Gradations of Subtle Vision

By George A. Boyd © 2019

Q: Does inner seeing progress over time? Are there markers of that progress?

A: We can characterize four major stages of subtle vision: Initial awakening, noumenal vision, essence vision, and trans-noetic vision.

Initial vision dawns with the first opening of astral sight. Five markers are commonly evident:

  1. Flashes of light, first white, then colors
  2. Kaleidoscopic patterns of light, “psychedelic” images
  3. Shapes, including random geometric forms and a cascade of images—these present as two dimensional images
  4. Forms, beginning with the ability to see a vehicle of consciousness, indicates the surfacing of three dimensional sight
  5. Movement, which first appears as awareness of movement within your inner vehicles, and culminates with discernment of the content arising in the present time—the capacity for mindfulness and monitoring the content of vehicles of consciousness at different levels of the mind (Vipassana) becomes possible at this level of subtle sight. Also associated with this level of vision is to sense your “observing mind,” or attention.

Noumenal vision is the ability to see beings on the Astral Plane. Three typical markers emerge during this stage.

  1. Beholding the astral form of others, with the recognition this is a conscious being. At this level, many people may get their first vision of a ghost or extraterrestrial. These astral forms move, and you sense a definite presence inhabiting the form.
  2. Telepathic contacts, where you see the astral form of others, but they also talk to you. Aspirants report two major types of telepathic contact: (1) become aware of speech as a thought force—e.g., you hear their thoughts—and (2) you see the lips of their astral body move, as in normal physical speech. In addition to ghosts or extraterrestrials, aspirants begin to commune with guides, angels, and Ascended Masters at this stage.
  3. Astral panorama, where you become aware of scenery of the astral dimensional environment surrounding a being’s astral form. Many New Age artists, who purportedly portray scenes from the Astral Planes, demonstrate this type of noumenal vision.

Essence vision is the capacity to envision the essences of consciousness. Six typical abilities develop at this stage. Development of these abilities permits you to minister to these essences and interact with them.

  1. The ability to see seed atoms in vehicles of consciousness and the thread of consciousness connecting them.
  2. The ability to view the spiritual heart in others.
  3. The ability to recognize the attentional principle.
  4. The ability to discern a nucleus of identity.
  5. The ability to behold the ensouling entity.
  6. The ability to become aware of the Divine Spirit, and minister the Light consciously.

Trans-noetic vision is the capability to “read” the contents of the Continuum of Light. We call this expansion of the ability of your attentional principle, Metavision. Nine progressively subtle varieties are typical.

  1. The ability to clearly differentiate the colors, energy, and qualities of the Seven Rays.
  2. The ability to visualize the forms of the archetypes and symbols embedded in both the awakened and unawakened levels of the mind.
  3. The ability to locate the seed of calling at the edge of Liberation.
  4. The ability to contemplate the content of a nodal point, of a Nadamic tone, or seed atom.
  5. The ability to make out the energy patterns of a mantra and to perceive the “little wheels” on the tracks through the unconscious mind
  6. The ability to envision the Divine vortices that are at the origins of Subplanes, Planes, and entire Divisions of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.
  7. The ability to observe the ensouling entities and forms of angels and gods and goddesses, and their reflections on different Planes. This faculty also allows you to distinguish the ensouling entities of Masters and their reflections on the Planes in which they manifest forms of ministry.
  8. The ability to clearly perceive the Divine, and the Divine activation of lineage holders and Initiates at each level of the Continuum.
  9. The ability to directly encounter the Voidness or Unmanifest form of the Divine beyond Creation.

As you meditate more and spend more time in the state of Light Immersion and communion with the Masters of your lineage, this inner capacity for subtle seeing improves for most aspirants over time. While the subtlest types of trans-noetic vision will not immediately dawn when the faculty of subtle vision first appears in you, you can expect over time that you will begin to become capable of finer and finer visual discernment.

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