Is It the Flu or Karma

Is It Just the Flu? Or Is It Your Karma?

By George A. Boyd© 2016

Many aspirants are puzzled why illness and misfortune visit them, and they wonder if this is their karma acting up. One of the key determinations you need to make is whether this is a simple illness—unrelated to any karmic issue you are working through—or whether it does have karmic underpinnings. Here’s how you can tell:

Karma adds additional layers to a physical injury or illness. For example, physical symptoms accompany illnesses. These symptoms can include inflammation, fever, swelling, pain, throbbing, abnormal growth of tissue, formation of scar tissue, nausea, or dizziness—there is something you recognize isn’t right, and you don’t feel well.

Illnesses that are the expression of karma have seven additional layers:

  1. Etheric blockage – your life energy (chi, prana) doesn’t flow through this area
  2. Emotional reactions – underlying the symptoms are dysphoric feelings such as emotional pain (suffering), shame, worry, fear, anger, depression, or desperation
  3. Desire or craving – the symptoms may embody wishes or desires: what you want, but aren’t getting; or what you are experiencing, and you don’t want to deal with anymore
  4. Imagination – there are the images, dream-like reveries, and animations of the subconscious mind that personify the issue
  5. Beliefs, memories, and thoughts – this is the cognitive expression of the issue—the beliefs, thoughts, and memories that the issue generates
  6. Mental impressions – These appear like iron or copper filings that adhere to the causal body. You feel these impressions are imbedded in the helix of the mind. This is the actual substance of karma, which Buddhists call samskaras.
  7. Seed at the core of the issue – This is the essence upon which all other aspects of karma are anchored. When this seed is burned away through transformation, all of the karmic layers dissolve.

You can do an inquiry through a structured process meditation to determine whether your physical symptoms have a karmic foundation or not.

If the symptoms are localized—for example, you have a throbbing pain in your right elbow—you would ask that part of your body these questions. As you do this process, you are going to put your attention on that part of your body that doesn’t feel right.

If it isn’t localized—for example, you feel achy all over—you would just ask your whole body these questions. Your attention is going to just touch the edge of the symptoms of malaise as you do this inquiry.

Here are the questions and process requests you can make to probe the symptoms of your illness to determine whether they arise from karma:

  1. What physical symptoms do you cause in me? Your illness might not “tell” you this, but you will simply note what these symptoms are through paying attention to what your body is experiencing in the present time and labeling them: congestion in the nose… aching in the cheeks…
  2. Show me the blockage that you represent. If your condition is karmic, you will feel a blockage or obstruction somewhere in your body that feels directly connected to the symptoms you are experiencing. If you wish to explore this more deeply, you may wish to trace with your attention where this blockage begins and ends.
  3. What emotional reactions do you embody? Note if any feelings come up, and what those feelings are. If memories of specific incidents arise as you do this, notice what those incidents are.
  4. What do you desire or want? [You can also ask, what are you rejecting or avoiding?] You will note what it is you want at a deep level that you are not getting. If you don’t get a response to what you desire or want, ask the alternative question, “What are you rejecting or avoiding?”
  5. What image represents you? You might get a simple image here, or you might get a wild internal drama enacted before your mind’s eye. Simply pay attention to whatever your question evokes from your subconscious mind.
  6. What beliefs, memories, or thoughts are associated with you? Here you will pay attention to the cognitive layer where these beliefs, memories, and thoughts express, and simply note what arises.
  7. Show me the impressions that underlie this karmic pattern and the seed at its core. If your subconscious mind has been giving you information as you asked each of these questions, at this stage you will a see a pattern and a black or golden seed at the end of it. If you get this vision, you will have definite confirmation that the symptoms you are experiencing are rooted in karma.

If you don’t get a response to questions two to seven, it is likely that you have an uncomplicated illness, not related to a karmic substrate. But, this could also mean that your subconscious mind is as silent and mysterious as the sphinx, and doesn’t wish to tell you anything!

If you are getting clear answers to questions two to seven, you may have some initial confirmation that the symptoms you are experiencing do have a karmic substrate. You may wish to hold this information you have received with some reservation, however, because some individuals have a truly wild imagination and make up all kinds of crazy things!

You may find this meditation may be helpful in teasing out whether some naughty thing you did in a past life—or earlier in this life—is catching up with you, or whether you have just caught a bug.

Is Re-patterning DNA possible?

Re-Patterning DNA? Not!

By George A. Boyd © 2013

There are a number of psychic healers who claim that they are able to re-pattern Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid (DNA) and change longstanding patterns of emotion and behavior. While such a thing appears possible in the grandiose and sometimes delusional imagination of those who dwell in the Psychic Realm, this doesn’t take place in reality.

Re-patterning DNA would involve moving or repositioning base pairs—or substituting new base pairs for existing ones—in the trillions of cells of the body simultaneously. It is extremely unlikely that any attunement or evocative affirmation they may offer their client is powerful enough to change the genetic code in any cells, much less in every cell.

Some have the additional fanciful notion that it is also possible to add additional strands of DNA. This is purported to grant those lucky enough to have this miraculous intervention done, new powers, which effectively speed up their evolution to become more like the highly evolved aliens who pioneered these methods—and who are supposed to be channeling this guidance through the medium that brings you this revolutionary information.

We suspect that if any of those who have allegedly had their DNA multiplied would have a standard DNA test done, they would discover that no additional strands of DNA appear and there is the standard number of 23 chromosomes. It would be even more instructive to have this test done before having this “alien technology DNA augmentation” done, and then after, to see if there is actually any change in the number of strands or the number of chromosomes.

The helical structure that psychics behold is likely the Ida and Pingala channels that appear on the left and right side of the central channel (Sushumna) in each vehicle of consciousness. The apparent chromosome-like structures they see is not physical DNA—remember DNA is in every cell in the body—but rather the folded structure of karma, which Buddhists call a samskara, or mental impression.

It is certainly possible to interface with karmic impressions. This is probably what psychics who claim to re-pattern DNA are doing.

Some of the ways you can work with these karmic impressions include:

  • Process meditation – You can trace karmic sequences back to their original incident, which releases the emotional charge in these impressions.
  • Attunements – You can send the Light to dissolve and transmute the karmic impressions or invoke the Holy Spirit to do this—this is what Christians refer to as the “forgiveness of sin.”
  • Mantra – You can repeat a mantra keyed to the karmic impressions until these impressions attenuate and dissolve.
  • Re-choosing – Once you have regressed a karmic sequence to its original incident, you can make a new Soul choice to re-create this sequence with an alternative, positive pattern.
  • Dialog methods with visualization – You can interview the thought form that encapsulates these karmic impressions and dissolve it into the Light using methods from Agni Yoga.
  • Kriya Yoga and other methods that unfold a nucleus of identity or seed atom – You can dissolve the karmic impressions in the fiery alchemical vortex that forms around the inner vehicles activated through using Kriya Yoga and related techniques.
  • Dissolving in the channels of the Nada – Certain karmic impressions will dissolve when the spirit opens the channels of the Nada.
  • Transmutation through unfoldment of the Soul – Using transformational mantra or receiving initiatory Light Immersion will unfold the Soul and its vehicles, and will dissolve, transmute, and integrate the karmic impressions that dwell in the space between nodal points.

We encourage seekers to develop the discernment to not be misled by spurious notions about DNA re-patterning, and to learn those spiritual technologies that will enable them to genuinely efface the chromosome-like karmic impressions that hold them back from moving into the next stage of their spiritual evolution—for which no alien inventions are required—and begin to take conscious charge of their spiritual destiny while they are alive.

We teach each of these methods for working with karmic impressions in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We invite those interested in learning these techniques to investigate our meditation programs.