The Seven Gates

The Seven Gates: How You Becomes Trapped in Your Limitations

By George A. Boyd © 2016

There are seven gates, which keep you trapped in the bubble of the Conscious mind. When this gate is opened, it transforms the way you view the world and how you identify yourself with what you feel is your true essence. These gates, and the transformation they produce when they are opened, are listed below:

  1. The gate of the brain – from reason to the Soul’s intuition (Jnana)
  2. The gate of the brow – from the waking state of awareness to attentional Union with the Soul (Samadhi)
  3. The gate of the throat – from consensual speech to the communication of the Soul’s truths (Satsang)
  4. The gate of the heart – from identification with the ego to rebirth as and identification with the spirit
  5. The gate of the solar plexus – from identification with human abilities to the discovery of the transpersonal will (Siddhi)
  6. The gate of the navel – from immersion in fear and craving to faith and freedom in union with a nucleus of identity suffused with the Divine Light and Grace
  7. The gate of the root – from identification with the human body and brain to awakening of the power of energy and awareness, bringing about Union and identification with the Soul

One of the purposes of meditation is to give you the key to open each of these gates. In the Mudrashram® system of Integral meditation, we give you specific tools for unlocking these gates.

  • To open the brain gate, we teach you Jnana Yoga, which connects you with your Soul’s intuition.
  • To open the gate of the brow, we teach you Purusa Dhyan and Raja Yoga. [Purusa Dhyan means you unite your attention with your attentional principle. This technique is described in our article, “How to Open Your Own Third Eye.”]
  • To open the gate of the throat, we teach you chanting and intoning, which open the higher octaves of your speech.
  • To open the gate of the heart, we teach you Surat Dhyan and Nada Yoga. [Surat Dhyan means you unite your attention with your spirit.]
  • To open the gate of the solar plexus, we teach you Agni Yoga.
  • To open the gate of the navel, we teach you Manasa Dhyan and prayer. [Manasa Dhyan means you unite your attention with a nucleus of identity.]
  • To open the gate of the root, we teach you Kundalini Yoga.

To open even one of these gates brings breakthrough; we teach you open all seven.

You can learn about these methods in our intermediate courses, the Mudrashram Master Course in Meditation, which is available in-person; and the Accelerated Meditation Program, which is available by-mail and online.

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