Mantra as a Method to Transcend Inner Blockages

By George A. Boyd ©2022

Q: Are there mantras that can help get through mental blockages?

A: Meditators report seven major types of blockages that impedes them going deeper in meditation:

  1. They are locked into physical pain or the symptoms of disease, and they cannot detach their attention from these deep body sensations.
  2. They encounter an etheric blockage in their inner vehicles of consciousness that stops them from further deepening in meditation.
  3. They are absorbed in emotional pain, trauma, or terror, and they cannot pass through this wall of anguish.
  4. They cannot collect attention at the waking state of consciousness; they cannot lift up into the thread of consciousness. As a result, they cannot achieve focal awareness.
  5. They become absorbed in planning or thinking, and they cannot transcend their mental field.
  6. An inner barrier, such as the gate to the Subconscious mind, the gate to the Superconscious mind, or the gate at the entrance to an Initiation blocks them, and they cannot go beyond this locked portal.
  7. They identify with a vehicular seed atom, a nucleus of identity, or the spirit in one of the 12 Domains, and they cannot view anything beyond the inner spiritual horizon that appears before them. They consequently consider this visible inner horizon as the highest stage of spirituality, and they stop their spiritual development before they reach that highest point. This perceptual ring-pass-not does not allow them to journey beyond this place on the Path.

The criteria for a mantra to function as a means to transport your attention beyond these blockages include:

  • The mantra must originate on a higher vibrational platform than the blockage.
  • It must be able to engage the meditator’s attention and move it through the blockage.
  • It must enable your attention to break through the layers of the unconscious mind, when karmic material in this zone of the mind makes up the blockage.
  • It must actively move your attention along the thread of consciousness or across the unconscious mind, and not merely resonate the seed atoms of selected inner vehicles.
  • The mantra must be repeated correctly to enable the attention to move. You need to find the correct technique—for example, chanting, whispering, using the mantra with the breath, repetition with the attention, or activation through the intention of the attentional principle—for the mantra to achieve the uplift of your attention and to move through the barrier.
  • It must inspire faith and hope that the technique will work, so the meditator will be motivated to use it.
  • For it to work in an Integral fashion, it must be keyed to the immortal essences along the axis of being—the attentional principle, the spirit, or the cutting edge ensouling entity—and not lead meditators onto unrelated Paths or regions of the Continuum that have no relevance for the their Intrinsic Soul Purpose.

Mantras that meditators have found helpful to transcend these blockages include:

  • AUM [pronounced Ohm] – repeat with your attention
  • I AM – repeat with your attention
  • HANSA – sniff in HAN, sniff out SA; repeat with your attention once your attention has become collected at the waking state of awareness
  • Centering mantras keyed to the Self or an ensouling entity on the axis of being – breathe the mantra into this essence
  • Contemplative mantras keyed to the spirit in one of the 12 Domains – remember the spirit, and repeat the mantra with your attention

Each method has its particular strengths:

  • AUM helps to concentrate your attention.
  • I AM excels at moving your attention through the unconscious mind to transcend this band of the mind.
  • HANSA facilitates collecting your attention and moving it along the thread of consciousness.
  • Centering and contemplative mantras focus your attention on a higher spiritual essence, and allow you to move beyond the gate of the Conscious mind and blockages within the personality to transcend into the Superconscious mind.

We teach the HANSA method in the Introduction to Meditation Program and our intermediate classes, the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation and the by-mail and online Accelerated Meditation Program. We also teach contemplative mantras in our intermediate meditation programs. We teach centering mantras in our advanced course, the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation.

Some people find that a meditation consultation is helpful to work on solutions to surmount the blockage that keeps them from moving deeper in meditation. Sometimes, finding an alternate method to the one you are using will help you get through the barrier that holds you back.

We encourage you to find a method that allows you to transcend the blockage you are encountering. We will be happy to assist you find a solution.

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