Utilizing the Mudrashram® Classes

Suggested Prerequisites for Classes

The Mudrashram® system of Integral Meditation encompasses levels of difficulty from the introductory fundamentals of meditation to highly advanced practices. Descriptions of these levels of difficulty are presented below.

Levels of Difficulty

[INTRO] – no prior meditation experience is required. Suitable for individuals who wish to gain an understanding of meditation and learn practical and centering techniques of meditation. Depth of meditation does not go beyond the personality, or the Self.

Beginner [B] – Ability to unite with the Self at the nucleus of the personality is presumed as a stepping off stage for this meditation. The individual learns the fundamentals of transcendence meditation. The individual learns to function as the attentional principle and as the spirit, and to unite with the Soul. The individual has the initial experiences with attunement meditation, receiving the Light from an Initiate and radiating it to others. Depth of meditation extends to the Subtle and Planetary Realms of the Great Continuum of Consciousness.

Intermediate [I] – Ability to unite with the Soul at will is presumed as a prerequisite for this level of meditation. The individual learns how to travel with the inner guide and unite with higher octaves of Being up to Satchitananda. The ability to receive the Light from an Initiate and make attunements is enhanced. Depth of meditation extends from the Transplanetary, through the Cosmic, Supracosmic, and Transcendental Spheres.

Advanced [A] – Ability to travel to any octave of consciousness at will is presumed for this level of work. The individual performs a wide range of examinations and operations in inner vehicles at all levels of the mind. The individual’s inner abilities of clairsentience (ability to see, hear and feel on the inner Planes) and to do inner ministry are fully activated and operational. Depth of meditation is unlimited.

In the table below we present suggested guidelines for preparation for our classes and workshops. We also give you an estimate of their level of difficulty.

Note that comprehensive programs like the Mudrashram® Correspondence Course will have some introductory material, some beginning material, some intermediate material, and some advanced material. For maximum understanding and benefit from this program, we recommend you prepare yourself by taking classes up to the highest level of difficulty for that program.

Our Core Meditation Courses

Our two core classes, the Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation (MMCIM) and the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation (MACIM), give the keys to a comprehensive understanding of the Mudrashram® system of Integral Meditation.

Those who cannot take the MMCIM in person, can take the by-mail or online versions, The Accelerated Meditation Program (AMP). All entries in the table below that say MMCIM also apply to the AMP, that is, taking the AMP is the equivalent of taking the MMCIM.

The MMCIM (or AMP) is an intermediate level course, but also covers some methods sutiable for meditation beginners.

Its beginning portion presents centering techniques and the basic theory of integral meditation.

The intermediate level presents the fundamental transcendence techniques and methods for working with the Subconscious, Superconscious, and unconscious levels of the mind.

The MACIM is an intermediate and advanced level course that explores the higher octaves of the Great Continuum of Consciousness and teaches how to travel with the Guide.

The MMCIM or the AMP is a mandatory prerequisite for this course with six months of meditation strongly recommended prior to taking this course.

Our Recommendations

Prior meditation experience (PME) is a prerequisite, or strongly recommended, for some of our meditation workshops.

Prerequisite means you cannot enter the course unless you have met these requirements.

Recommended means that the foundational course or the prior practice of meditation will amplify your understanding and enhance your ability to benefit from the experiential dimensions of the course. You will be admitted to the course without it, but you will have a better experience if you have prepared yourself beforehand.


b>Open to All – No Prerequisites means anyone can take this class and benefit from it.

Guidelines for Using Our Training Programs

Class or Workshop Prerequisite Recommended Open to all—No prerequisites Level of Difficulty
Satsang Program Home Study Course MMCIM MACIM B, I
Mudrashram Correspondence Course MMCIM MACIM B, I, A
How to Read Your Own Past Lives Workshop PME X Intro, B
Tarot Card Reading Workshop X Intro
Karma Workshop PME X B
Psychic Powers Workshop PME X B
The Way of the Heart Workshop MMCIM B, I
Advanced Raja Yoga Workshop MMCIM B, I
Agni Yoga Attunement Meditation Workshop MMCIM B, I
Advanced Kundalini Workshop MMCIM B, I
The Vision Workshop MMCIM B, I
Meditation for Therapists Workshop Professional counselor or therapist, graduate student studying to be a therapist Intro, B
Introduction to Meditation Program) X Intro, B
(Book) The Yoga of the Seven Mudras, Volume One: The Fundamentals of Meditation MMCIM Intro, B, I
(Book) The Yoga of the Seven Mudras, Volume Two: The Advanced Practice of Meditation MACIM I, A

If you wish to study with us, we suggest you review these guidelines to optimize your experience of our classes and workshops.