The Stress Reduction Consultant Certification Course Information

The Stress Reduction Consultant Certification Course

The Stress Reduction Consultant Certification Course (SRCCC) leads to certification as a stress reduction consultant. This workshop will prepare you to become a stress reduction advisor for others. It will cover the theoretical foundations of stress reduction, the techniques of meditation used to reduce stress, how to do assessment and measure your client’s progress, and guidance for adapting this as a stand alone business, or as an addition to your existing practice.

This certification course is designed for those with a background in counseling, psychotherapy, holistic healing, coaching, or hypnotherapy, who wish to add the ability to deliver a program to assist their clients deal with stress. We suggest that members of the general public, who wish to take this course, should have some experience with doing meditation, using hypnosis, and a general knowledge of the anatomy of the body, as these will be an important part of the training you will receive.

This course includes an overview of what stress is, techniques you can use to help your client reduce their stress, how to run a stress reduction consultant business, and ethical guidelines for a stress reduction consultant. There are three recorded webinar sessions that go over the core course materials. The course incorporates a practicum in which you will present your stress reduction consulting sessions for three clients. You will need also to pass a final exam to test your knowledge of the course materials to earn your certificate of completion.

This course is delivered online with video sessions with your supervisor.

Why Do You Need This Training?

  • You will experience stress release while you guide others to relieve their stress
  • You will be able to supplement your existing income, or do this as a new profession if you are unemployed
  • You will learn tools to cope with the stress in your own life
  • This training can augment whatever you are currently doing as a healthcare or holistic practitioner
  • You will male a difference in the lives of other people, and lower their risk of stress related illness
  • You will help society lower its exploding health care costs—one client at a time
  • You will improve the quality of life for other people

When Do You Need This Training?

  • If you want to deal with stress in your own life, and would like to help others
  • If you want to augment an existing practice with new skills and certification
  • If you want to make additional income while helping others
  • If you want to help your co-workers at your place of employment by leading stress reduction groups

What Will You Get from This Training?

  • You will learn about what stress is, and you will learn specific techniques to reduce stress for yourself and others
  • You will learn when to use these techniques
  • You will learn how to set up a stress reduction consulting practice, including booking clients, accounting for your income, creating stress reduction plans, using assessment—everything you need to do this as a home business
  • You will do a practicum where you will do a practice session, and you will do a presentation at a group coaching session
  • You will receive a group coaching session where we will answer your questions, and you will get feedback to improve your skills

What’s Included in the Course?

Part One – Theoretical Foundations

  1. The Effects of Stress on the Body
  2. How Does Stress Affect Health?
  3. What Is Stress?
  4. Stages of Stress
  5. Stress Terminology
  6. What Are the Symptoms of Stress?
  7. 50 common signs and symptoms of stress
  8. What You Need to Know about Stress as a Stress Reduction Consultant
  9. Inventorying Your Client’s Stress (Assessment)
  10. The Self Help Model Symptom Check List
  11. The SFS Checklist for Stress Symptoms
  12. Chart of Life Stressors (Holmes and Rahe)
  13. Assigning a Stress Score and How to Use It
  14. Identifying which Stressor Your Client Wants to Work On
  15. The Gentle Art of Stress Management: Reduction and Prevention
  16. Developing a Program for Stress Reduction
  17. Developing a Program for Stress Prevention
  18. Guidelines for Developing a Program for Stress Management for Your Client
  19. Review of Part One

Part Two – Overview of Methods to Relieve Stress

  1. Muscle Relaxation Methods
  2. Breathing for Stress Release
  3. Stress Releasing Stretching Methods
  4. Practicing Self Hypnosis – Evocative Methods to Address Client Issues
  5. Visualization
  6. Practicing Relaxing into the Self
  7. Vipassana
  8. Practicing the Thought Bubble Technique
  9. The Gentle Art of Guiding Others in Meditation
  10. What Techniques to Use for Specific Conditions
  11. When to Back Off and Call in the Professionals
  12. Review of Part Two

Your Final Exam for Part One and Two

Part Three – Presentation of Your Practicum

  • You will do one stress reduction session with a client, document it, and present it to your supervisor
  • You will receive feedback and suggestions for improvement

Part Four – Putting Your Show on the Road(How to Turn Your Knowledge into a Business)

  1. Step One – Getting Clients
  2. Step Two – Your Information Session
  3. Step Three – Your Live Session
  4. Additional Legal and Ethical Guidelines
  5. Charging for Your Services
  6. Business Logistics
  7. Basic Accounting for Your Business
  8. The Mystery of Accounting Codes
  9. Selling Stuff
  10. What Is It that You Do?
  11. The Gentle Art of Stress Reduction Plans
  12. Evocative Questions You Can Ask
  13. What You Can Say in Your First Session
  14. Sample Agreement for Stress Management Services
  15. Course Summary
  16. Your Homework after Completing the Class

What Does the Course Cost?

The suggested retail price for this course is $2,497. If you order today, you will pay only $497.00. This is an 80% discount.