Evaluating the Outcome of Spiritual Development

By George A. Boyd ©2017

Q: How can aspirants evaluate whether they are gaining the maximum benefit from transformation practices they are doing, or from the reception of Light Immersion?

A: The practical question that seekers can ask themselves is: “I’ve transformed my spiritual essence, but what am I now doing with it?”

Those that do no transformation and remain within the range of the delimited karmic parameters for their current life may develop knowledge, wisdom, virtue, and selected abilities intensively, but do not actualize the whole range of their Soul’s potentials.

Those that perform transformational meditation practices or receive the translating Divine Light through attunement progress far beyond the limits that a karmic-driven life can experience, but the development of their potentials of wisdom, love, and power is less intensive.

The key marker of transformation in aspirants or disciples who accelerate the spiritual evolution of a spiritual essence [e.g., nucleus of identity, spirit, or ensouling entity] is that they dissolve and transmute the karma behind that essence, and this allows that essence to move to successive nodal points along its track.

In spiritual traditions that utilize a transformational method to unfold a spiritual essence, we can measure the amount of karma they dissolve, transmute, and integrate along the delineated track upon which this essence unfolds by the relative progress of that essence towards its origin on that track.

If the transformational method affects the ensouling entity, we can view the unfolding of that ensouling entity along its track—which is called, the Way—and note its progress relative to its origin on that level of the Continuum. This is the Great Work of the First Pole of Being.

If the transformational method affects the spirit, we can view the opening of the Nadamic channels, and note the spirit’s progress in its Domain relative to its Source. We can also observe whether there is a guide actively working with the spirit and assisting it to return to the Divine Source that emanated it. This is the Great Work of the Second Pole of Being.

If the transformational method affects a nucleus of identity, we can note the movement of that nucleus of identity along its source, relative to the state of Mastery and Liberation for that essence. We can also look for whether the anointing of an Initiate [e.g., a spiritual Master] dwells in that center. This is the Great Work of the Third Pole of Being.

[In the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation, we do not move nuclei of identity apart from the other vehicles of consciousness arrayed on the axis of being, but unfold these integration centers of the Superconscious mind in synchrony with the movement of each vehicle of consciousness aligned with the ensouling entity. However, many spiritual traditions do develop nuclei of identity independently—and they emphasize this type of transformation.]

In many spiritual traditions, the Initiates that supervise aspirants and disciples upon their Path simply train their chelas to unfold a spiritual essence on one pole of being. For example:

  • They may give a mantra that unfolds a nucleus of identity
  • They may use Kundalini to awaken a nucleus of identity or ensouling entity to bring about realization of this essence. Some traditions may use the Shakti component of the Kundalini energy to unfold this essence.
  • They may bestow attunements to unfold a nucleus of identity; or an ensouling entity, with or without its associated vehicles of consciousness.
  • They may awaken the spirit in one of the twelve Domains and lead it along the channels of the Nada in that segment of the Continuum.

In the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation, we unfold these three poles in synchrony: the Soul, with its vehicles of consciousness and the nuclei of identity within those vehicles are transformed to the same nodal point, together with the spirit upon the segment of the Nada contiguous to the band of the Continuum in which the ensouling entity dwells. This development is keyed to the cutting edge of spirituality—other spiritual traditions often do not adopt this pattern of coordinated expansion of aspirants’ and disciples’ spiritual evolutionary potentials.

What are you doing with your spiritual development?

When spiritual unfoldment occurs in aspirants and disciples, there is a fundamental change in the capacity of those who experience this transformation. This new capacity embraces:

  • A new viewpoint or perspective on the universe
  • Deeper love and compassion
  • New abilities that arise at discrete stages of the Path
  • New insights, understanding, wisdom, and discernment
  • Greater purification of inner vehicles, enhanced character, and greater freedom from karmic impediments
  • The embodiment of greater life and awareness

As spiritual transformation of these aspirants and disciples is taking place, we need to ask, “What do they do with this expanded capacity that their transformation bestows?” There are several patterns we observe in these individuals:

Scenario one – They do nothing with it, but develop and retain these new aspects of the Soul’s love, wisdom, and power for the assumption of Mastery at a further stage on the Path. In this scenario, we say that the components of their new capacity are “sealed and readied for the Master’s use.”

Scenario two – They use their new knowledge and abilities, and their enhanced love and compassion to work on issues of their personality, so they can fulfill desires, work out issues and traumas that impact their functioning, have greater personal happiness, or enhance their serenity, well-being, wealth, and success. These ones typically have been held back from actualizing their personal potential; spiritual transformation enables them to remove those obstacles.

Scenario three – They embody saintly virtues and live a holy, loving life of selfless service to others.

Scenario four – They express their new insights and realizations creatively in the artistic fields of dance, music, poetry, fiction or non-fiction literature, painting, sculpture, drama, and other forms of creative expression.

Scenario five – They concretize their new understanding as mathematical models; engage in scientific exploration to expand upon their insights to gain new knowledge, and apply this knowledge to produce technological innovation.

Scenario six – They work to bring others to their spiritual Path, and they do a variety of services for the spiritual organization to which they belong. They may make financial gifts, volunteer their time and effort, and do projects that assist the supervising Initiates of the Path move their mission forward.

Scenario seven – They develop and utilize helping modalities to assist others. These helping abilities include healing, intuitive or psychic readings, psychotherapy, hypnosis, counseling, coaching, spiritual ministry, spiritual teaching, or initiation and Light Immersion.

We would ask you to examine:

  • In which of these ways are you expressing your spiritual development?
  • How has your expression of your Soul’s capacity changed since you began this program of transformation?
  • Has your spiritual unfolding led you to actively develop new skills and to acquire new knowledge, so you can enhance your capacity to serve in a helping modality?
  • How has your spiritual transformation affected your creative expression?
  • Has your inner metamorphosis affected your creative expressions? What has changed?
  • Has it improved your character and refined the way you relate to other people? How?
  • Has your development along this Path affected your altruistic motivation, your wish to help and serve others? Has it increased your desire to do selfless service out of love, to assuage the suffering of others?
  • In what ways has your spiritual advancement affected your personal life? Has your spiritual unfolding helped you overcome bad habits? Has it enabled you to recover from traumatic experiences, and enhanced your resilience to cope with the challenges and vicissitudes of life? Has it spurred you to overcome deficits in your education, or to master the developmental challenges that you missed in your upbringing? Has it helped you surmount the obstacles to your happiness and success?

Considering you are putting a lot of time and effort into unfolding along the Path you have chosen, we believe that it is important that you have something to show for your efforts. We ask you to reflect on how your inner transformation is expressing outwardly to touch you and the lives of others—how it is improving your life and the lives of others, and making a difference in the world.

While you might for a time, travel upon your Path as silently and invisibly as a submarine, we suggest that it is also valuable for you to surface periodically to bring into expression some of your spiritual essence’s new abilities, wisdom and knowledge, and love.