Moving from Self to Soul

Moving from Self-Polarization to Soul Awareness

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: I’ve been able to experience my Self and I have a reasonably good grasp of functioning from this level, but I am having difficulty lifting up into Soul awareness. How do I make this next step?

A: First, you have to engage the connection of the Self with the Soul through the inner portals:

  1. You shift from using your will to get things done to the passive reception of guidance for action from the Soul, using reflective or receptive forms of meditation.
  2. You move from empathic and caring engagement with other people via inner withdrawal. You invoke the Soul’s unconditional love, and receive that love as an emotional healing Attunement.
  3. You change from applying your intellect to solve problems to establish a dialog with the Soul and listen to the downpour of its intuitive wisdom.
  4. You transfer the focus of your attention from union with the Voidness of Being with heightened aliveness of your senses to union with the Soul through Pratyahara and Laya, riding up the inner sensory channels into the presence of the Soul.
  5. You transition from active learning, study, and remembering information to contemplation of the vehicles of consciousness of the personality and the Superconscious mind, up to the presence of the Soul.
  6. You lift out of the mode of personal discipline, conscientiousness, living up to your values and striving to live with integrity to remembrance of the Soul and God, using prayer, chanting, and worship. In this passive mode you invite in the gifts of the Soul or the anointing of the Holy Spirit to express through you.
  7. You change over from the mode of enacting your dreams and goals to turning off the vehicles of the personality and the Superconscious mind and awakening the Kundalini Shakti into the presence of the Soul and entering Samadhi.

Aligning with the Soul and expressing it appears to pass through several steps. Some people will move through these steps progressively, one-after-another; others will be drawn to specific steps and directly begin to function from this level.

These steps are:

  1. You maintain receptivity and openness to spiritual experiences. A series of coincidences, signs, or serendipitous encounters guide you to explore choices that you would not have considered when you operated in rational and linear context of the Self.
  2. The still small voice or voice of intuition gives you clear guidance for action. It may also warn you against taking certain actions.
  3. You begin to travel as your attentional principle with attention conjoined into the Subtle Realm beyond the Self. Here you behold the archetypes and myths of this realm.
  4. You engage with the vehicles of consciousness of the Probationary Path—the Biophysical Universe, the Abstract Mind Plane, the Psychic Realm, and the Wisdom Plane—and express the Soul’s abilities and wisdom from these levels of the Superconscious mind.
  5. You interface with your Moon Soul nucleus of identity and commune with the Father God, the Christ, the saints, and the Holy Spirit. You may use prayer and supplication to direct the Light of the Holy Spirit to heal and minister to your own needs and the needs of others.
  6. You gain union with the Mighty I AM Presence and speak the Word of Power as a decree. You use this power within you to change negative conditions into positive ones, and to effect personal transformation and character reformation.
  7. You connect with your Manasic Vortex center and you get direct guidance from your Soul, your Monad, your Supervising Initiate, and you have direct prehension of the Soul’s purpose.
  8. You gain union with the Soul in its essential nature. You witness it expressing its abilities in the Superconscious mind and channeling its love, wisdom, and ability through your personality.

Direct meditation on your Manasic Vortex center, your Crown of Purpose [if you have one], and your Soul’s essential vehicle will speed the rate of integration of the Soul’s experience and expression. We teach methods to meditate directly upon the Soul in our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychotherapist, referred to this opening of awareness to encompass the Soul and to allow its expression, as spiritual Psychosynthesis. To promote this higher order integration, you need to cultivate conscious communion with the Soul, until it clearly emerges and begins to overshadow the personality, and guide it to carry out the Soul’s purpose—and make the personality into an instrument for the Soul’s creativity and gifts.