How to Study the Great Continuum of Consciousness

By George A. Boyd © 2017

Some of you have looked at our article on the Great Continuum of Consciousness, and were uncertain about how to proceed. We recommend you follow these seven steps when you study the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

  1. Begin studying each band of the mind. So, the first band of the mind is the Conscious mind. Set your intention that you wish to study the Conscious mind.
  2. You identify the levels of that band of the mind. For example, the levels of the Conscious mind are… [list].
  3. You describe the function of each level through the vehicle of consciousness that operates there. You would do this by describing each level in turn: “The function of the waking state of awareness is [describe].” You would then list the function for each center of the Conscious mind.
  4. You next focus your attention on a focal point at each level and note the content. For example, “When I focus my attention on the deep body awareness center of the Conscious mind, I become aware of my muscles, organs, bones, and nervous system, and the activity of my physiological functioning.”
  5. Once you have focused your attention on each level of that band of the mind, you will label each focal point to create a landmark. So for example, you would note the place where you focus your attention at each level, and hen, you label it: “this is my waking state of awareness, this is my movement center, this is my sensory center, this is my deep body awareness center, this is my feeling center… up to the highest center, the Subconscious Gateway center.
  6. Practice moving your attention to any one of these levels in this band of the mind and holding your attention there to monitor the content. Do this until you can move your attention at will to any of the focal points of this band of the mind.
  7. Optional: If you wish to do a more in depth study of the first three bands of the mind—the Conscious, Subconscious, and Metaconscious mind—and you have not meditated before, you might wish to take the Introduction to Meditation Course. If you have completed one of our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program, you could opt to review our “Adventures in Pinda” webinar series.

To study the Superconscious mind, those who complete one of our intermediate courses have the option of studying the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, our master consciousness studies program. Those who wish to have a guided meditation format exploration of the Superconscious mind, they can take the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation in an in-person or online format, or take the online version of the Satsang Program Home Study Course.

To extend your knowledge of the Great Continuum of Consciousness, after you have identified the focal points for the Conscious mind, you would do the same thing for the Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious minds. You would study each level of the Superconscious mind: Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental in this same way.

The Continuum is broken into segments using accordions in the article to let you study the different bands using these seven steps. You should strive to build a clear road map with landmarks for each level, so you can focus your attention on any level you select.

We encourage you to study this map of the Continuum of Consciousness. We encourage you to study the associated maps of the Supracosmic Sphere and the Transcendental Sphere that are available in our Library. [To access these articles, you will need to sign into the Library. If you don’t have access to the Library yet, you can sign up for your free membership here.]