Why Take the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation

Are you ready to really learn how to master meditation?

Put on your cape and get ready to fly! Announcing the webinar version of the Mudrashram® Mudrashram Course in Meditation (MMCIM) over ten Thursday evenings, starting April 13, 2023 until June 15, 2023. We have limited slots. grab yours today!

In case you aren’t familiar with this wonderful course, here’s what you need to know:

What will you get from this course?

  • You will learn a comprehensive program of Integral Meditation, which will give you the core techniques to powerfully enhance and accelerate your spiritual progress. You will be trained in the foundational meditation techniques that will help you dynamically apply meditation to augment your personal growth and to accelerate your spiritual evolution.
  • You will be initiated into a unique transformational mantra technique, that will enable you to make the spiritual progress of thousands of lifetimes in this very life!.
  • You learn to awaken your spirit. Your spirit will ascend in full consciousness through the channels of the Nada to return to your Divine Source.
  • You will learn to travel with full awareness onto the inner Planes of Light the Great Continuum of Consciousness through the Subtle and Planetary Realms and you will gain conscious union with your Soul.
  • You will go learn to clearly tap into your Soul’s intuition and to use the inner Light Fire to enliven your body and work out your deep issues… and much more!

The Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation is available in a six- week, once-weekly format; a ten-week webinar format; and a five-day intensive format. Those of you who take this in-person course—as opposed to the self-study format of the Accelerated Meditation Program, which is available by mail and online— will have the added benefits of:

  • You will be able to ask your questions in real time with a live master meditation instructor, and get immediate answers
  • You will receive immediate feedback as to whether you are doing each technique correctly, and you will receive guidance for deepening your experience for the technique

When Do I Need this Course?

  • If you want to learn a complete toolbox of methods of meditation that will give you the secret keys to conscious ascension to enlightenment and transformation of your Soul and begin the journey of unlimited spiritual growth, the MMCIM is what you need.
  • If you feel excited about the prospect of learning to use meditation to fully activate your Soul’s potentials, and acquire multiple methods to advance your spiritual evolution, the MMCIM is for you.

What does the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation cover?

The six-week format Master Course covers:

Class One

  • Introduction to the Great Continuum of Consciousness
  • The Four Poles of Being
  • An Overview of the 10 Steps of Integral Meditation – What the Class Covers
  • Contacting the Self – Eight Techniques for Centering {this is week two in the webinar format}

Class Two

  • Introduction to the Energy that Drives Awareness – the Kundalini Shakti {this is week three in the webinar format}
  • Initiation into the technique for safely awakening your Kundalini
  • Introduction to Meditation on the Spiritual Heart – Nada Yoga {this is week four in the webinar format}
  • Discovering the 12 Domains of Spiritual Development
  • Initiation into the Divine Light and Sound to travel back to your Source

Class Three

  • Invocational methods – seven powerful techniques for accessing your Subconscious, Superconscious, and unconscious mind. {this is week five in the webinar format}
  • The different types of mantras – what is a Transformational Mantra? Introduction to Mantra Yoga {this also is week five in the webinar format}
  • The six octaves of Transformational Mantra, and how to use the Quintessence Divine Name to accelerate the spiritual evolutionary unfoldment of your Soul
  • Initiation into using the Quintessence Divine name

Class Four

  • Introduction to the process of using attention to explore the levels of the mind and opening your third eye – Raja Yoga {this is week six in the webinar format}
  • What is the attentional principle and what are its abilities?
  • The three types of Raja Yoga practice – external, internal, and essential
  • Initiation into the Direct Projection technique of Raja Yoga – learning to travel in full consciousness through the Superconscious mind and directly encountering your Soul, and glimpsing the entire track of your Soul’s evolutionary purpose
  • Introducing Initiation – How the Soul Unfolds its Spiritual Evolutionary Potentials in a Balanced Way {this is week seven in the webinar format}
  • How an Empowered Initiate awakens you – the Five Attunements of Guru Kripa Yoga
  • The Three Phases of Integral meditation
  • The stages of spiritual growth – Neophyte, Aspirant, Disciple, and Initiate
  • The Octaves of Mastery – the five orders of Empowered Initiates
  • Initiation into Guru Kripa Yoga – Experiencing Opening by the Divine Light

Class Five

  • Introducing the Yoga of Insight and Intuition – the Seven Chords of Jnana Yoga {this is week eight in the webinar format}
  • Chord Four Reflective Meditation – Three methods for practical guidance
  • Chord Five Reflective and Receptive Meditation – Two methods for profound insight and guidance
  • Introduction to the Seven Rays
  • Chord Six Discernment Meditation – One method for discerning the True Nature of the Soul
  • Initiation into opening the intuitive bridge to your Soul
  • Awakening the Light Fire within the Soul – introduction to Agni Yoga {this is week nine in the webinar format}
  • The Minor and Major Attunements
  • The Agni Yoga Technique of Energizing and Enlivening your Body
  • The Agni Yoga Technique for Working Out Personal Issues – the Rainbow Technique
  • Initiation into Soul Empowerment – making yourself an Instrument for your Soul’s Powers and Gifts

Class Six

  • Introduction to Dharma Yoga – Discovering Your Integrity {this is week ten in the webinar format}
  • The Levels of Personal and Transpersonal Dharma
  • Discovering Your Core Values – the Truth Process
  • Experiencing the Innate Harmony of your Dharma – the Process of the Four Times
  • Course review and completion
  • Your individualized meditation guidance session {in the webinar format, you will schedule this individually with your instructor at a convenient time}

So tell me again: why should I take this course, George?

If you’ve had some experience with meditation, this is the next step for you!

Look at all you will get in this extraordinary class! You will:

  • Learn and practice the most powerful transformational techniques of Integral meditation.
  • Travel in full consciousness through the inner Planes of Light and gain union with your Soul
  • Receive initiation into Guru Kripa Yoga, and experience your Soul unfold!
  • Be able to accelerate and deepen your experience of meditation with a whole toolbox of powerful techniques.

Streamlined for our current times, this timeless knowledge is yours for a fraction of the time and cost you would have to invest if you had to search out this material for yourself. A $3,105 value, you can take this class for only $360, so order now!

These are advanced secret methods taught by the Mystic Masters will enable you to rapidly accelerate your spiritual growth, doing the spiritual work of many lifetimes in your current life!

But Why Do You Say This Is My Next Step?

Well, look at what you will know once you have completed this intermediate level course, the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation::


What Your learn upon completing this intermediate course:

Ability to concentrate

Knowledge of Hansa technique, ability to contemplate the attentional principle, spirit, and Soul

Ability to do direct projection

Knowledge of the 7th Ray Path of Raja Yoga

Ability to create what you intend

Knowledge of autohypnosis and affirmation

Connection with the Mudrashram® Swamis

Knowledge of the Mudrashram® Prayer

Ability to contact your spirit

Knowledge of how to contemplate the spirit (Surat Dhyan) and to travel in the Paths of the Nada

Ability to transform your ensouling entity

Knowledge of the Quintessence Mantra that enables you to call down the Light of Spirit to transform your Soul

Ability to tap into your intuitive stream

Knowledge of methods to tap into Jnana Yoga Chords Four and Five, plus one technique for Chord Six

Level to which the course takes your attentional principle

You travel through the Subtle and Planetary Realms to unite with your Soul, and you glimpse your seed of calling at the deepest level of the Transplanetary

You want to learn how to do this? How to meditate effectively, and lift your awareness into full consciousness into the realization of your Soul? Join us! Invest in yourself and take this class!

You in? We limit the course to the first twelve people.

Order now to reserve your slot!

Grab it now! First come, first serve!

I’d love to see you in this course! Will you join us?