How Christians Get Caught Up in Conspiracy Theories

By George A. Boyd ©2023

Q: How do conspiracy theories influence Christians, which warp the core tenets of their faith?

A: To understand this, it’s important to review the 49 steps of the Christian believer from the birth of faith to the attainment of sainthood:

Level One – Faith [Activation of the cord of faith, which connects the ego with the Divine]

  1. Belief in God and Jesus [the awakening of faith]
  2. Praying to God and Jesus [invocation]
  3. Engaging in dialog with God and Jesus [praying and receiving a response to prayer as personal guidance and direction]
  4. Asking for God’s help in times of crisis or great personal suffering or adversity [supplication]
  5. Receiving God’s comfort and peace via the Holy Spirit in response to the prayer of supplication
  6. Receiving a gift of the Holy Spirit in response to prayer or as a spontaneous act of Grace
  7. Demonstrating or using the gift of the Holy Spirit with believers in your congregation; Pentecostal and Charismatic sects appear to operate at this level

Level Two – Spiritual Warrior [Construction of the citadel of belief and identification as a Christian believer]

  1. Listening to sermons and learning about the Christian faith
  2. Studying the Bible, committing scriptures to memory
  3. Witnessing and proselytizing to other to convert them to the Christian faith
  4. Aligning with clergy-sanctioned political and social causes and advocating for them
  5. Becoming obsessed with religious and political agendas; at this level you are especially susceptible to believe in conspiracy theories
  6. Giving tithes and donations to support your Church’s mission; you might also be led to financially support the agendas of political and religious groups that align with the political and social causes for which you have advocated
  7. Teaching or preaching to others what you have learned from scriptural study and the theological training you have had; this is the standard preparation for ministry based on theological study [Theology is one of the disciplines found in the Temple of Science; some schools of Theology also expose the minister-in-training to the principles of Philosophy.]

Level Three – Quest for power, money, and love [Activation of the Universal Mind]

  1. Claiming the promises of scriptures via faith and affirmation
  2. Giving donations and tithes with the aim to activate the Divine Law of Prosperity
  3. Demonstrating Divine Prosperity through purchasing expensive cars, homes, clothing, or jewelry
  4. Giving charity; donating to causes you deem worthy out of your financial surplus
  5. Treating the Universal Mind directly using affirmations to manifest your desires; Science of Mind practitioners and ministers operate at this level
  6. Working with the matrix of subconscious beliefs that hinder manifestation of your desires—many life, relationship, and business coaches operate at this level to move you to the next step in your life, your romantic satisfaction, or to enhance your career and finances
  7. Experience of union with the Universal Mind; activation of the inner genius of the Master Mind

Level Four – Revelation and Visionary Experience [Psychic Realm Awakening]

  1. Visions of utopian or doomsday scenarios; apocalyptic visions of the end of the world and the second coming of Christ
  2. Immersion in interpreting the meaning of scriptures, symbols, archetypes, and myths; this is the level of hermeneutics; those who engage in translating scriptures and religious texts from their original languages also operate at this level
  3. Channeling angels and spirits verbally to give prophecy and revelation
  4. Communion with angels and guides in trance states and receiving teaching and revelations from them
  5. Channeling communications from angels and spirits through spontaneous writing [automatic writing]
  6. Beholding visions of spirits; perceiving angels and demons in the aura of others
  7. Exorcising or casting out demons that you perceive in the aura of others through prayer or ritual; those who conduct exorcisms operate at this level

Level Five – The Dawning of Wisdom [opening to the Wisdom Plane]

  1. Reception of practical guidance to live righteously
  2. Working on changing bad habits and reforming character
  3. Working with addictions and recovering from compulsive patterns of behavior—many 12-step groups operate at this level
  4. Mentoring and guiding others to improve their character, recover from addictions, and cope with the challenges of life; pastoral counselors and addiction counselors operate from this level
  5. Doing forgiveness work and reuniting with the unconditional love of the Soul—A Course in Miracles operates at this level
  6. Gaining understanding of what motivates you and others; connecting with your Soul’s inner wisdom
  7. Communion with the Light of Wisdom and listening to the still, small voice in the silence; the spiritual communion of the Quakers taps this level

Level Six – Born Again – Living the Gospel and having direct communion with the Holy Spirit

  1. Experience of direct attentional union with the Moon Soul or Christ Child nucleus of identity; feeling born again as a child of God
  2. Direct communion with the Holy Spirit as it dwells in the inner altar at the heart of the Moon Soul or Christ Child
  3. Experience of the Divine Will as direction and guidance conveyed directly to the attentional principle
  4. Reception of the genuine calling of spiritual vocation to serve the Church as a minister, teacher, prophet, healer, or evangelist; this is the level at which you experience authentic spiritual vocation
  5. Experience of ministering the Holy Spirit as your attentional principle; this is the attunement of spiritual ministry
  6. Experience of the robes of righteousness—guiding your human life through wisdom and the moral will; this level also opens the Revelatory Mind or Mind of Christ, which brings new insights into the scriptures
  7. Experience of the heart of gold, the golden nugget of love and virtue at the core of the Moon Soul or Christ Child

Level Seven – Holiness [embodying love and virtue through ascension of the Moon Soul or Christ Child]

  1. Experience of the Jet of Divine Spirit upon the Mountain of God; entering the Presence of the Form of God that expresses in human life and history
  2. Entering the gates of death while alive; doing life review in the Presence of the Great Judge and the Lords of Karma
  3. Beholding the strata of Hell; witnessing the behavior of others that led them to perdition
  4. Beholding the strata of Purgatory; working off core life issues and developing heart wisdom
  5. Beholding the strata of Heaven
  6. Beholding the worlds of the angels
  7. Assumption into the form of the Saint; embodying the ability to directly send the Holy Spirit to the Moon Soul or Christ Child in others

Below level five, believers are subject to the manipulation of those who seek to shape Christian’s beliefs through arousing their emotions. Some manipulate believers to enrich themselves; some do it to gain political power; some do it to use believers to fulfill their desires.

We see the ready adoption of conspiracy theories—and the mobilizing of believers to support repressive laws and policies that aim to subjugate those who believe differently—as a direct result of these influence attempts.

Until the Christian has advanced in his or her spiritual growth to level five, where wisdom can guide him or her, there is the ongoing risk that conspiracy theories can waylay the believer. Those who disseminate untruths, distortions of the facts, and warped interpretations of the scriptures are only too willing to influence those who follow them and listen to their perverted messages.

We note that at steps 11 and 12 on the ladder of Christian growth, the believer is especially vulnerable to the influence of those who promote conspiracy theories. Without discernment and wisdom, and the ability to use critical thinking, moreover, believers are highly susceptible to these attempts at covert influence and outright manipulation.

Those who have political agendas, who seek to enrich themselves, and who suffer from narcissistic and megalomaniac delusions are only too happy to shape the beliefs, values, and behavior of the Christian believer. One must tread the perilous journey of faith with vigilance and caution, as the Path is strewn with dangers and pitfalls that can ambush the believer on the inner passage to holiness and assumption into sainthood.

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