Tibetan Buddhist Invocation

by George A. Boyd ©1990

The mantra, OM AH HUM VAJRA PADME SIDDHI GURU HUM, or its variant, OM AH HUM VAJRA PADME AYUSHE HUM, is a means of invoking the creative intelligence of the psycho-spiritual centers of man. This mantramic invocation empowers these centers via the awakening of awareness and energizes them by stimulating the arousal of the Kundalini Shakti.

In addition to creating an inflow and absorption of attention and awareness, it simultaneously encourages the out-flowing of these higher centers as intuitive knowledge, compassionate understanding, and skillful intelligence.

In the Western work, the personality is conceptualized as comprising the physical body with emotional and mental fields interpenetrating it. Integrating these three worlds of the Self is the principle of the Will, and Self Consciousness (Centered Self or Self).

The Superconscious level of the mind is the field in which the human individuality (Soul) evolves to achieve ever-higher states of mastery over its vehicles and the powers inherent in them. This process of spiritual evolution is called Initiation in the West, and constitutes an expansion of the conscious principles together with a new state of attunement with the Divine Life.

The Western Work characterizes five major Initiations that culminate in the mastery of these Superconscious vehicles. The table that follows characterizes the relationship between vehicles of consciousness of the Western Work and the syllables of these Tibetan mantras:

Primal Nameless HUM Hoom ATMIC 5th initiation SOUL
Grantor of Illumination and Grace GURU Goo Roo BUDDHIC 4th initiation ILLUMINED MIND
Life supporting AYUSHE Aw Yoo Shay MANASIC 3rd initiation HIGHER MIND
Miraculous power SIDDHI Seed Hee SOLAR ANGEL 2nd initiation I AM PRESENCE
Lotus flower PADME Pahd May LOTUS OF THE HEART 1st initiation CHRIST CHILD
Spiritual warrior VAJRA Vahj Rah WILL SELF

Intuitive knowledge is characterized by the out-flowing of the centers in the Buddhic and Manasic Planes.

Compassionate understanding and loving ministry and service arise from the out flowing of the centers of the Solar Angel and the lotus of the heart.

Skillful intelligence is characterized by the operation of the will principle through the mind, emotions, and physical body; the out-flowing of thought, feeling and actions that create the dynamic unfolding of human life and destiny here in the world.

This mantra invokes each of these qualities.

Invocation through mantra is widely used in both the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

It is a powerful means of liberating energy and intelligence from within the psycho-spiritual vehicles, as do these mantras.

It can also invoke the Universal form of the Divine beyond it. When you invoke the Universal form of the Divine, or the Guru (Master or Christ) Principle that pervades the spiritual worlds, you receive the outflow of Grace, illumination, and healing energies.

You call upon sources of spiritual guidance and support that transcend your own spiritual evolutionary potentials.

It is, in the words of the poet, “a wave calling unto the Shoreless Shore” or a “depth calling unto the Highest of the High.”

This mantra is such a useful tool to liberate the creative intelligence of these higher vehicles that correspond to the stages of the inner path.

Through the inspiration of these Superconscious energies, the human mind and heart is seeded with the ideas and values that bear fruit as righteous character and creative contributions to Humanity.

These contributions are not restricted to spiritual teaching or scholarship, as the work of the Spirit can be seen in the form of literary and poetic works, as skillful statesmanship, scientific or inventive genius, gifted painting and inspired music, or in lives of moral courage and faith.

This down-pouring of the Superconscious is the source of genius and the giver of gifts and talents to humankind.

It has brought us the comprehensive models of philosophy, inspired mighty movements of world religion, ennobled men and women to deeds of altruism and compassion, and given us the unique visions of artists and architects.

We may soberly note, however, that the inspirations of the Superconscious mind falling on minds not fully prepared to receive them has given rise to fanaticism, holy wars and inquisitions, possession by forces of the collective unconscious, and madness.

Despotism and oppression have appeared quickly on the wake of inspired ideals, thus we must be vigilant to not be submerged in the tidal storms of mystic inspiration or the cyclonic pressures of group consciousness without clearly seeing what constitutes balanced development of spiritual essence and personal life.

Thus we invoke:

May that Wisdom Mind, which sees the Path, guide us safely to the Other Shore and to Right Activity in the world.

For such balanced development, fully functioning in human life, and alive to the infusions of the Supernal, is the goal of both Eastern and Western traditions of spirituality.