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You can now order our services through Pay Pal. After 16 years of maintaining essentially the same prices, we have had to finally raise our prices to accomodate our extra costs in providing you these on-line services and to cope with rising prices in general. “Yes, John, we too have unfortunately had to deal with inflation…”

If we have access to a computer, you can also purchase those services which are available in person, plus in-person classes and workshops on-line.

Please click on the information button beside each service to get a description of the service, the format(s) in which it is available.

To learn about the other requirements the items I will need to do your reading (for example, your picture, your date of birth, or a description of a meditation technique you are doing, etc.), please click here. If you are uncertain about which reading or service to choose, please go here

If you wish to order our books, you may read about them on our book information page and order them from there. If you wish to order any of our courses or products offered through our publishing division, Mudrashram Publishing—the Accelerated Meditation Program, the Satsang Program Home Study Course, the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course, the teachers of the Mudrashram® lineage picture, or the compact disks for the Mudrashram®Master Course in Meditation—you can order them from the Mudrashram® Publishing web site. You may also alternately order the books directly from the Mudrashram® Publishing web site, where there are also cover images and listings of the table of contents for several of our books.

Reading Description Cost Purchase
Introductory Readings
Foot Reading $35.00
Tarot Card Reading $35.00
Basic Soul Reading $35.00
Triple Scan Reading
(All three readings above)
Specialized Soul Readings
“Most Specialized Soul Readings require a Basic Soul Reading (BSR) first. If you have already had this reading, you will pay less for some of these readings. Those of you who have enrolled in the Accelerated Meditation Program or the Mudrashram Master Course in Meditation have gotten this reading, so you pay the discounted rate. Please do not request the discounted rate for readings if you have not first done a BSR—either as a stand alone BSR, as part of a triple scan, as part of one of these meditation classes, or as a part of a previous Specialized Soul Reading that included a BSR. if you are not sure if you have had a BSR or not, please contact us at george at mudrashram.com. The prices listed below reflect the prices without the BSR. The Karma Reading and the Meditation Technique Analysis Reading is the same rate, whether you have had a BSR or not.
Meditation Seed Thoughts Soul Reading $70.00 Prices

Higher Octaves Soul Reading $70.00 Prices

Meditation Technique Analysis Reading $70.00
Karma Reading $105.00
Relationship Compatibility Reading $105.00 Prices

Spiritual Teacher/Path Compatibility Reading $70.00 Prices

Soul Purpose Reading $70.00 Prices

Kundalini Syndrome Reading by donation
Soul Attunement with Guidance Channeling $70.00
Guidance Channeling for specific questions $70.00
Kundalini add-on for AMP completers $35.00 AMP Completers Only

Past Life Readings
Taped Whole Track Metavisional Past Life Reading $280.00
Taped Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading $140.00
Written Whole Track Intuitive Past Life Reading $140.00
Meditation Consultations
Meditation Consultation $70.00 per hour
Practical Meditation Consultation $70.00 per hour
In Person Meditation Classes and Workshops
Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation $300.00
Master Course add on for AMP enrollees or completers $150.00 Enrolled or Completed AMP only

Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation $400.00 Basic Course Completers Only

in-person Psychic Reading Workshop $80.00
in-person Meditation Workshop $80.00
Donation for Webinar by donation
Gift Certificates
Give a Gift Certicate for Our Services Based on the amount of the services you wish to give Please order the service you wish to give above, and in the Pay Pal comments, state this is for [recipient’s name], give us their email address, and let us know if this for a specific occasion (e.g., birthday, Christmas) or reason (e.g. to thank someone or to help them with a problem or question).

Please make sure they are eligible for the specific service: for example, people may not take the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation until they have completed either the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the Accelerated Meditation Program.

If you aren’t sure what gift to give, please contact us at private at mudrashram.com.

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