The Spectrum of Spiritual Ministry

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q: There appears to be an entire spectrum of spiritual ministry. Where does Mudrashram® fit on this spectrum?

A: There are seven major levels of spiritual ministry. We will briefly discuss them:

Physical – Characteristic of the Subtle Realm and the Biophysical Universe, ministry at this level consists of rituals, sacred ceremonies, and pilgrimages. Individuals at this level may use idols to represent the gods and goddesses of their faith. Participants in groups that practice physical level ministry primarily identity as their body and their ego. They practice Karma Yoga—service to God, humanity, and their spiritual organization—and do little meditation. They may pray to God to help them in their lives with their problems. They may do practices like hatha yoga to relax and tone the body.

Etheric – Those who are in the Psychic Realm or those that do practices that awaken their cosmic consciousness or a Supracosmic seed atom may experience this level of spiritual ministry. Ministry at this level typically involves awakening the Kundalini to activate a selected spiritual essence. Those who operate at this level visualize the Divine as residing in the highest chakra on their Path, and believe that through opening the chakras, they can achieve union with the Divine. They may use techniques like Pranayama, focusing attention on different chakras, and practices that awaken the Kundalini to gain union with the spiritual essence with which they identify—and they may attempt to keep their attention in an altered state of consciousness in union with that spiritual essence. They may do practices like mindfulness and tratakam methods like candle gazing to focus their attention.

Lower Emotional – Those who operate in the three upper Subplanes of the Abstract Mind Plane—Akashic Records Subplane, Dynamic Creation Subplane, and Universal Mind Subplane—and the Psychic Realm focus on this aspect of ministry. They seek to fulfill their desires and be happy; they attempt to manifest or create what they visualize and intend in their human life. They may identify with the wave of the present time on the Akashic Aether, a Star Seed in the Psychic Realm, or the Soul. They use techniques like affirmation, process meditation, autohypnosis, claiming by faith, and visualization with intention to attempt to manifest what they desire. Some individuals at this level will invoke angels, Ascended Masters, saints, or their own Mighty I AM Presence to augment their efforts to achieve their dreams.

Higher Emotional – Those who operate at this level of ministry can be found in the First Mesoteric Initiation, and on devotional Paths of the First Cosmic Initiation, the Supracosmic Sphere, or the Paths of the Transcendental Sphere. Love for the Divine, devotion, and yearning for spiritual union with God are highlighted at this level. The experience of love at this level is quintessential, and they may engage in mystic Bhakti Yoga practices such as saying the names of God (Japa), practicing the presence of God and remembering God, performing worship and praise ceremonies for the Divine (Puja), using transformational methods that move the spiritual essence with which they identity closer to the Divine, and Nada Yoga.

Lower Mental – Those who operate at this level typically have reached the Third Planetary Initiation. This level undergoes discovering and enacting their Soul Purpose. They align their personality with the Soul so it can become an instrument of the Soul. They practice Raja Yoga, contemplation of ideas or seed thoughts, and listen to their Soul’s intuition to guide them. They may use practices to tune into the thought streams of the Masters of the Hierarchy.

Higher Mental – Those who operate at this level have awakened their Illumined Mind and can disseminate the teachings of the Masters. This level is associated with those who have taken the Fourth Planetary Initiation, or those who have entered into the state of Samadhi. At this level, the ensouling entity can operate as a teacher, counselor, coach, mentor, and guide. These individuals can operate fully as their attentional principle to commune with the Masters and with their ensouling entity. They commonly practice Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga methods to connect with the ensouling entity and allow it to express through the personality through inspired discourse (Satsang) or writing.

Spiritual – This level comprises Light Ministry beyond words. It is associated with those who have achieved Mastery in their Path and the Divine has anointed them to send the Light. Our Light Sittings, Attunement Meditation, Agni Yoga, the granting of Initiation, Guru Kripa Yoga, and the empowerment of transformational mantras operate from this platform. At this level, the attentional principle, the spirit, and/or the Soul receive and send forth the Light.

Mudrashram® teaches methods in its intermediate classes—the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program—that assist aspirants at different levels. For example:

  • For those polarized at the Etheric level, we teach how to awaken the Kundalini and how to collect attention and to use the breath to augment meditation.
  • For those at the Lower Emotional level, we teach a variety of methods that assist people to manifest their desires and achieve their dreams, such as process meditation, affirmation, and autohypnosis.
  • For those at the Higher Emotional level, we teach Nada Yoga.
  • For those at the Lower Mental level, we teach them how to do Raja Yoga and tap intuition through the Jnana Yoga techniques.
  • For those at the Higher Mental level, we teach them to catalyze their Soul’s genius through Samadhi, which we teach in our Samadhi Weekend Program.
  • For those who can rise into the Spiritual level, we train them in Agni Yoga and Attunement Meditation, and allow them to experience the grace of the Divine and the Masters through Light Immersion and Guru Kripa Yoga. We also enable them to speed up their spiritual evolution through giving them a mantra keyed to their cutting edge of spirituality.

While the primary thrust of our ministry operates on the Lower Mental, Higher Mental, and Spiritual levels, we do have students who are primarily polarized at the Etheric, Lower Emotional, and Higher Emotional levels. We train them to gradually activate their innate love, wisdom, and power of their Soul and assist them to shift into mental and spiritual polarization.

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