can be wrought through development on these Supracosmic Paths, the Mudrashram® teachers suggest it may be better to do Supracosmic spiritual development when it becomes the cutting edge of the individual, and not before. They further suggest that to avoid jumping ahead to these ecstatic Paths of the Supracosmic Sphere may also lower the confusion and conflict that many aspirants experience, when they adopt the beliefs and practices of sects that are not in alignment with the innate purpose and plan of their spiritual development.