Environmental and Mindset Factors Influencing Human Life

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By George A. Boyd © 2018

External environmental factors and internal mindset factors condition what you experience in your life. Understanding these factors and learning how to work with them to enhance your life is the key to promoting greater success and happiness.

Environmental factors include:

  1. Physical space where you live and work – this is the impact of the lighting and layout of your house on your mood, your creativity, your productivity, and your ability to relax and rest.
  2. Objects placed in your physical space that have meaning for you – this consists of artwork and objects that inspire you or elicit memories of people who are important to you.
  3. People who positively influence you or who distract/hinder you – this is what you experience in your relationships with your spouse or lover, your children, relatives, friends, co-workers, and relatives.
  4. The information in your environment that influences you – this incorporates what other people tell you, your sources of news, expert opinions that shape your beliefs, what you read in books and the internet, and social media.
  5. Cultural expectations of what you are supposed to do – these are the set of rules for dress, manners, and situational behavior passed down through your ethnic or cultural group.
  6. The political and legal environment that governs what you are allowed to do – this my allow you great liberty or it may severely restrict your ability to communicate and your personal freedom.
  7. The secular or religious framework that influences politics, laws, and culture – this is the largest frame that impacts the societal collective to which you belong.

Mindset factors include:

  1. Where you are developmentally – this comprises the life skills, education, and training you have received in your life, and where you perceive you are blocked in your growth.
  2. The four-fold wheel of identity, desire, meaning, and will – these are the different ways you conceive of yourself, what you want, how you construe life’s meaning and purpose, and your perception of your ability to change to achieve your goals and dreams.
  3. The implicit order (the Divine Law) – this embraces each Law from subatomic particles to the Divine Spirit. This is the ordered consciousness of the mind that mirrors the world and each spiritual Plane as it is, and as you are a part of it. This is your internal viewpoint on reality, your unique perspective.
  4. The mental gestalt – this is the interplay between integrated and non-integrated aspects of your personality, and the whole picture of you incorporating both aspects.
  5. The levels of communication – these are the modalities through which you are able to interface with others’ mind and consciousness though non-verbal behavior, speech, and writing.
  6. The mind as a solution-seeking mechanism – this views both fantasy and applied intelligence as ways the mind seeks solutions to perceived problems.
  7. The mirror of the Divine Plan for human life – this is the blueprint of what you must do to complete your Soul’s Purpose for this life, and to carry out its mission to serve humanity.

We encourage you to contemplate each of these environmental and mindset factors to discern which are areas that you can change to improve the quality of your life. Surprisingly, even small modifications in the areas that are within your capability to change can result in significant enhancement of what you experience in your life.