The Life Coaching Program

What is the Life Coaching Program?

The Life Coaching program is designed for those who feel blocked and stuck in their quest to achieve what they want in their personal life. This program is about empowerment: activating your inner resources and faculties to enable you to get traction and finally move forward in your life.

This program shows you how to fully engage the faculties of your Subconscious and Metaconscious mind to finally reach your most important goals. It shows you how to maximize your personal effectiveness through using:

  1. Your imagination
  2. Your commitment
  3. Your persona
  4. Your conscience
  5. Your concrete mind
  6. Your intellect
  7. Your personal intuition
  8. Your volition
  9. Taking charge of your life as the Self
  10. Tapping the resources of your Superconscious mind

You have learned to use each of these faculties partially in the course of your education, in your career, and through interpersonal relationships with our peers, co-workers, and family.

This course is designed to grant you a laser focus on how these faculties actually operate and how you can maximize their use to achieve the greatest effectiveness in your life.

You’ll discover how to identify your true values, how to eliminate distractions, and how to translate your dreams into reality—and much more.

You haven’t progressed in these areas because no one showed you how to use your faculties for success. You’ve needed someone to take your hand and show you, guide you, and help you make a breakthrough. In a word, you’ve needed a coach.

We decided to develop this course to address the needs of those people in the meditation community—people who are interested in the articles on our website and who are interested in meditation—but whose lives are not working, and they are unhappy and miserable. This course will take you step-by-step to learn how to rehabilitate your ability to make your life work. It combines targeted readings—and guided meditations on selected topics—with focused coaching assignments, coupled with scheduled sessions with a life coach.

Signing up for this program shows your commitment to improve yourself, to truly succeed, and to build your foundation for personal success. Finally dealing with these issues of your life will open the bandwidth for you to lift your attention into the spiritual realms and be ready for meditation—instead of being continually dragged back into the quicksand of your unmet needs that continually interrupt your meditation.

What Does the Course Include?

The Life Coaching Program contains eight modules with one coaching session per module:

Module 1

(1) Assessment: discovering where you are right now

(2) Personal Inventory

Module 2

(3) Optimal life balance: what needs to be tweaked? Using your intuition

(4) What do you dream? Using imagination.

(5) What does it take to make those dreams come true? Developing commitment.

Module 3

(6) What are your obstacles? Solving problems with your intellect.

(7) How do you get in your own way? Examining beliefs and conscience.

(8) Experimenting with new ways of being and doing through your Persona

Module 4

(9) How do I get there? Identify the steps with your Concrete Mind; develop a doable plan.

(10) How do I make it happen? Empowering your will

(11) Taking ownership for creating your destiny. Operating as the Self.

Module 5

(12) Drawing upon your hidden resources: programming your Subconscious mind

(13) Calling upon your inner allies: using the Superconscious mind

(14) Discovering Purpose

Module 6

(15) Setting deadlines for your goals and meeting them

(16) Setting benchmarks for achievement and meeting them

Module 7

(17) When I achieve all of my goals, what then? The art of re-visioning and re-creation

(18) Life mastery: identifying and overcoming the challenges of life

(19) How may I serve? When you actualize your dreams, how will you give back?

Module 8

(20) Complete review of the program – how can you optimize what you have learned?

Why is this important for me to do this course?

There are several reasons why this course will give help you enhance your skills. Here’s some of the benefits of completing this course:

Module 1 – Knowing where you are today

? This will give you a clear picture of what you are seeking to achieve in each area of your life

? It will let you know exactly what you will need to improve to reach your goals.

? You will do a thorough personal inventory to know what your real needs are.

Module 2 – From Vision into Action

? You will use your intuition to find out what is the ideal work life balance for you.

? You will learn to harness the power of imagination and visualization to expand your power to become crystal clear about what you are trying to achieve.

? You will turn on your ability to make rock solid commitments and kick procrastination and wavering to the curb.

Module 3 – Intelligence, Values, and Social Skills

? You will understand and more effectively utilize the powerful problem-solving tools of your intellect.

? You will discover you true values and remove old programming that holds you back from success.

?You will explore your social skills, find out the keys to intimacy and genuineness, and understand how you can employ role-play to prepare for success.

Module 4 – Making Things Happen

? You will understand how your concrete mind works and you will learn to apply it to get the results you want.

? You will learn about the circle of the will’s activity, using your time effectively to maximize your productivity, knowing exactly what your will controls, and how to empower your will.

? Your will awaken you Self-awareness and find out how to activate the power center of your Self at will.

Module 5 – Summoning Your Allies and Discovering Your Purpose

? You will travel into your Subconscious mind to discover what is there, and you will learn to use autohypnosis to program your Subconscious mind to help you overcome obstacles and limitations.

? You will get a crystal clear picture of what your Superconscious mind is and what it does and you will learn how to tap into your Higher Self to get guidance.

? You will examine purpose from a variety of perspectives and drill down to uncover your purpose for this life.

Module 6 – Becoming Effective

? You will learn to deal with incomplete goals, how to set goals that advance your core values and purpose, how to get results, how to uproot procrastination, how to build confidence, how to eliminate time wasters, how to lessen distractions, and creating realistic deadlines for the key goals for your life.

? You will re-evaluate the standards that govern your life and re-create realistic standards that you can achieve and you can express.

Module 7 – Re-Creation, Life-Mastery, and Service

? You will learn how to make new choices to change the old patterns that are no longer working, and how to make the choices that will propel you to the next level in your life.

? You will learn what life mastery is and how you purposefully drive your life to success and actualization.

? You will identify the ways that you can give back to others and make a difference in the world.

Module 8 – Synthesis and Next Steps for Your Life

? You will review what you have learned and make a clear doable plan of how you will use what you have learned in this course to transform your life.

You have not taken the time to truly examine your life and understand how your inner machinery of success operates. Taking this course will show you the remarkable powers that you possess, and you will learn to use them to achieve the goals and dreams that you have not been able to attain.

With a laser-focus, you will move from clumsy ineptitude with these skills to effortless mastery as you continue to practice these skills until they fully become a part of you.

Your climb to full personal actualization begins with learning the skills to effectively use each of your inner faculties in this coaching program that was custom designed for you.

Is this Course Right for Me?

This course is right for you if you have struggled and have not been able to make breakthroughs in your life… you are stuck, frustrated, and nothing else has worked for you.

This course is right for you if you are serious: You are willing to invest the time to improve your effectiveness in your life and the money to get coaching to move you forward.

This course is right for you if don’t make excuses, you will not settle for anything but progress, growth, and you making sure you get the results you want.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

The first question that you might ask yourself is “what would it be worth to you to really make progress in these areas in which you are deficient?” If could take this course and you could set the firm foundation through which you could finally reach the goals you have been striving for in your life, what would that be worth to you?

First let’s look at the actual value of the course.

Twelve hours of coaching time $3,600
A personal success manual that gives you the keys to use each of the levels of your mind $197
Which adds up to: $3,797

Is this course worth that much money? This much and more!

You have tried in so many ways to get ahead, and it hasn’t worked for you. What would it is be worth to you to finally get the tools to begin to start moving ahead in your life?

You need this course if:

    • You are struggling with work life balance
    • You aren’t using your faculty of imagination productively
    • You have difficulty making commitments
    • You can’t make things happen in your life and you can’t make your dreams come true.
    • You waste your time and get lost in distractions.
    • You are not clear about your core values or your purpose.
    • You are wishy-washy. You keep changing your mind. You say you’re going to do things and you never do them. You set intentions for your personal life and your spiritual development, and then you don’t follow though.

    Do you need to work on these things? Do you need to make progress with these in this life?

    Would you pay $3,797 to finally make progress in these seven key areas?

    Well, you will only pay $1997 for the course. Are you worth the investment?

    If you are, go to the coaching link in the website menu and click on the link that says Life Coaching Program. Buy it now.

    Once you’ve signed up for the course, you’ll set your schedule up with your coach to complete each of these eight modules.

      Your task will be:

    • to complete your assignments and reports
    • practice the meditations and exercises for each module
    • meet with your coach, who will assist you to gain the insights and make the breakthroughs that will help you to move to the next level for each of these skills and to make progress in your life.

    Are you ready? Make it so!