The Seven Stances of Light Ministry

By George A. Boyd © 2019

Q: Are there other forms of Light Ministry than the type you do in the Light Sittings?

A: Yes, there are seven major types across the Seven Rays. These are briefly described below.

  1. The Destroyer Ray – this Light Ministry of the 1st Ray seeks to destroy entities that give rise to evil. This is the “battle of good and evil,” fought on the Astral Planes.
  2. The Enlightenment Ray – the 2nd Ray Light Ministry uses seed thoughts and contemplation to change perspective, patterns of thinking, and limiting or erroneous beliefs. It seeks to open a conduit to the Illumined mind and establish the aspirant in the state of enlightened mind.
  3. The Ray of Divine Mercy – Light Ministry of the 3rd Ray receives Light directly from the Masters and ministers it to others through anchoring the Light in their Souls, their nuclei of identity, and/or connecting their personality with the Soul through the minor attunements. This is the form of ministry that disciples of Grace-Bestowing Masters in different spiritual traditions typically practice.
  4. The Ray of Divine Unity – the 4th Ray Light Ministry emphasizes attuning people with their inner Divinity, bringing about the state of Oneness and Wholeness. This seeks to lift people from distress into peace. The universal prayers of Buddhism—e.g., “may all beings transcend misery and suffering and find peace and Nirvana”—tap into this Light Stream.
  5. The Ray of Sevenfold Healing – 5th Ray Light Ministry utilizes different bands of energy to bring about healing. These seven octaves of healing are (1) electromagnetic and atomic, (2) etheric [life force, or prana], (3) emotional [Holy Spirit, Divine Love], (4) Mighty I AM Presence [ministry of the empowered Word], (5) mental [contemplation of seed thoughts, radiation of the thought streams from the Masters], (6) higher mental [activation and downpour from the Illumined Mind], and (7) Light of the Nirvanic Flame, which conveys spiritual healing and Initiation. These seven streams promote healing of physical and emotional distress.
  6. The Ray of Miracles – 6th Ray ministry invokes Angels, Saints, Ascended Masters, Masters of the Hierarchy, or the Divine through prayer to bring about healing and resolution of negative conditions through the Omnific Power of the Light. This is the form of ministry that is commonly used in religious groups.
  7. The Manifesting Ray – 7th Ray ministry dissolves karmic issues, empowers the Soul to re-create new life conditions, improved relationships, prosperous enterprises, and political and social movements that transform society so that people’s needs are met.

We encourage aspirants and disciples to familiarize themselves with each of these ministerial stances, and to be able to minister from more than one perspective, to expand their capacity to become instruments of the Light.

We suggest that certain aspirants and disciples have a resistance to moving out of their comfort zone of the platform of ministry of their Soul Ray. However, if they are able to do so, it will greatly expand their capacity for spiritual service—the ability to operate as an instrument for the Light, and be a conscious co-worker with God and the Masters to respond to the evocation of humanity.

In Mudrashram®, we readily embrace more than one of these platforms. Our Light Sittings are a variety of 3rd Ray Light Ministry. We use the perspective of the 5th Ray in our Healing Workshop One and Two. We utilize the rudiments of 7th Ray ministry through the techniques we teach in our meditation classes—the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program; this is also the foundation of the change and transformation we bring about in our coaching programs.

Each of these ministerial platforms has their place in the working out of the Great Plan. It will be valuable for you to learn a variety of ministerial types to carry forward your Soul Purpose and participate with others in the redemption and uplifting of humanity through the widespread dissemination of the Light.