What Is Synthesis and Why Is It Important?

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: What is synthesis? You mention a Synthesis Center during the Light Sitting, but I’m not sure what synthesis is and why this is important.

A: Synthesis occurs at different levels of the mind:

  1. In the physical body, a metaphor for synthesis is the state of homeostasis, where the body creates the optimal balance between acid and alkaline blood chemistry.
  2. In the mental center of the Conscious mind, synthesis appears as the common area of two overlapping shapes in a Venn diagram.
  3. In the intellect, synthesis is the resolution of an argument in a common point of agreement that transcends, yet includes, the viewpoints of both opinions.
  4. In the Temple of Philosophy on the Abstract Mind Plane, synthesis is the next stage of thesis and antithesis, in which the apparent conflict of these two opposite positions is harmonized.
  5. In the Psychic Realm, synthesis reveals the nature of the Soul above the conscious zone of the mind and the unconscious zone of the mind, as the transcendent essence that reconciles both polarities.
  6. On the Wisdom Plane, synthesis occurs as an emergence phenomenon that reveals a new level beyond a current condition and the forces that hold you in dynamic stasis in that condition. Synthesis in this context occurs when you move to the next level that you cannot truly grasp when you are in the container of the level before it.
  7. In the First Planetary Initiation, synthesis takes the form of rebirth as the Moon Soul nucleus of identity, which the Holy Spirit awakens through Grace. This is the holy essence that transcends both virtuous and sinful actions.
  8. At the entrance to the Second Planetary Initiation, synthesis emerges as the powerful creative vortex of the Mighty I AM Presence, which appears as a third transcendent force that resolves the conflict between conscious volition and the unconscious motivation that opposes it: this inner Divine command breaks this impasse between these levels of the mind and clears the way to move forward.
  9. In the Greater Mystery School Subplane of the Second Planetary Initiation, synthesis is shown to be the activity of the Fourth Ray, which harmonizes the pairs of opposites.
  10. In the vehicle of the Manasic Vortex in the Third Planetary Initiation, synthesis exists as an inner center in which each octave of the mind is actively aligned with the Soul’s purpose, turning the personality and the higher vehicles of consciousness of the Superconscious mind into an instrument of the Soul.
  11. In the Buddhic vehicle of the Fourth Planetary Initiation, the downpour of the Illumined Mind purifies the mind, brings about mental healing and harmony, and re-establishes the attention in union with the Soul again—transcending the sense of separation.
  12. On the Monadic Plane, upon liberation of the Soul in the Nirvanic Flame, the Monad appears as the reunifying essence transcending both the Soul and the portions of the mind it has turned into light and the darkness of the karmic accretions of the unconscious mind.

When the mind is in conflict and turmoil, this hinders making decisions, generating forward movement in life, and allowing clear expression of the Soul’s gifts. Synthesis resolves this conflict, and allows physical and psychological tension to relax—freeing up energy for constructive use.

Whether this conflict arises as arguments in intimate interpersonal relationships, discord at work, disagreement in the political area, or a clash between nations, synthesis is a way forward beyond the deadlock. Learning how to achieve synthesis is the goal of mediation and its efforts to reach conflict resolution.

We teach the Synthesis technique as a supplemental exercise for our Intermediate meditation classes—the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We encourage you to find the key to produce synthesis to resolve internal and external stress in your life, and make progress, both personally and spiritually.