What Is A Supervisory Initiate?

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: What is a Supervisory Initiate? What role do they play in spiritual development?

A: Your Supervisory Initiate is the Master in your spiritual tradition that is responsible for leading you through every step of the spiritual Path on which you are developing to the state of completion.
Completion can take the form of Mastery, Liberation, or Fusion with the Divine.

Mastery means the ensouling entity or nucleus of identity that transforms in your tradition enters the Presence of the Divine that is know in your spiritual cosmology, and is anointed to initiate, guide, and teach others.

Liberation means your ensouling entity or nucleus of identity drops into its origin.

Fusion with the Divine means your ensouling entity or nucleus of identity moves into perfect attunement with the form of the Divine on your Path, so you feel a perfect oneness with this Divine Being.

The major forms of Mastery, and their dominant spiritual essences—ensouling entity (EE) or nucleus of identity (NOI)—are shown below:

The Adept Master dwells in the Planetary Hierarchy as the Monad (EE).

The Yogi Preceptor dwells in the one of the nine platforms that surround the Lord of the Yogis in the First Cosmic Initiation as cosmic consciousness (NOI)

The Light Master dwells in the Word State at the Cosmic Soul Awareness Plane in the Second Cosmic Initiation as cosmic soul awareness (NOI)

The Cosmic Master dwells in the Cosmic Hierarchy as the Astral Soul (EE)

The Supracosmic Master or Guru dwells in the Guru Padam center above the Supracosmic brain chakra on a Supracosmic Path as the Supracosmic Soul (EE)

The Transcendental Master or Sat Guru dwells at the origin of the spirit as their Transcendental ensouling entity (EE) on one Transcendental Path, T1 to T7.

The Adi Sat Guru or Multiplane Master dwells on the highest Plane of the Bridge Path, T6 or T7 as the ensouling entity of that Path, and exhibits Mastery throughout the Transcendental, Supracosmic, Cosmic, Transplanetary, Planetary, and Subtle bands of the Continuum. [This is the major form of Mastery in the Mudrashram® lineage.]

You experience Liberation at the origin of an ensouling entity or nucleus of identity. In the Transcendental Sphere, they also look to the origin of the spirit as spiritual liberation, or salvation. Some examples are:

The Light in the First Esoteric Initiation from which the Moon Soul (NOI) originated

The Light from with the Soul (EE) originated in the Planetary Realm, which we call the Light of Nirvana or the Nirvanic flame

The Light from which cosmic consciousness (NOI) originated at the top of the First Cosmic Initiation; we call this stage, Kaivalyam

The Light from which the Astral Soul (EE) originated at the top of the Cosmic Sphere, which we call Brahma Jyoti or Parinirvana

The Light at the top of top of the Supracosmic brain chakra from which the Supracosmic seed atom (NOI) of one Supracosmic Path originated

The Light at the top of the Supracosmic Sphere from which the Supracosmic Soul (EE) originated, which we call Mahaparinirvana

The Light in the highest Plane of a Transcendental Path from which the spirit of that Path originated

Fusion with the Divine constitutes a state of God Realization, in which someone incarnates a form of the Divine in human life. This state is much more rare than Liberation or Mastery. Two examples are:

Union of cosmic consciousness (NOI) with Brahman in the brain chakra of the Cosmic Man or Woman in the First Cosmic Initiation

Union of the ensouling entity of the Third Transcendental Path (T3) with the form of God at the highest stage of T3— in their tradition, this stage of development is called the Avatar

What a Primary Initiate does

The Divine, as it is known in your tradition, anoints the Primary Supervising Initiate to:

  1. Initiate – reveal the methods of meditation used in your tradition
  2. Guide – lead your attention, attentional principle, or spirit along your Path and show you the landmarks or stages of your Path
  3. Illumine – awaken the Illumined Mind or Buddhi surrounding the ensouling entity or nucleus of identity your tradition unfolds to reveal this spiritual essence’s innate wisdom, knowledge of the Path, and to promote discernment of the true nature of this essence
  4. Teach – explicate the meaning of the scriptures and other written and oral ideas disseminated on the Path and to enhance insight and understanding
  5. Counsel – give practical knowledge to guide behavior, improve character, and to enhance prosperity and success
  6. Minister – send the Light to minister to the spiritual needs of aspirants and disciples; to translate the ensouling entity or nucleus of identity of the disciple; to comfort, heal, and awaken aspirants and disciples; and to purify their heart and mind
  7. Empowerment – awaken the ability to initiate, guide, illumine, teach, counsel, or minister to others

The Secondary Supervising Initiate

Your Secondary Supervising Initiate typically is an advanced, empowered disciple, who dwells at a station on the Path where they can initiate, guide, illumine, teach, counsel, or minister to others. This Secondary Supervising Initiate may be given responsibility for training, teaching, and overseeing development of aspirants and disciples on the Path.

Some examples of Secondary Supervising Initiates are:

A disciple of a Yogi Preceptor, who has united cosmic consciousness with the Light at the top of the Ideational Plane, the sixth chakra in the body of the Cosmic Man or Woman, may be authorized to act as a Secondary Supervising Initiate for those below that stage on the Path

A disciple, who has reached the Fifth Cosmic Initiation as the Astral Soul, a Cosmic Master may empower him or her to act as a Secondary Supervising Initiate to those in the first four Cosmic Initiations

A disciple, whose Supracosmic Soul has risen to the sixth or seventh Supracosmic chakra on that Path, a Supracosmic Master (Guru) may allow him or her to act as a Secondary Supervising Initiate to those below that station on the Path

A disciple, who has reached the Mahatma stage of the seventh Transcendental Path (T7), the Sat Guru of this Path may give power to him or her to act as a Secondary Supervising Initiate to those below this stage of the Path

Roles of the Primary Supervising Initiate

Your Primary Supervising Initiate typically assumes the following roles:

  • The Lineage Holder of your tradition
  • The Initiate whom God anoints, who is responsible for supervising all spiritual development on your Path
  • A Master who is part of the Hierarchy of Light in its Transcendental, Supracosmic, Cosmic, or Transplanetary levels
  • A Master who is part of an empowered spiritual network [in Mudrashram®, one if our externalized Multiplane Masters—Swami Prem Dayal, Swami Charan Das, or Swami Prabhu Maharaj—is assigned to be the Primary Supervising Initiate for our Mudrashram® aspirants and disciples. See the article on the Lineage to learn who are the Multiplane Masters that make up our spiritual network.

Initiation in the Mudrashram® tradition occurs at the time of impartation of the Quintessence Mantra, which unfold the cutting edge ensouling entity through the Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, and Supracosmic stages of the Path. Your Primary Supervising Initiate begins overshadowing the aspirant at this stage.

You receive this mantra, together with an entire toolbox of techniques in our intermediate meditation courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

Those of you who want to know if Mudrashram® is an appropriate next step for your spiritual development may request a complementary spiritual discovery session with us.