Factors that Influence Poverty and Prosperity

By George A. Boyd © 2021

Q: What allows some people to struggle with wealth and live forever in poverty, whereas others seem to have no problem earning great money and building wealth?

A: When we look at the factors that hold people in poverty, we find:

  • No opportunity – there are no jobs, there are no apparent ways to make money
  • No capital – unable to make an investment in inventory, tools, and labor to sustain a business enterprise and to enable it to earn steady income
  • No education, no knowledge of using technology limits what you can do
  • No marketable skills limit the jobs you could do
  • No track record of success to market skills to potential employers (job) or customers (entrepreneurial)
  • Very high competition for available jobs
  • Corruption and criminal hegemony make job seekers or would be business owners subject to an environment where they must pay to play; they are extorted and threatened
  • Members of government and political leaders use their positions to enrich themselves and do not invest in education and career development to improve the lot of the people
  • The wealthy elite use their money, power, and influence to enact policies that will enable them to accrue even more wealth, power, and influence— while suppressing the opportunities of those who are poor.
  • Religion and culture instill beliefs that it is destiny or God’s will that they are supposed to be poor, and to accept their lot in life.
  • Karmic factors lead individuals to sabotage their options to become wealthy or not have access to the factors that would enable them to earn a good livelihood or accrue wealth

Factors that promote wealth include:

  • Creative matrix—the Soul takes charge—dissolving the limiting factors of the past, decreed in the present you shall manifest wealth and abundance, and to visualize that for the future.
  • Alignment with the Law of Attraction and the Divine Law of Prosperity—you create and set up the conditions that allow you to make money and accrue wealth
  • The wisdom to make the right choices to earn money and accrue wealth
  • Blessings of the Divine in response to prayer, charity, and tithing
  • Activating the power of the Mighty I AM presence to manifest wealth and abundance
  • Merit, good karma from past lives, sets up birth in opulent and wealthy families
  • You create or invent something that has mass appeal; many people buying your product or service makes you wealthy

Environment plays a role in many people’s lives, seemingly limiting what is possible and holding them down in patterns of lack and poverty. This is one of the reasons why people migrate to wealthier countries, where greater opportunity exists.

Those who practice prayer and meditation can learn to access to the dynamic matrix that creates wealth and abundance, and actively change the conditions of their lives. Training in using the Law of Attraction, for example, can change the way people relate to money and wealth, and can connect them with the source of unlimited abundance.

If earning sufficient money is one of your issues, we encourage you to learn methods to connect with the money-manifesting power of the universe that dwells within you. This, coupled with rectifying your personal deficiencies that limit your employability, can greatly aid in changing your money destiny in your life.

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