Premature Opening of Inner Channels

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: People seem to create imbalances of different types through opening channels along their axis of being, which moves some aspect of their nature out of alignment. You have discussed this relative imbalance and its consequences in the article, “The Cutting Edge of Spirituality.” When can you safely open these channels and when should you leave them alone?

A: When meditation is done in an Integral way, which means that no aspect of being migrates off of the axis of being out of alignment with the ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality, these channels open in their natural order and sequence.

The problems arise when people create misalignments through:

  • Moving a seed atom and its vehicle of consciousness
  • Moving a nucleus of identity and its vehicle of consciousness
  • Moving an ensouling entity and its vehicles of consciousness

As these essences move, they create an energetic channel behind them. The longer the distance this essence migrates from the axis of being, the more energy is released in this channel.

This heightened energy may produce the ability to access higher aspects of love with the emergence of compassion and virtue; higher aspects of wisdom that appear at that deeper strata of the mind; and higher aspects of power, which appear as the ability to access supernormal powers or siddhis.

When certain individuals reached the highest level of development along these pathways of imbalance—and they discovered the enhancement of love, wisdom, and power that accompanies this opening—they promulgated the techniques that enabled others to open these channels and gave teachings to explain what typically occurs as meditation students progress on this Path.

Theoretically, any center along the axis of being can be moved off the axis to open the channels behind it. The more common places where this imbalance is engineered are at the following locations:

  1. Seed atom of the Subtle Etheric Subplane – employed in Taoist meditation groups through techniques such as microcosmic circulation
  2. Seed atom of the Fifth Subplane of the Psychic Realm – used in New Age groups of the Psychic Realm, often generated through the Merkaba method
  3. Moon Soul nucleus of identity of the First Planetary Initiation – activated in Christian and Jewish monastic and mystical sects, and certain of the Mystery Schools through mantras, specialized breathing, or attunements
  4. Solar Angel nucleus of identity of the Second Planetary Initiation – this is awakened in “I AM Movement” groups, who disseminate mantra-like decrees and attunements.
  5. Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity of the First Cosmic Initiation – Yogi Preceptors unfold this essence through mantras, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and attunements.
  6. Cosmic Soul Awareness nucleus of identity of the Second Cosmic Initiation – Light Masters move this essence through imparting the “five secret names” —mantras keyed to open the track through its vehicles of the Second Cosmic Initiation and to move the Cosmic Soul Awareness through the 22 worlds of God—and making attunements.
  7. Astral Soul (the ensouling entity of the Cosmic Sphere) – The teachers of the Risen Christ Ashram Foundation—George’s first teacher, Maha Genii Turriziani, was the founder of this organization—channel the “Light of Translation,” an attunement that unfolds the Astral Soul directly, and can also be directed to other essences of consciousness to align them with the Astral Soul.
  8. Seed atom of one of the active Supracosmic Paths – Advanced Disciples and Supracosmic Masters activate and develop the Supracosmic seed atom of those who embrace their Path through mantras, Kriya Yoga, Kundalini, and attunements.
  9. Ensouling entity of the Transcendental Paths (T1 to T5 and T7) – Sat Gurus transform the Transcendental ensouling entity upon their Path through Nada Yoga and attunements.

As these imbalances increase, they move through a series of states where:

  1. You experience relaxation and pleasure, as you lower everyday stress.
  2. You dredge up deep issues from the unconscious mind and process them.
  3. You experience inner struggle, during which your identification is transferred from the ego and the Self to the spiritual essence you are developing.
  4. You become fully identified with the spiritual essence—you realize it.
  5. You begin to channel the love, wisdom, and power of this spiritual essence.
  6. You gain the requisite Mastery and empowerment to awaken and unfold this essence in others.
  7. In some cases, your initial activity will be to remove the veil over this essence and open a track that unites with it. Once you have united with it, then you will unfold it on its track, out of alignment with the axis of being. Mantras, or contemplation of successive stages of the track connecting with this essence—often accompanied by attunements—are typically employed to open the channel through which attention can gain stable union with the essence.

    When you achieve stable union, it becomes easy for your attention to unite with this essence. Examples of methods that are used to unite attention with some of these spiritual essences are:

    • Moon Soul nucleus of identity – contemplation of the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection, confession of sins, or ecstatic identification with the Moon Soul through receiving the Holy Spirit
    • Solar Angel nucleus of identity – use of centering decrees, attunements that open the track to the Solar Angel
    • Cosmic Consciousness nucleus of identity – awakening Kundalini through Shaktipat, direct contemplation of cosmic consciousness [vide Jaggi Vasudev’s Sambhavi mudra], use of specialized breathing, and centering mantras to unite attention with Cosmic Consciousness, attunements, and chanting
    • Cosmic Soul Awareness – opening the tracks to Cosmic Soul Awareness through the repetition of the five “secret names,” riding the current of the Nada into the presence of Cosmic Soul Awareness, chanting, and attunements
    • Astral Soul – awakening Kundalini through Shaktipat, centering mantra, and attunements
    • Supracosmic seed atom – chanting, repetition of targeted mantras, use of specialized breathing, contemplation of the essence, and attunements
    • Transcendental ensouling entity – contemplative mantras to remember the spirit, opening the channels of the Nada, and attunements

    Safe opening of these channels occurs when you unfold your ensouling entity at the cutting edge of spirituality with co-resonant development—where higher octaves of being are moved in synchrony with the ensouling entity at the cutting edge. You can activate this type of unfoldment through repetition of the Alayic Divine Name, or through achieving attunements that unfold each aspect of being along the axis of being, as the Mudrashram® Masters impart in our Light Sittings.

    The aspects of the Continuum you do not develop during your initial unfoldment of your innate spiritual evolutionary pathway can be revisited when you become a Multiplane Master: at this stage, you can isolate and develop that essence to become integrated into your mantle of eternal Mastery through Bodhisattva Projects. You could, for example, develop the Supracosmic seed atoms to Liberation on each Path of the Supracosmic Sphere—those that reach the upper reaches of the seventh stage of spiritual development on the teacher empowerment track in Mudrashram® are introduced to the infinite possibilities of Multiplane Mastery.

    We encourage you to understand the difference between integral development that does not deviate from axis of being and the other varieties of spiritual development that do. If you can avoid opening channels prematurely, you can avoid spiritual imbalance.