Criteria for Spiritual Advancement Revisited

By George A. Boyd © 2019

Q: What are the criteria for spiritual advancement? How will I know if I’m making spiritual progress?

A: There are a number of things that can be measured. One dimension of spiritual development we can say is the actual progress on the Path that transformation generates. This includes:

  1. Number of nodal points your Soul moves
  2. Number of Nadamic tones the spirit purifies on each track of the Nada
  3. Development of the seed atoms on the vehicles of consciousness on each Plane of Light; how many vehicles have been redeemed from the unconsciousness and the relative activation of each vehicle that has been awakened
  4. The track of the thread of consciousness, which reveals whether the attentional principle has opened this thread up to the Soul, where it can establish the state of enlightenment
  5. The relative depth to which attention can follow this thread, and whether it can gain union with the Soul, entering the state of Atma Samadhi.

Another dimension of spiritual progress are the outcomes spiritual transformation produces. Here you might look to:

  1. The development of holy virtues and improvement of character; the ability to use volition in positive ways
  2. The clearing of karmic issues, leading to greater serenity and positive relationships with others
  3. The enhancement of wisdom and discernment; the uprooting of ignorance and prejudice
  4. The ability to express the Soul’s gifts and creativity; the emergence of new abilities points to spiritual progress; the awakening of the inner sensory faculties
  5. The accession of new, previously veiled knowledge; the transformation of the unconscious permits awareness of that which was buried beneath the accretions of karma
  6. The increase of love and devotion to God; augmenting the drive to be of service to others and to assuage their suffering
  7. The creation of mental synthesis; the capacity to express the Soul’s service and to enact the Soul’s purpose

When we do a Soul Reading, we are looking at the measure of spiritual progress—the first five of these factors. However, to the degree that you are actually making progress, you should see changes in one or more of these additional seven by-products of spiritual unfoldment.

For example, your behavior, attitude, and character might change. Additionally:

  • You might be more serene and calm—less stressed out—as a result of your spiritual unfoldment.
  • You may have greater understanding of others and insight into your own motivations.
  • You may develop enhanced spiritual discernment.
  • You may discover new spiritual abilities that you didn’t have before.
  • You may gain penetrating knowledge about your personality and your higher mind.
  • You may experience enhanced devotion and love, or feel motivated to help others.
  • You may arrive at core insights that reveal your Soul as it is, and shows you its service and purpose.

You should be able to verify that you are progressing on the spiritual Path, and be able to notice that this new aspects of the Soul’s innate love, wisdom, and ability that emerge as this progress takes place. This is not something that you should take on faith, but learn how to detect these markers of change—and with gratitude, acknowledge the dynamic alchemical metamorphosis that is taking place within you.

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