Concretizing Imagination

Concretizing Imagination: Container, Structure, and Reality

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: I seem to be very good at getting ideas, but I don’t seem to follow through with them to produce anything practical. I have an active imagination, but I don’t seem to be able to move from the act of creating a vision of what I want to generate a product or service that expresses that inspiration I received. Any suggestions?

A: To concretize imagination, you need three things: (1) a container, (2) a structure, and (3) reality.

A container is a means of expression. If you have an artistic idea, you have a business as a professional artist that enables you to market your art to others. If you are a psychic, you have a business in which you perform readings or do channeling, for which people will pay you. If you are an entrepreneur, you have a business that enables to market your product(s) or service(s).

Structure is the way you package your products or services. As a writer, you write poems, essays, short stories, screenplays, or novels—you present it in an agreed upon format. If you are a scientist, you write your research papers in a format that scientific journals require. If you are a psychic, you deliver readings in an orderly way within a time parameter—you might do a half-hour in-depth tarot card reading for someone to explore and answer their questions. If you are a therapist, you utilize validated therapeutic modalities to treat a client-specified issue in a time-delineated session.

Reality involves first evaluating the viability of your product or service, actually delivering it, and then monitoring the results you get. For example, if you write an article, you might evaluate whether or not this article is suitable for publication, where you might publish it, and to whom you need to send it. Then you send the article, and you get the results of your query: the publisher will either accept it or not.

Reality has a number of benchmarks that you need to meet to determine whether you can offer your product or service—and make it real:

  1. Reality often requires education and training for you to deliver a service to others. You have to know how to do it correctly and effectively. You have to know what not to do to avoid your customer or client suing you—or to not harm or deceive them. You may have to learn additional skills to augment the delivery of your service, such as sales, marketing, or running a business to provide your service to the public.
  2. Reality means you have to make decisions as to whether anyone will want your product or service, what it will take to create this product or service—and then, if you decide to go ahead with producing your product or providing your service—you will test to see if it produces positive results for your clients or customers and is economically feasible to continue offering it.
  3. Reality demands that you actually enact your idea. It is not enough to simply dream a thing: you must actually do it.
  4. Reality necessitates that you look at results honestly and dispassionately. If you say you want to be a tarot card reader, and you actually start doing readings, you will notice if (a) people are buying them, (b) your customers are satisfied with the guidance they receive, and (c) your psychic reading enterprise is generating sufficient income to warrant you continuing it.
  5. Reality sometimes calls for letting go of non-viable or unworkable ideas. If they don’t solve a problem or provide a solution; if they don’t produce the results you promise; or if people are not buying the product or service you provide and you’re not making the income you expected—you might have to walk away from it.
  6. Reality sometimes compels you to change or transform to make your idea real. Your idea might be viable and has the potential for success, but you need to change to be the person who can deliver it.
  7. Reality obliges you to make a commitment—sometimes a long-term one—to see your idea to fruition. Dreams do not materialize miraculously out of thin air; you have to work at them to make them real.

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