Patterns of Spiritual Falls

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: You have said that sinful or adharmic action causes darkening of consciousness. Are there different types of spiritual falls? If so, can you describe them?

A: Spiritual falls are of two types:

  1. Veiling of the Soul – in this type, the Soul does not actually move down the scale of being (devolution), but a curtain of darkness forms in front of the Soul. This darkening can range from a few nodal points to many Planes in front of the Soul.
  2. Descent in consciousness – in this type, karma builds up behind the Soul in the unconscious mind. When it exceeds a certain critical mass, it actually moves the Soul to lower nodal points on its Path.

Different antecedents are associated with each type:

  • Type one affects character, belief, and behavior; type two may bring loss of ability, knowledge, and core virtue.
  • Personal choices and motivation trigger type one; violation of Soul Purpose or disobedience to the Divine Will precipitates type two.
  • Misuse of personal volition may generate type one; misuse of higher octaves of will can bring about type two.
  • Lying and breaking promises may result in type one; breaking a sacred spiritual vow or betraying a spiritual Master may cause type two.
  • Acting on passions of intemperance and addiction, lust, greed, anger, or narcissism may result in type one; turning away from the Light and embracing evil ends in type two.
  • Not doing what needs to be done out of cowardice, self-doubt, or misevaluation of the situation leads to type one; not carrying out your Soul Purpose, or not enacting a Dispensation under the Divine Will (Mauj) and commandment of the Master (Agya) can be the cause of type two.
  • Rebellion and refusal to do what is necessary may yield type one; rejecting the Divine Mercy and Grace may end in type two.

The karmic darkening of both type one and type two can be rectified under certain circumstances:

  • In some cases, if aspirants or disciples admit their error, ask for forgiveness, and resolve to not repeat their mistake, the karmic darkening—if not too severe—can be forgiven. This is called absolution.
  • In other cases, if aspirants or disciples have access to a transformational method that dissolves and transmutes karma, they may be allowed to work off the karma through using their transformational method. This is called expiation.
  • In yet other cases, where there has been an egregious misuse of power or betrayal of a sacred vow, the wayward aspirants or disciples may be turned over to the Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma will execute a karmic sentence, which requires these individuals to undergo a period of retribution for their deeds, which may last for a few days to multiple lifetimes. This is called remediation.
  • In a few rare cases, Masters may send the Light to burn away these karmic impressions and return the Soul to its native purity and harmony. This is called forgiveness of sins.

Absolution is granted to certain clergy—ministers and priests—to bestow on those who confess their sins and ask for Divine forgiveness. Absolution is one of the sacraments that Catholic priests are empowered to grant, for example.

Expiation, working off of sins through using a transformational method appears in spiritual groups that disseminate a method that actually dissolves and transmutes karma, and purifies the mind. Expiation is the primary method that we hold out to our disciples in Mudrashram® to work off their karmic darkening. This also appears in the Catholic Church as the penitential practice of repeating the “Our Father” or “Hail Mary” prayer a set number of times to atone for their sins.

If the sin is of such gravity that it requires remediation, aspirants and disciples will find that the Lords of Karma will begin to intervene in their lives. This may be episodic, in that the remediation will take place for a delimited period in their current lifetime. In extreme cases, a karmic pattern may be encountered over a series of lives, in which the karma is experienced in varied, repeating cycles.

Some Cosmic Masters, Supracosmic Masters (Gurus), and Transcendental Masters (Sat Gurus) have the ability to make attunements to burn off karmic impressions that accrue as a result of sin. My first spiritual teacher, Maha Genii Turriziani—who was a Cosmic Master—had this ability.

If you have had a spiritual fall, it is important to identify what has caused this and work it out:

  1. Notice what you decided… thought… felt… desired… and the speech or behavior you did that resulted in that darkening of your consciousness.
  2. Identify another way that you could approach this situation that would not result in sin.
  3. Resolve to not repeat the behavior.
  4. Choose to perform the alternate approach in the future.
  5. Use whatever means to absolve or expiate the sin that is available to you.

Many aspirants and disciples, despite their best intentions, may precipitate a spiritual fall. If this happens to you, we recommend you recognize what has happened and take measures to clean it up.