Seven Karmic Veils in the Planetary Realm

By George A. Boyd © 2023

Q: When karmic darkening occurs in the Subtle or Planetary Realm, does this darkening always appear in front of the Soul?

A: In cases where the ensouling entity is not moved down on its spiritual evolutionary track, karmic darkening in the Subtle and Planetary Realms commonly appears in front of the Soul Spark or Soul as a curtain of darkness that veils this ensouling entity. However, we also find this veil appearing at other levels:

  1. The veil between the brain and the ego – this type of veil appears in those will intellectual deficits or dementia. This is a diminution of the capacity to reason and/or remember.
  2. The veil between the ego and the conscience – this veil occurs in those who suppress the voice of the conscience, and act to achieve their desires—through any mean, fair or foul—regardless of the harmful effects on other people or the world around them. This veil is common in those who have antisocial and narcissistic personality disorders.
  3. The veil over the Self – this veil arises in those who have experienced a severe trauma, and they can no longer know who they genuinely are. This loss of self leaves these individuals without the ability to discern their options, to set goals and make plans, to think objectively, and to know their values and what they stand for—they feel inauthentic and lost. Some of those with borderline personality disorder may experience this loss of self.
  4. The veil over the thread of consciousness – this veil blocks attention from moving beyond a certain focal point on the thread of consciousness. Attention experiences an inner block or barrier that it cannot move beyond. This type of veil can stem from traumatic experiences associated with meditation or frightening or upsetting religious experiences. When this type of trauma exists, attentional movement beyond a certain level brings up emotions of fear, dread, or overwhelm.
  5. The veil over the Moon Soul nucleus of identity – this veil is found in individuals who carry out adharmic or sinful actions in rebellion against their Soul Purpose or the Will of God. This is the type of sin that clergy of Judaism and Christianity seek to address through rites for absolution, repentance, and forgiveness of sins.
  6. The veil over the thalamic center of the Soul’s essential vehicle – this veil may block the intuitive stream, the love stream, or the transpersonal will stream that flows out of the thalamic center of the Soul’s essential vehicle. Blockage of the intuitive stream hinders the ability to access the Soul’s intuition, wisdom, and guidance. Obstruction of the love stream may result in the inability to feel love for self and others. Inability to access the transpersonal will stream may hinder expression of the Soul’s genius and gifts through the personality, so that the individual can only express the talents of the Metaconscious mind.
  7. The veil over the Soul – this is the most common type, which locks individuals in identity states separate from the Soul Spark or Soul. When this veil is dissolved, the Soul Spark or Souk is revealed behind this curtain of darkness—once this veil is removed, the ensouling entity can begin to move forward on its Path.

There are specific methods that may help you break up or move beyond these veils:

For (3), the veil over the Self, using the Centering Techniques—which we teach in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program—may allow some individuals to rediscover their Self, and work directly with the trauma that is creating the sense of separation.

For (4), the veil over the thread of consciousness, methods that explore trauma and release them—which we also teach in our intermediate classes—may assist some individuals to move through barriers on this attentional pathway. Learning Raja Yoga, moreover—also taught in our intermediate classes—also trains the attention to move beyond the sticking point.

For (6), the veil over the channels of the thalamic center of the Soul’s essential vehicle, the attunements given in the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation may aid some individuals in reopening and regaining a connection with the ensouling entity. The Jnana Yoga attunement re-activates the intuitive channel. The Agni Yoga attunement can permit some individuals to reconnect with the unconditional love of their Soul. The Kundalini Yoga attunement may enable some individuals to reconnect with the powers of their Superconscious mind, and be able to again express them.

For (7), the veil over the Soul, using the transformational mantra keyed to the cutting edge of spirituality that is revealed in our intermediate classes specifically burns away this veil when it is present, and allows the ensouling entity to move forward on its spiritual evolutionary track.

Some of these veils can be opened through specific meditation techniques and attunements. We encourage you to identify at which levels you might be experiencing these veils. Through studying what are the karmic issues encoded in the veil, you may find the means to begin to ameliorate its impact in your life—and with further inner work, you even can remove it completely.

Revisiting the Veil Over the Soul

By George A. Boyd ©2015

Many people are not aware of their Soul. Their experience only encompasses the world of their senses, their body, their relationships, and their faculty of reason. Others have access to deeper layers of the mind, but their awareness is not raised to the level where they can cognize levels of their Superconscious mind, or their conscious essences—attentional principle, spirit, or Soul. Because they do not penetrate into these deepest levels of spiritual experience, they operate with a veil over their spiritual core.

It appears that successive states of identification come forward as layers of potential awareness progressively become dominant in the mind. These states of identification and potential awareness are shown in the table below.



Dominant Faculty

Who demonstrates this
level of identification

85.7% to 100%




71.4% to 85.6%



Politicians, actors, businessmen

57.1% to 71.3%


Attention (travels through the layers of the mind in the astral body)

Psychics, hypnotists, channelers, New Age practitioners, healers: these enter trance states through their astral body or meditate on the chakras

42.9% to 57.0%


Attentional principle (collects attention and leads it along the thread of consciousness,
directs it via intention)

Mindfulness practitioners, Raja Yoga meditators, those who utilize creation or manifestation meditation

28.6% to 42.8%


Self (faculty of volition directs human life and destiny)

Coaches, teachers, counselors, and therapists

14.3% to 28.5%


Individual spirit (spirit awakens and travels in the channels of the Nada)

Mystics, devotees, Nada Yoga meditators

0% to 14.2%


Ensouling entity (realizes the God essence within)

Enlightened meditators, practitioners of Integral meditation, Psychosynthesis, Jnana Yogis who experience Gnosis

As potential awareness becomes established over time in each successive identity state, the veil begins to gradually lift until the Soul is revealed in its true essence. But this veil does not lift simply because you raise your awareness, it often requires that you work on the issues that hold it in place.

What Constructs the Veil?

The following factors play a role in construction this veil over the Soul:

  1. Unprocessed life experiences – This occurs when you never sort out your experiences through reflection or in the dream state, which keeps you stuck in a particular layer
  2. Karmic accretions – These are emotionalized, desire-laden impressions in the unconscious mind that form a barrier that blocks you moving to a deeper layer. You may have an unwillingness to confront these issues, which may bring up feelings of fear, guilt, or shame.
  3. Automatized awareness – This occurs when you maintain your awareness at one of these levels through routine or habit, or when you must function in that level through the demands of career or family.
  4. Lack of meditation practice – In this scenario, you don’t pierce the veil because you never lift your awareness through meditation to penetrate to your core.
  5. Limiting beliefs – You learn beliefs and values that dissuade or frighten you from entering deeper states of awareness. You may have learned that entering certain other states of awareness are states of insanity, or states where you lose control.
  6. Inner gates – You may come across inner gates that prevent your attention from moving deeper into the layers of the mind. Two common gates are the one that blocks entrance to the Subconscious mind, and the one that limits access to the Superconscious mind.

There are a variety of meditation methods to begin to deconstruct this veil. These methods include:

  1. Process meditation – This enables you to help you work through and complete specific issues, so they no longer influence you from the unconscious mind.
  2. Active reflection and decision-making – This allows you to analyze the nature of the inner block or barrier. Once you know what it is, you can make new decisions to release its hold on you.
  3. Breakthrough – Through moving through the entire unconscious mind and the issues stored in it, you can break through into union with your attentional principle, spirit, or Soul. This can sublimate the desire-laden impressions and give you greater control over their expression in your life.
  4. Mindfulness – Through creating the inner mental habits of self-observation and mindfulness, you can begin to break out of the hypnotic spell of habit and routine.
  5. Conscious ascension to deeper layers of awareness and identity – Through learning how to direct your attention along the thread of consciousness to unite with the attentional principle, Self, spirit, and Soul.
  6. Inventory and introspection – Through structured inventory and introspection, you can discover the beliefs and values that keep you locked in an identity state. You learn to cultivate courage, faith, and curiosity to drive attention to explore deeper layers of the mind.
  7. Breaking up mindsets – You can use affirmation and autohypnosis to counter limiting beliefs. You can utilize evocative coaching questions to shift your mindsets to entertain other possibilities.
  8. The truth shall set you free – Be willing to tell the truth about your experience and about your failings; be willing to face the truth about yourself that you have been evading, and to face the uncomfortable feelings that uncovering surfaces. Psychotherapy can facilitate this.
  9. Find another pathway – If you encounter inner gates, try adopting a different form of meditation to help you get around these barriers.
  10. Transmutation – Burn away the barrier through drawing down the Light of the Spirit through implementing a transformational meditation technique.

For Ralph Waldo Emerson, “the unexamined life was not worth living.” He insisted upon opening his awareness to the transcendental vistas of the Soul, and looking at life from this expanded perspective. Perhaps people do not achieve their full potential because they do not expand their awareness to the level where their true promise can be known and actualized.

For those who wish to take on the project of deconstructing their veil and fully actualizing their potential, we teach many of these methods in our intermediate Integral meditation programs, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and on-line Accelerated Meditation Program. These courses provide the meditator with a variety of tools to counter these inner barriers that construct the veil over the Soul, and dismantle them. Those who wish to learn more about our system of Integral meditation that promotes person growth, enlightenment, and unlimited spiritual growth can do so at our website,