Spiritual Principles of the Current World Teacher

By George A. Boyd © 2020

Q: In the former Dispensation of the World Teacher, Jesus taught as his highest spiritual principle, the Law of Love. Given that each World Teacher builds on the foundation of his or her predecessor, what are the principles that the current World Teacher, Maitreya, brings to the world under his Aegis?

A: As you correctly observe, the foundation of Maitreya’s principles is the Law of Love. To this platform he inherited from Jesus, he adds the following additional principles:

  1. Common Purpose – when humanity—all the nations of the Earth—can unite towards a unified purpose that affects the welfare of all, we can build the bridges of cooperation and establish a foundation of peaceful relations.
  2. Sharing Resources – when those who are wealthy can share their wealth and resources, it can uplift those who are impoverished and maximize the human potentials of humanity and bring about greater equality
  3. Ecological Stewardship – to preserve the diversity of life and optimal living conditions for all of the Kingdoms of Nature, humanity must find ways of providing for its energy, food, and water requirements in a way that does not harm the ecosphere and the environment. Humanity’s challenge is to discover and implement non-polluting methods to farm and feed a growing population, and to generate energy without harming the earth and the atmosphere.
  4. Illumination and compassion – Rather than look outside to scriptures and Gurus as their source of guidance, wisdom, and enlightenment, the chelas of the current Age will be empowered to discover their own illumination and bring out their spiritual gifts to share with others. Out of their compassion, they will share their gifts to uplift others.
  5. Recognition and expression of inner Divinity – As the new Dispensation emerges and becomes increasingly integrated into the collective consciousness of humanity, individuals will found their behavior less on the motivations of the ego and the life plans of the Self, and function more from the purposive and creative platform of the Soul.
  6. Synthesis – People will use synthesis to resolve the conflicts that divide humanity, and will usher humanity into an enlightened period of universal brotherhood and peace.

As you contemplate these principles as seed thoughts, you will connect yourself with the thought streams of the Hierarchy and the World Teacher, and feel them gently turning the great ship of humanity towards these new spiritual principles for our time.

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