The Seven Fires of Man

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: What is the fire in the belly of which people speak?

A: There are actually seven fires within human beings. Across the Seven Rays, they are:


Type of Fire

What It Does


The fire in the belly

This activates your personal octave of will. It aligns your volition, personal intuition, intellect, concrete mind, conscience, persona, and commitment to achieve a goal despite obstacles or setbacks.


The fire in the brain

This is the kindling of the Illumined Mind, or Buddhi, with the downpour of intuitive knowledge. This purifies ignorance and removes negativity from the mind.


The fire in the sacred heart (Hridaya)

This is the anointing of the Divine that is anchored in an ensouling entity that has drawn into the Divine Presence. This anointing is also bestowed upon the cosmic consciousness nucleus of identity for the Yogi Preceptor in the 1st Cosmic Initiation; on the cosmic soul awareness of the Light Master in the 2nd Cosmic Initiation; and on the Supracosmic seed atom of a disciple who has fully opened the Supracosmic brain chakra on a Supracosmic Path. This empowers the individual who has attained this exalted station on the Path to be a spiritual Master in that tradition.


The fire in the center of the palms of the hands

This is the fire of life force with which healers are imbued. This fire connects the point between the eyebrows (visualization and intention) with the heart (compassion for the suffering of the client) with the palms (the focalized nexus of healing energy).


The fire in the eyes

This is the attentional principle, anointed with the Light of Spirit. It ministers the Light through an attunement, as we do in our Mudrashram® Light Sittings. On Transcendental Paths (T1 to T5 and T7), this attunement is made with the spiritual heart instead of the attentional principle.


The fire in the heart

This is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, anchored in the Moon Soul or Christ Child. The fire of anointing can come to dwell in other nuclei of identity or the Astral Soul. This awakens that center, purifies it, and connects it with the Divine at that level of the Continuum.


The fire in the spine

This marks the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, the energy that opens awareness and activates the vehicles of consciousness of the Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious mind.

Everyone should be familiar with the stirring of will and resolve to achieve a goal that arises from your personal volition, when you are determined to succeed despite obstacles or adversity. This is your personal fire: it comes forth when you decide you are going to do, be, or have something you truly want, no matter what it takes.

Those who invoke the Divine as the Holy Spirit are familiar with the fire in the heart. When this glorious flame enters the receptacle of the Moon Soul or Christ Child, it inspires confession and repentance, and re-dedication of your life to God. It may also bestow the “Gifts of the Spirit,” which temporarily enables you to access hidden knowledge, speak words of wisdom, act as an instrument of healing, or become a channel for Divine Prophecy—among other gifts.

Those who are healers should be familiar with the heat they feel in their hands when they are ready to heal others. This is the tangible marker that they are charged with the Living Force (prana, Chi), and can direct it to others through laying on of hands or visualization with intention.

Those whom a Master initiates, and actively unfold their spiritual potentials experience the awakening of their Kundalini (fire in the spine) and their Illumined Mind (fire in the brain). Some spiritual traditions will also train their disciples in ministering the Light to others (fire in the eyes), which may be sent through the attentional principle or the spiritual heart of disciples, depending on the core focus of the Path. [Typically Transcendental Paths empower the spiritual heart.]

Those who become Initiates [Masters] directly experience the anointing of the Divine to carry out their spiritual Mission and complete the Dispensation granted to them.

Aspirants will benefit from recognizing what triggers the activation of will (fire in the belly), the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (fire in the heart), and the gift of healing (fire in the palms).

Disciples should become familiar with how to stir the Kundalini Shakti into activity (fire in the spine), and how to awaken their Illumined Mind through entering full Samadhi (fire in the brain). If your tradition practices it, you may be trained in sending the Light to the ensouling entities of others through attunement (fire in the eyes).

When you become an Initiate, you will experience the direct anointing of the Divine (fire in the sacred heart), which will enable you to kindle—depending on the Dispensation given to your tradition—between two and six of these other fires in humanity, and to pass the torch of the Living Fire to the one ordained to be your successor (fire of the sacred heart).

Those unfamiliar with the Seven Rays can read more about them in A Mudrashram® Reader: Understanding Integral Meditation. Those who are taking one of our intermediate courses—the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation—can also gain greater understanding of this topic by taking the webinar series in the Level One member area on the Seven Rays.