Monitoring the Four Identity Spheres

By George A. Boyd © 2022

Q: I find that I spend a lot of time in my ego, and it is hard for me to transcend into higher perspectives. Can you give me some guidance about this?

A: There are four spheres of identity:

  • The Sphere of the Ego and your Human Life
  • The Sphere of your Self and your field of Personality
  • The Sphere of your Soul and the field of your Superconscious Mind; this is the arena of your Soul’s Expressed Purpose
  • The Sphere of your Higher Octave Ensouling Entity and its field of ministry and service

By the time you reach the seventh stage of spiritual development and your Higher Octave ensouling entity is the Soul of the Bridge Path, you are in touch with what we call, “the Master within.” This Master Soul contains and has the capacity to express the intuitive knowledge, the love and virtues, and the abilities you have gained during your spiritual sojourn through the Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and aligned Transcendental Bands of the Continuum.

You can start the process of sorting out these four spheres through meditating on each of these four spheres in turn. [Those of you who have your cutting edge of spirituality in the Planetary or Subtle Realm should exclude the Sphere of the Higher Octave Ensouling Entity.] Notice:

  • What is my state of identity in this sphere?
  • What do I perceive from this vantage point?
  • What are my abilities in this sphere?
  • What activities do I carry out in this sphere?
  • What external or internal objects, ideas, or people lead me to function in this sphere? What draws out this activity at this level?
  • What are the parameters or limitations of my functioning in this sphere?
  • What would I need to change to enhance my functioning in this sphere?
  • What hindrances or obstacles make certain activities in this sphere difficult? What might I do to remove these hindrances or obstacles, so I can improve my functioning in this sphere?

Once you can identify what activities operate in each sphere and what draws these abilities out of you, you can simply allow these activities to engage—as they are appropriate in your life, in your personality, and in the realms of the Soul and your Higher Octave ensouling entity.

With some practice, you should be able to shift at will to your identity state in each sphere, and carry out activity from that level. For example:

At the level of the Ego, you are carrying out behavior on the environment around you. This includes chores, cleaning, repairs, and the activities of daily living. These are single actions, many of which are habit-driven.

At the level of the Self, you are making choices that impact your life. You are engaged in making commitments. You are rehearsing how you will act in a future situation. You are examining your values to see if you can say yes or no to an opportunity. You are planning, scheduling, identifying salient points, and setting goals. You are problem solving, reflecting, and evaluating options available to you. You are using intuition to check in and empathize with your experience and the experience of others. You are using your freedom of choice to act on or reject alternatives for action.

At the level of the Soul, you are communicating your expressed Soul Purpose to your personality, so you can enact aspects of this purpose in human life. This may involve you getting an education, having specific experiences, undergoing selected training, or encountering certain people who will assist you and/or act as your mentor and teacher to develop skills needed for the enactment of your Soul’s purpose.

At the level of your Higher Octave ensouling entity, you are going new love, wisdom, and abilities to extend your ministry and service beyond the Subtle and Planetary Realms—into the Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental levels of the Continuum. As you evolve into these higher stages of your spiritual development, your scope of potential ministry and service expand.

We point out that unless there is something to draw your higher abilities, wisdom, or love and virtue from you, it will remain dormant. If you practice one of your spiritual gifts, it will come forth. If you do metaphysical counseling or coaching, it will emerge. If you do healing, it will express through you. If you do attunements and spiritual ministry, it will shine out in you. If you teach meditation—in structured classes or in consultations—it will operate in you. If you dedicate yourself to a charitable or compassionate project that helps others, it will flow out of you.

It is not enough to learn something, practice a skill, or have an experience. Ultimately, you will need to express your learning, training, or experience as an activity that helps others. This can be a paid activity through your profession or avocation; it can be through a volunteer endeavor. It can be a structured activity like a reading, a class, a seminar, a webinar, a podcast, a weblog, or a video; it can be unstructured, like when you encounter someone who is troubled, and you help him or her.

If you are willing to serve… if you are willing to be of service… if you call upon God and say, “let me be of service… ready me to be your instrument to help those in need…” you will receive the necessary Grace and support to become someone capable of doing ministry and service… and you will touch the lives of others and be a force for love and goodness in the world.