Four Meta-Beliefs about Spirituality

By George A. Boyd © 2012

The materialist reduces spirituality to “nothing but the brain.” Typically, the materialist will not move attention away from the waking state of awareness and does not ever move their attention to the level where their attentional principle, spirit, or ensouling entity can be perceived. In this viewpoint, there is no Soul other than an epiphenomenon of the brain—a virtual creation like a computer image or a video game that disappears when the brain-computer turns off during unconsciousness or death.

Those that believe in the unmoving Soul conceive that God created each individual as they are, and that there is no path or no place to go. Individuals remain where they are, and will be allowed to go to heaven or hell after a universal Last Judgment. This Last Judgment purportedly evaluates their one and only human life based on their thoughts, words, and deeds. Individuals have no access to heaven or hell, but during the Last Judgment, they conceive that a supernatural intervention will occur that will move their Soul to one of these two places: a place of blessedness (heaven) and a place of torment (hell), in which the Soul will remain eternally.

Those that believe the Soul can move and progress through intensive inner work visualize that there is a Path, but one progresses upon this Path gradually, driven by the innate evolutionary forces of the Cosmos, and their own work on themselves. While they practice some type of meditation and prayer, these methods are not transformational—they do not directly unfold the Soul. Instead these methods more rapidly reduce the karmic accretion between nodal points, so an individual makes progress faster than cosmic forces alone drive spiritual evolution.

Those that believe that the Soul’s progress is essentially unlimited have access to a transformational method such as transformational mantra, or Kriya Yoga—or utilize Nada Yoga on a Path in the Transcendental Sphere, or use the Kundalini Shakti in specialized ways to move through selected bands of the Subtle or Planetary Realms; or they have access to an Initiate or Master, who sends them the Light of Attunement that unfolds their spiritual potentials. These ones not only contact their spiritual essence through meditation, but they actually experience it move on the spiritual path.

Mudrashram® is of this fourth type. We give our students transformational methods, and periodically immerse those students who work with us in the omnific power of the Spirit during Light Sittings. The spiritual progress derived from these means is palpable; each meditation student is urged to verify their meditation progress through observing the changes in their vehicles of consciousness that occur after using their transformational mantra.

We teach this transformational mantra, and show you how to free your spirit in our in-person course, the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation, or in our on-line and by-mail course, the Accelerated Meditation Program. We offer Light Sittings every two weeks on-line; those who are active students are welcome to join us.

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