What Is Spiritual Transformation?

By George A. Boyd © 2020

Q: How does spiritual transformation come about?

A: Just like the Light descends from the highest Planes in a Light Sitting, when you activate what we call the Quintessence Mantra, it burns karma at each level of your mind. When you burn karma sufficiently to clear the track between two nodal points, your Soul, and each aligned center, above and below your Soul, move in synchrony. That’s how you generate spiritual transformation. You learn how to activate this mantra in our intermediate courses, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program.

Q: What is the Divine Light of Spirit?

A: There are many presentations of the Divine Light of Spirit. The ones that would interact with you if your Soul was taking the First Planetary Initiation would be:

  1. Light of the Holy Spirit, which comes to dwell upon the inner altar of the Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity, and lets you commune with God.
  2. Light of the Divine in the heart center of your Soul’s essential vehicle, in which your individual spirit encounters the presence of the Soul on its Path—you learn about this in the Nada Yoga portion of our intermediate class.
  3. Light of Spirit on the Plane above the Soul (Monadic Flame), which anchors eight core powers in the Soul—the eight “Shaktis” as they are called in the East.
  4. Light of the Origin of your individual spirit, which is at the end of the Nadamic channels in which your spirit travels.
  5. Nirvanic Flame, which is the Light from which your Soul emanated
  6. Animating force of the Alaya, which gives life to the Soul.
  7. Transforming force of the Alaya, which you activate through your transformational mantra, to unfold the spiritual evolutionary potentials of your Soul and unfold each aligned vehicle of consciousness in synchrony.

As you can see, discussing the Divine Spirit is a complex and deep topic. You may also realize that it is Ever-Present, dwelling within you where you are on the Path; beyond you as your origin; and as the animating and transforming power that leads you through all stages of your spiritual journey to Final Freedom, which we call the Infinite Stage or Param Moksha Desh.

Q: If you have been doing spiritual practices that may have created imbalances, how does using the transformational mantra impact this?

A: Those who receive a transformational mantra—you get this in our intermediate class—move their cutting-edge ensouling entity, and this allows them to recapture and reintegrate imbalances in the Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental bands of the Continuum. Light Sittings may also help with this.

You re-align these centers, and you rectify the imbalance. This may also help those who experience lingering Kundalini issues that came about from using transformational practices in higher levels of the Continuum.

Your cutting edge is based on where the Divine Light of Spirit animates your ensouling entity. We determine this when we do your initial reading—those who take either of our intermediate courses receive a customized reading that tells you where you are on the Great Continuum, what is your cutting edge of spirituality, what are the Rays that influence you, and what is your transformational mantra and what is the mantra to tune into your spiritual heart. We start with this reading so we know where to start you on your spiritual journey.

Jumping up into the Cosmic is outside your cutting edge, so you can generate imbalances if you start unfolding cosmic consciousness. The same thing happens if you start unfolding a seed atom on a Supracosmic Path or opening the channels in which your spirit travels on a Transcendental Path—each of these can lead to imbalances.