When You Break Out of the Bubble of Belief

By George A. Boyd ©2023

Editor’s note: Many people see the world through the prism of their religious or political belief system, and never transcend it. When you move beyond this constructed framework, you see the world anew. This poem speaks to this experience of going beyond belief.

When you break out of the bubble of belief, you see the world as it is.

You experience the levels of the mind as they are, and you witness the content there.

You directly experience your intentional consciousness, your spirit and your Soul, beyond concept or metaphor.

You touch your enlightened mind and you realize your Soul, beyond words and beyond descriptions.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, you transcend paradigm, doctrine, and credo.

You travel on the Continuum of Light as a conscious being, a traveler to Supernal Worlds.

You at once encounter the many wondrous forms of God on each successive Plane,

And you behold your forms on each Plane of Light—and witness the gifts each form contains.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, you travel on rivers of light and sound back to God.

You detach from the tethers that tie you to this world and journey through worlds of ineffable splendor.

You dissolve all hindrances and return to the fount from which you arose in the beginning,

And you unite with your Divine Beloved for all eternity.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, your Soul evolves.

You open and actualize each nodal point upon the Way, and grow in wisdom;

You grow in love and virtue; you bring out your dormant powers;

You fulfill the intrinsic purpose for which you were sent into Creation.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, those who remain within it, condemn you.

They cannot conceive anything exists beyond their scripture, their cosmology, and their mythos.

You become threatening to them because you are free,

And because, you have escaped from the ethereal cage that binds them.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, you can interface with the content of the mind.

You witness your thoughts and feelings and choices arise in the slipstream of your life:

Like an artist, you can change the picture that you see,

And write a brighter destiny—greater than any one you could ever conceive.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, the chains of karma no longer imprison you.

You bring down the beam of fiery, Divine Spirit to dissolve these karmic accretions,

You redeem the potentials hidden in your unconscious mind, turning its darkness into light;

Transforming its nescience and torpor into consciousness and new ability.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, you awaken to new possibilities.

The door of the sepulcher opens, and you walk out of the tomb.

You are resurrected into your immortality that has always dwelt within you.

You know the bliss of being and you repose in transcendent peace.


When you break out of the bubble of belief, you do not wish to return to this prison.

Though others may regard you as a madman, an apostate, or a traitor—someone whom the devil has deceived.

You regard them with the heart of compassion and with serene detachment,

And you hold out your hand to those who yearn to emerge from their suffering and bondage.


I Have Brought You A Diamond

By George A. Boyd ©2017

For this week’s blog post, I will share some recent poetry. For those of you who like poetry, there are selections of my poetry in our Library. For those of you that eat, breathe, and live poetry, you can obtain my three books of poetry, volume one, volume two, and volume three.


I have brought you a treasure. I stand in the middle of a field with this huge diamond, and I say to you, “This diamond is for you. Will you take it?”

A few of you say, “yes,” but discovering that it is heavy, you put it down a little ways down the road. You throw away a treasure.

And of the few, a tiny number of you recognize what you have, and you are beside yourself with joy!

“What is this treasure,” you ask?

It is the key to winding up your karma in every world of Light, and to consciously ascend to Mastery and Liberation in this very life. It is a simple key. If you use it, you will draw down the Light Fire of the Spirit and burn away each layer of the darkness that holds back your Soul from moving closer day-by-day to that inner horizon within you. And to each inner horizon until you are liberated in every realm—Subtle, Planetary, Transplanetary, Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental. And then you ascend to Multiplane Mastery, where there is no more darkness.

But I also am going to give you rubies and gems in a pouch, to go with your diamond.

I am going to give you the key to liberate your spirit, your loving heart, which is trapped like a bird in a cage. I have enclosed the key to that cage, so your spirit can fly back to God.

I am going to show you how to open your dormant third eye, and free your consciousness to travel through every world of Light, and to behold your Soul, and God.

I’m going to reveal to you how to ignite your intuition, so you can use it to get guidance, to know your Soul’s purpose, and to listen to the your Soul, as it whispers to you its truths.

I’m going to offer you the opportunity to kindle the inner fire that sleeps in your mind to awaken your awareness through every level with you, so you can know your naked Soul, unveiled at last.

I’m going to impart to you the way to activate the Light Fire within your Soul to energize your body and melt away the painful issues of your heart.

I’m going to bestow the experience upon you of the perfect inner balance that occurs when you melt away the karma from all four poles of being and you move forward upon the inner Path, illumined, empowered, and filled with a greater love.

Will you take this diamond and pouch of jewels I have to offer you?


You are cynical. You say, “I have been promised diamonds by so many along the roadway, and when I got it home, it was just paste and slime…worthless baubles, sold to me at a great price.”

“I have seen them here and there,” you continue, “touting this road and that road is the key to the mystery of life… the road to the heart of God… the secret path that releases mighty powers hidden within…”

“I ask you then, why will you travel another road, when your own Path, unique to you and yet common to all, tracks behind your living Soul?”

“Why will you uproot yourself, and transplant unto a Way, unrelated to your Soul’s native ground?”

“I have seen them follow their roads to castles upon mountains, to castles in the sky, while their Soul languishes, unmoved, in the valley below.

“I will teach your Soul to move, your spirit to become free, and for you to behold the process of unfolding as it occurs—at the core of you, on your Path, fulfilling your spiritual destiny in this very life.”

“I will give you the key to burn away the karma of lifetimes, and end the necessity of being born again in the human form—doing the work of untold lifetimes, in this, your ascension life.”

“Will you take these jewels I have to offer you?”


Your terror and doubt is very great. The pull upon you by your desires, the many responsibilities that have now become your burdens, is overwhelming.

“How can I do these things,” you say, “when my hours are filled with too many things, my life is filled with struggle and stress. How shall I find the time to do meditation, when I do not even have the time to breathe?”

“Make time. Carve out an hour a day, and do the work. Use the tools that I give you, and the inner miracle of transformation will occur. You will feel it. You will hear it. You will see it. You will know it.”

“Come take these jewels, while you still have strength, and faith, and time.”

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