Rays from the Soul

By George A. Boyd ©2023

Q: How does the Soul overshadow our life and personality?

A: The Soul has seven channels through which it interfaces with the personality and with the second, third, and fourth Poles of Being:

  1. Ray to the Self – this appears as direction to the will
  2. Ray to the ego – this takes the form of comforting and calming the ego’s worry, sadness, and fear
  3. Ray to issues in the unconscious mind – this reprograms and works out karmic issues that affect personal and spiritual growth
  4. Ray to the attentional principle – present in Initiates, this gives the ability to guide the attentional principle on the inner Planes and send the Light that the attentional principle can minister to others (Dhana). This operates on the fourth Pole of Being.
  5. Ray to the present time on the Akashic Records Subplane – this injects the Soul’s intention into human life
  6. Ray to the spirit – present in Initiates, this gives the ability to manifest a guide form to the spirit and teach it. This operates on the second Pole of Being.
  7. Ray to the Kundalini – present in Initiates, this gives the ability to awaken the Kundalini in Self and others. This operates on the third Pole of Being.

As the Soul begins to awaken aspects of its Purpose, it begins to overshadow the Self and the ego. At a higher station on the Path, it can minister on the second, third, and fourth Poles of Being.

Typically, these abilities to interface with these different aspects dawn at discrete levels of the Soul’s spiritual evolutionary journey:

The Ray to the Self (1) usually awakens during the Third Planetary Initiation, but in a few rare individuals, it may occur as early as the First Mesoteric Initiation—in a more limited way than when it dawns in the Third Planetary Initiation.

The Ray to the ego (2) normally opens when the Soul enters the First Exoteric Initiation, where it gains the ability to invoke the Holy Spirit. Those in the Psychic Realm and Wisdom Plane can begin to make attunements with the ego through radiative healing modalities and using evocative meditation techniques and prayer, but this does not directly draw down the Holy Spirit, as those in the First Initiation are able to do.

The Ray to the issues in the unconscious mind (3) begins to activate when the Soul reaches the Dynamic Creation Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. This work with these issues is commonly done using techniques like tapping, hypnosis, affirmation, or process meditation.

The Ray to the attentional principle (4) dawns in the Mudrashram® tradition, once the Form of the Disciple is empowered on the Bridge Path. Those who are Initiates in other traditions may also give this attunement—Adept Masters, Yogi Preceptors, Cosmic Masters, certain Gurus on Supracosmic Paths, and Initiates on the Bridge Path can work on this fourth Pole of Being.

The Ray to the Wave of the Present Time (5) first appears when the Soul moves onto the Akashic Records Subplane, when the Soul’s intuitive and volitional streams begin to interface with human life. The ability to make this attunement is significantly enhanced as the Soul moves into the Dynamic Creation Subplane and the Universal Mind Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane, and the Materialization and Dematerialization Subplane of the Psychic Realm.

The Ray to the spirit (6) arises in the Mudrashram® tradition, once the Form of the Disciple is empowered on the Bridge Path. Those who are Initiates in other traditions may also give this attunement—Light Masters of the Second Cosmic Initiation, Gurus of selected Supracosmic Paths, and Sat Gurus of the eight Transcendental Paths can minister to the spirit and guide it on the second Pole of Being.

The Ray to Kundalini (4) begins in the Mudrashram® tradition, once the Form of the Disciple is empowered on the Bridge Path. Those who are Initiates in other traditions may also give this attunement—Ascended Masters, Adept Masters, Yogi Preceptors, Cosmic Masters, Supracosmic Gurus, and Initiates on the Bridge Path can work on this third Pole of Being to raise this energy of awareness.

The emergence of these Rays grants you new abilities:

  • When the Ray to the Self starts to operate, the Soul can lead the personality to carry out its Soul Purpose.
  • Once the Ray to the ego is established, you can begin to self-soothe, to calm yourself down, and to pacify upsets.
  • Activation of the Ray to the unconscious mind allows you to work on the issues in your unconscious mind and resolve them.
  • Access to the Ray to the attentional principle lets you to act as a guide to the attention and the attentional principle on the inner Planes.
  • Turning on the Ray to the Wave of the Present Time enables you to manifest the Soul’s volition into your human life, and you can begin to design your life through the Soul’s guidance and direction.
  • Switching on the Ray to the spirit permits you to guide the spirit, as it opens the channels of the Nada.
  • Becoming empowered to awaken the Kundalini bestows on you the ability to open awareness into a spiritual essence—to a selected nucleus of identity or an ensouling entity—and to purify and animate your vehicles of consciousness of the Subconscious, Metaconscious, and Superconscious mind.

Realize that these Rays from the Soul do not all develop at the same time; they arise at different stages of the Path:

  • Someone in the Psychic Realm can utilize the Ray to the issues in the unconscious mind and the Ray to the Wave of the Present Time.
  • Those that reach the form of the Saint in the First Mesoteric Initiation add the ability to send the Ray to the ego.
  • Those that evolve into the Third Planetary Initiation additionally gain the ability to directly overshadow and guide the Self.
  • Those who rise to the state of Mastery in their spiritual traditions—depending on which spiritual Pole they operate—may gain the ability to make attunements with the attentional principle and/or the spirit, and/or raise the Kundalini into the nucleus of identity or ensouling entity that dwells on their Path.

We encourage you to study these seven different Rays that come from the ensouling entity, and notice which ones are currently active in you. Those who elect to embark on the Teaching Empowerment track in our spiritual tradition and become empowered can make attunements with all four Poles of Being—not only with the spirit, the vehicles of the Superconscious mind, and the attentional principle, but they can also directly minister to the ensouling entity on the first Pole of Being. We train and empower our advanced meditation students to do this in our Teacher Training One.

Stages of Aberrant Kundalini Awakening

By George A. Boyd © 2017

In some people, the Kundalini energy is partially awakened, and this core energy of the mind awakens their awareness through the Subconscious mind and up into the Self at the core of the personality. When the Kundalini awakens your awareness to this stage, you are said to be Self-aware.

In a few other individuals, their Kundalini rises through the bands of the Superconscious mind to awaken awareness up to the level of the Higher Self, or Soul. When this state dawns, you become Soul-aware. There are a group of spiritual teachers who regard this state of ecstatic union with the Soul as the state of enlightenment.

These first two stages represent normal Kundalini functioning: the Kundalini rises up, you gain union with the Self or Soul, you gain some insights and understanding, and then the energy goes back down to ground.

Where the Kundalini begins to cause problems is when:

  1. It remains fixed in a higher state of awareness, so it does not go back down to the grounded state of awareness, and your attention is locked in that altered state of awareness.
  2. It is lifted into states of awareness beyond the presence of the Soul—nuclei of identity or ensouling entities of the Cosmic and Supracosmic Spheres.
  3. It is lifted into states of awareness beyond the presence of the Soul, and there is concurrent unfolding of the spiritual essence in which the Kundalini becomes anchored—this creates a spiritual imbalance, moving one or more vehicles of consciousness out of alignment with the axis of being.

There are many well-intentioned spiritual traditions that emphasize Kundalini awakening that produce these three types of problems through the practices they disseminate. Moreover, many of the Supervising Initiates in these traditions actively use spiritual attunements to actively awaken the Kundalini in others—this induced awakening is called Shaktipat or Deeksha.

What we see—when people contact us with Kundalini Syndromes generated through either using techniques that create these three types of aberrant Kundalini awakening, or having this awakening induced through the attunement of a Kundalini Master—is that these syndromes appear to express in seven levels of intensity:

  1. Very mild – The Kundalini energy produces some spacing out and mind wandering, it is possible to refocus the mind and function normally. You find yourself readily drifting off into trance or reverie if you do not keep re-focusing your mind on the task at hand.
  2. Mild – The Kundalini energy produces states where your body, your mind, and the world around you seem unreal. This is the stage of derealization and depersonalization. You can function, but you feel like you are functioning in a dreamlike state.
  3. Low moderate – The Kundalini energy begins to deaden your emotions, and you begin to lose motivation to perform any action or pursue your personal goals. You may begin, at this state, to want to continually meditate. You may feel you have no personal purpose other than to realize God: most personal pursuits seem fruitless and meaningless. This is the stage of dissociation and detachment.
  4. Moderate – The Kundalini begins to produce somatic symptoms. You start to have sensations of heat moving in your body, unexplained aches and pains, strange perceptions like your head has disappeared. As you deepen into this stage, you may find your hands move into spontaneous postures (mudras), or you cannot move the body at all (catatonia). This is the stage where some people recognize something is wrong, and may start asking for help. You may find it difficult to carry out the activities of living at this stage. You may spend a lot of time alone, and feel immobilized when this energy surges within you.
  5. Moderate high – The Kundalini lifts your attention into an altered state of awareness and you cannot return to your waking state of awareness. Action occurs, seemingly by itself, and your life seems to seem unreal, like you are watching your life in a movie. You do not sense that you are the actor in your life.
  6. High – At this point, your personality functions begin to shut down, and you experience profound inner silence and stillness. When you do speak, you speak from your spiritual essence. When you feel, you feel the spiritual essence in which you are fixed, in others. When you think, it is revelation about this spiritual essence. You no longer identify with a separate Self; only the spiritual essence with which you are identified seems real. Carrying out the responsibilities of a job or raising a family become extremely difficult at this stage. You may require the care of others to help you function in the world.
  7. Very high – This stage appears to take two tracks in individuals. (1) The first track is the track of dissolution—here, the Kundalini energy continues to burn upward through the vehicles, and you are unable to function; some experience terrible physical pain in this state. (2) The second track is the track of empowerment—in this scenario, you reach that stage of advanced unfoldment on the path upon which your spiritual essence dwells; you become able to awaken the Kundalini in others.

By the time you reach stage five or six, it is nearly impossible to intervene in the complete take over of your personal functioning through a progressively totalistic absorption in your Kundalini experience. You will benefit from identifying these different levels of intensity for Kundalini awakening, and seek assistance before your energetic profile shifts into a state that is irremediable.

We offer Kundalini Syndrome Readings to the public on a donation basis—if you think you are developing a Kundalini Syndrome, you may wish to obtain one of these readings.

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