Reflections on Ancestors

By George A. Boyd ©2022

I attended a West African ceremony on October 31, 2022—a day called Halloween or Samhain in different cultures—that was in honor of people’s ancestors. I was asked to give a short talk on this topic. This is the text of that talk that I gave:

There are many levels on which you can interface with your ancestors:

  1. Physical – your living relatives of former generations and the bodies of those who have died and are buried or cremated
  2. Etheric – the lives of your ancestors recorded on the Akashic Records
  3. Astral/emotional – the emotional attachment bonds you have to departed relatives
  4. Mental – the experiences you have had with these relatives and what you have learned about them and from them
  5. Higher mental – your intuition about the essence of your departed relatives
  6. Genetic – the DNA you have inherited from your ancestors
  7. Phylogenetic – the forms of your ancestors you encounter on the Phylogenetic Subplane of the Biophysical Universe; you recapitulate these forms during tantric sex
  8. Noetic – you directly encounter the attentional principle of your ancestor with your attentional principle
  9. Spiritual – you encounter the spirit of your ancestor in full consciousness
  10. Ontological – you behold the Soul of your ancestor
  11. Reincarnational – you trace your ancestors back through their former incarnations and you note their new incarnations that succeeded the incarnation when they were your ancestor
  12. Cultural – the rites practiced to remember and revere ancestors, and to ask for their blessings

On the phylogenetic platform, we can appreciate our human ancestors connect through the pre-human species all the way back to the first cell that is the original progenitor of every living organism in the worlds of protists, fungi, plants, and animals.

On the spiritual platform, you can communicate with their immortal essences.

Let’s explore your relationship with your ancestors with some evocative questions:

  • In which of these ways do you know and appreciate your ancestors?
  • What have your ancestors contributed to your life?
  • In what ways do you draw strength and encouragement from your ancestors?
  • What aspects of genetic and psychological karma do you derive from your ancestors?
  • What do you need to communicate to your ancestors?
  • What do you feel you owe your ancestors for giving you their seed essence and for transmitting their knowledge and wisdom through the generations? How will you honor them in your life?
  • What is your synthesis of your experience of your ancestors? What will you take from this and make a part of your life?
  • In what ways are you part of the collective world of the ancestors? In what ways do you have the unique experience of your Soul, individuated from the collective? In what ways do you function in each perspective?

It is important to understand and appreciate the role your ancestors play in your life, but also to actualize your individual personal and spiritual potentials.

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