What is Progressive Spiritual Recapture?

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q: What is progressive spiritual recapture?

A: Progressive spiritual recapture means that you unfold at your cutting edge of spirituality to the point where your ensouling entity and vehicles of consciousness aligned with the axis of being re-align with any nuclei of identity or ensouling entity that have been moved off of this axis through Light Immersion or transformational techniques.

In many spiritual traditions anchored in the Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental Spheres, the spiritual teachers of these Paths have their disciples identify with a nucleus of identity, spirit, or ensouling entity that is outside your cutting edge of spirituality. When these Paths initiate their students into a transformational method or move their spiritual essence along through directed attunements, it begins to move this spiritual essence out of alignment with the axis of being.

At a certain point of imbalance:

  • Some individuals can experience energetic imbalances or Kundalini syndromes.
  • Others separate from identification with their life and their personality, and experience depersonalization, dissociation, and demotivation.
  • Others may adopt beliefs and lifestyles that hinder them from making personal growth and achieving their dreams, as their spiritual teachers can program almost every aspect of their life.
  • Others learn that the personality or personal mind is evil, so they completely abandon the personality and keep their attention perpetually in union with the spiritual essence cultivated in this Path.
  • Others begin becoming messengers of the teaching and seek to convert others to join the group; they rarely communicate from the personal level, and become a mouthpiece of their teacher’s message. As a result, they may no longer communicate their personal feelings or desires, but are continually “preaching,” doing “shakubuku,” “teaching the dharma,” or “giving satsang.”
  • Others create a split inside themselves, so they have a pole of bliss and peace, and an ego that feels terrified, anxious, overwhelmed, and paranoid. They oscillate between their spiritual essence and this inner nucleus of pain and terror, and may continually struggle to suppress this aspect of their nature.
  • Others develop intense devotion bordering on obsession, and continually want to be drawing closer to the apparent spiritual source on this Path. As a result, they neglect their health and personal development; they abandon their duties to their families; they can no longer focus on education or employment; and they do not plan for the future, but live in a timeless now.
  • Others create a philosophical synthesis that justifies remaining in an altered state of consciousness and unfolding their spiritual essence along their delineated Path. This view narrows their perspectives to that one Path; aspects of the Continuum of Consciousness outside of this lightened corridor opened through the inner Planes appear as dark, deluded, or evil.

Through unfolding at the cutting edge of spirituality, gradually these aberrations affecting energy, emotions, belief, motivation, perspective, and identity begin to ameliorate. At a certain point, they may completely abate as they are reintegrated into the evolving cutting edge.

Progressive spiritual recapture is one of the options available to those who are struggling with Kundalini syndromes—and the other consequences of imbalanced spiritual development we have listed above. When imbalanced spiritual practice has eclipsed your ability to function at the level of your personality, and has warped your emotions and cognition, it will take time to reintegrate these split-off aspects of consciousness, but with practice of methods that unfold you at the cutting edge of spirituality, wholeness can be restored.

Some of those who have done Kundalini Recovery sessions with us have opted to learn to work at the cutting edge of spirituality. After two to three years of practice, they have reported their Kundalini syndromes have completely subsided.

While progressive spiritual recapture is not an instant fix, there are those who have found that it has allowed them to heal the split within them and become reunified with their innate spiritual core. This is an option you may also consider, if your current spiritual practices are wreaking havoc on your ability to function and your sanity.