What Is the Fifth Dimension?

By George A. Boyd ©2023

Q: What is the fifth dimension? I hear a lot of the New Age people talk about the third dimension, and the fifth dimension. They advocate that people relate to the world from the fifth dimension. What the heck are they talking about?

A: It appears their description corresponds to discrete locations upon the thread of consciousness.

The third dimension appears to be what we call the waking state of awareness. You are aware of the world around your body and the actions of your body in the environment. From this perspective, the world seems to be real and the law of cause and effect operates—you can create changes in the world around you through your actions.

The fourth dimension looks like it is the wave of the present time on the Akashic Records Subplane of the Abstract Mind Plane. At this level, you are aware of the Soul’s thought and intention influencing human life. From this standpoint, it appears that through doing Process Meditation, you can trace issues back to their origin and have the Soul re-create a new pattern. This is the dimension of experiential time.

The fifth dimension, from what they describe, is a state of the union of the attention with the Soul and identification with this spiritual essence. It gives those who abide in this state the conviction that they are a godlike being, who can create anything they desire.

Many New Age teachers tell their students to perpetually remain in union with the fifth dimension. We take issue with this, because this godlike state—if you remain in it continuously—can yield unintended consequences:

  1. Grandiosity – Remaining in attentional union and fully identified with this Divine Atom within the Soul leads some people to feel they are superior to those who are not in this state of consciousness, and they look down on those who are not at this level. Conceiving of one’s true nature as a godlike being, moreover, may influence others to expect that others will worship them and fulfill their every desire.
  2. Delusion – Maintaining this mental frame spawns magical thinking where you believe you can always manifest whatever you visualize. If you carefully study the results of this conviction, you will likely find that you do not manifest 100% of the time; you might have successful manifestation 20% to 30% of the time, if you can set up optimal conditions.
  3. Distorted beliefs – Without subjecting your intuitions and impressions to careful examination, you can come to believe really strange things, which cannot be verified. Keeping your attention fixed in union with the Soul makes you susceptible to believing in conspiracy theories and truly odd ideas.
  4. Avolition – You may stop setting goals and making plans to achieve them. Instead, you are absorbed in the flow of consciousness, where you are continually processing and gaining insights. You do not take constructive action, however, so you do not move forward in your life to achieve worthy personal goals. You spend your time drifting and dreaming; as a consequence, you accomplish little or nothing in your life.
  5. Obsession – Since you continually hold your attention focused within, you may come to obsess over metaphysical ideas. You may contemplate the meaning of symbols and dreams, and use divinatory systems to make sense of your life—such as astrology, numerology, or tarot—or use hermeneutic systems like Gematria or language analysis to find hidden meanings. Meanwhile, you achieve nothing practical in your life.
  6. Emotional disruption – The emotional component of constant fixation on the Soul is emotionalized beliefs that color your mood and attitude. This may contribute to emotional lability, where you rapidly shift from depression to euphoria. For some individuals, they may paradoxically no longer be able to feel their emotions, and they dwell in the state of dissociation and detachment.
  7. Unreality – Some individuals experience sustained union with the Soul as a Cosmic Joke. They may come to feel the world is unreal (derealization) and their personality and life are unreal (depersonalization). It is hard for them to make a commitment to personal goals, for human life seems like an illusion to them.

In Mudrashram®, we counsel our students to not remain in an altered state of consciousness for any longer than is necessary for you to accomplish the objective of your meditation—for example, spiritual transformation, working with personal issues, or receiving intuitive guidance. Coming back to ground avoids many of the negative consequences of consistently dwelling in “the fifth dimension,” and enables you to move forward in your personal life, and not merely “float in the air.”

The Psychic Realm is called the World of Illusions or the Realm of the Divine Imagination. Without discernment, it is easy for well-meaning aspirants to get caught up in the illusions and distortions of this level of the Continuum, and spend many years of their lives in fantasy. Those who wish to learn more about this Plane may wish to read our book, The Psychic Realm: Finding Safe Passage through the Worlds of Illusion.