Changing Your Life and Spirituality though Transformation

By George A. Boyd © 2020

Q: How can I generate transformation personally and spiritually?

A: There are four pivots of transformation that you can use to implement personal change. These are:

  1. Education – Through gaining knowledge, you activate your intellect, which opens up better career opportunities
  2. Skills building – Though augmenting your abilities through training and practice, you gain the skills to do things independently and you become less dependent on others—plus you qualify for more lucrative and satisfying career options
  3. Character – Through living your values and acting in congruence with your integrity, you live authentically, and free yourself from the influence of other people and live in harmony with your Soul
  4. Life – When you make choices that align with your values, you gain the ability to actualize your dreams.

There are three transformative tools that can activate your spirituality:

  1. Opening the spiritual heart – Through awakening the spirit and opening the channels of the Nada, you awaken your innate love and devotion to God
  2. Awakening your Illumined Mind – Through tapping the intuitive stream that pours forth from your Soul, you can align with your Soul’s Purpose and obtain guidance and direction for your life.
  3. Soul Transformation – Through drawing down the Light of the Divine Spirit, you can unfold the Soul’s spiritual evolutionary potentials, and progressively move across the Great Continuum of Consciousness until you reach Liberation and Mastery.

You can learn the transformational tools to activate your spirituality in our intermediate meditation classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We offer a several coaching programs to help you work on the Character and Life aspects of personal transformation.

Those who wish to learn more about character may enjoy our e-Book, A Primer on Spiritual Ethics and Character.

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