The Breakthrough Meditation Program

What is the Breakthrough Meditation Program?

The Breakthrough Meditation program is designed for Mudrashram® students who have completed one of our intermediate meditation programs—the in-person Mudrashram® Master Course in Meditation or the by-mail or online Accelerated Meditation Program; and those who have gone on to take our advanced meditation program, the Mudrashram® Advanced Course in Meditation—but continue to struggle with basic meditation skills. We will also actively consider those who are enrolled in one of our intermediate programs for this course: please contact us.

In our interviews with students, who state they have been having issues with meditation, they report that they are having difficulty in one or more of these seven areas:

  1. Seeing and hearing within
  2. Gaining discernment of their essential spiritual essences
  3. Accessing their intuition and getting guidance for their life and spiritual quest
  4. Activating their intention and the higher octaves of their will
  5. Mastering the movement of their attention to unite with their spiritual essences, so they can do have conscious spiritual experiences
  6. Knowing their Soul’s purpose and the Will of God.
  7. Making the commitment necessary to rise to spiritual Mastery in this lifetime

While there are several articles that go into greater depth about these topics in our Library, and webinars on these themes—especially for those who have completed the advanced course, and who have access to the 60+ webinars we have done in their advanced training area, several of which explore these issues in depth—students tell us that they still cannot grasp the theory (the why) and the methods described (the what and how).

They need someone to take their hand and show them, guide them, and help them make a breakthrough. In a word, they need a coach.

We decided to develop this course to address the needs of these students, who are serious about grasping these fundamental skills for spiritual mastery. It combines targeted readings and webinars on these topics with focused coaching assignments—coupled with scheduled with a spiritual coach.

Signing up for this program shows your commitment to improve yourself, to truly succeed, and to build your foundation for future spiritual Mastery.

What Does the Course Include?

The Breakthrough Meditation Program consists of seven modules that are broken down as follows:

Module 1-A

  • Overview of What Spiritual Mastery Entails
  • Initial Skill Assessment
  • First Coaching Session – Review of your assessment and anchoring of your intentions for the class (.5 hour coaching)

Module 1-B

  • Developing your spiritual senses
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Second coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 2

  • Developing spiritual discernment
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Third coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 3

  • Activating your intuition and awakening your Illumined Mind
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Fourth coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 4

  • Activating your intention and your higher octaves of your will
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Fifth coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 5

  • Mastering your attention and gaining union with the essences of consciousness
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Sixth coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 6

  • Knowing the Soul’s Purpose and the Will of God
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Seventh coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 7-A

  • Commitment to Mastery
  • Targeted reading and webinars
  • Eighth coaching session – review of your assignment and report with targeted training and coaching (1.0 hour coaching)

Module 7-B

  • Post Assessment
  • Identification of next steps
  • Ninth coaching session – Review of your post assessment and identification of your next steps to build on the foundation you have built in this class (.5 hour coaching)

Why is this important for me to do this?

There are several reasons why this course will give help you enhance the skills that are holding you back from having rich, rewarding, and deeply meaningful meditation experiences.

Here’s some of the benefits of completing this course:

Module 1-A – Overview of What Spiritual Mastery Entails

  • This will give you a clear picture of what you are seeking to achieve.
  • It will let you know the level to which you will need to hone your skills.
  • It will give you a model to which you can aspire.

Module 1-B – Developing Your Inner Senses

  • This will enable you to fully experience your inner world in full color, with clear, distinct hearing—your inner life will come alive for you.
  • You will be able to clearly distinguish the essences of consciousness—attentional principle, spirit, and Soul—you will see them and hear them as clearly as you sense the physical bodies of others.
  • You will witness the panoramas and scenery of the worlds of dimension—actually being able to consciously experience heaven is like, and being able to behold God.

Module 2 – Developing Discernment

  • You will be able to identify exactly where your Soul is—what Plane, what Subplane, and what nodal point.
  • You will gain exact knowledge of each of your inner forms or vehicles of consciousness, which will bestow on you the highest spiritual discernment, and enable you to know exactly what inner voice is speaking to you.
  • You will be able to enter into the state of Samadhi, where you receive the downpour of all knowledge.

Module 3 – Activating Your Intuition

  • When you ask questions to your Soul, you will get clear, unmistakable answers.
  • You will get targeted practical guidance and gain understanding about the spiritual worlds from the fountainhead of all knowledge within.
  • You will be able to tap your Soul’s wisdom, which will help you successfully tackle the challenges of your life, and make the best decisions, so you spend less time chasing dead ends.

Module 4 – Activating Intention and Your Higher Will

  • You will gain the ability to actually manifest what you want in your life, instead of simply dreaming about it.
  • You will strengthen your will power, so you can better control your appetites and bad habits.
  • Your will awaken the remarkable super-powers of your Soul, your innate genius and creativity, which operate in the Superconscious mind.

Module 5 – Mastering the Movement of Your Attention and Awakening the Essences of Consciousness

  • You will never again wonder if you have found your attentional principle, your spirit, and your Soul—you will no beyond a shadow of a doubt you have found them—and you will be able to directly experience what they are experiencing: this is conscious immortality.
  • You will discover the ability to select any channel of your mind—just like you tune in radio stations—and get clear impressions from each level.
  • You will be able to interface with every level of your mind and use the knowledge and abilities at each of these levels to greatly improve your life.

Module 6 – Knowing Your Soul’s Purpose and the Will of God

  • You will never again wake up asking yourself, “Why am I alive?” You will know the purpose you were meant to achieve in this life.
  • Your Soul’s genius, creativity, and gifts will begin to pour through you as you align with your Soul’s purpose.
  • You will understand the grand design and the mission you were sent here to accomplish, and increasingly, you will be transformed into someone who knows God directly and becomes an instrument of Divine Grace and Power for humanity.

Module 7 – Commitment to Mastery

  • You will align your life so you can take care of your personal responsibility and have enjoyable times with your family and friends, while your rock solid commitment to spiritual progress enables you to make the spiritual progress of thousands of lifetimes in this very life.
  • You will accelerate your spiritual progress to warp speed, and you will travel across the Great Continuum of Consciousness at a rapid rate, because you have made the commitment to settle for nothing less than Mastery.
  • As a direct result of your steely commitment to spiritual growth and development, you will reach the stage where you will not have to be born again. You will ascend progressively, step-by-step and stage-by-stage until you reach the summit of spiritual Mastery in this life without fail.

While none of this will happen instantly or magically, by establishing this firm foundation upon which to develop the crucial skills for Mastery, you will progressively gain greater ability in each of these areas until they are peerless tools for knowledge, love, and power.

With a laser-focus, you will move from clumsy ineptitude with these skills to effortless mastery as you continue to practice these skills until they fully become a part of you. Your climb to the mountaintop begins with learning the skills for Mastery in this coaching program that was custom designed for you.

Is this Course Right for Me?

  • This course is right for you if you have struggled and have not been able to make breakthroughs in one or more of these areas.
  • This course is right for you if you are serious: You are willing to invest the time to improve your skills and the money to get coaching to move you forward.
  • This course is right for you if don’t make excuses, you will not settle for anything but progress, growth, and you making sure you get the results you want.

What’s This Going to Cost Me?

The first question that you might ask yourself is “what would it be worth to you to really make progress in these areas in which you are deficient?” If could take this course and you could set the firm foundation through which you could rise to Mastery, what would that be worth to you?

First let’s look at the actual value of the course:

Eight hours of coaching time


Fifteen webinars (mixed in-depth and topical)


Several articles, some of which are in the library for free, and some are only in our books. So if you had to buy these books to read these selected articles, let’s say that is another


So that adds up to:


Is this course worth that much money? This much and more!

You have shown your dedication by completing one of our intermediate classes—and maybe our advanced class, too. You have also shown us you are serious by studying the articles in the Library, reading our books, attending our Light Sittings and question and answer sessions, and getting meditation consultations and attunements.

And you’re stuck. Maybe:

  • You can’t see and hear inside.
  • You can’t discern what your attentional principle, spirit, and Soul are, and you can’t find the edges of the Subplanes and the nodal points.
  • Your intuition is silent as the Sphinx.
  • You can’t make things happen in your life and you can’t make your dreams come true.
  • You can’t know for sure where your attention is in meditation and you can’t control it—you drift off into reverie and fall asleep.
  • You don’t have a clue what your purpose is or how to tap into the will of God.
  • You are wishy-washy. You keep changing your mind. You say you’re going to do things and you never do them. You set intentions for your personal life and your spiritual development, and then you don’t follow though.

Do you need to work on these things? Do you need to make progress with these in this life?

You don’t know where you’re going to be in your next life, honey!

If you do want to work on these things, then you need to make the investment in yourself.

Would you pay $2,715 to finally make progress in these seven key areas?

Well, guess what. We’re going to give you credit for the work you’ve already put in. You will only pay $897 for the course. Are you worth the investment?

If you are, go to your member area in your dashboard on your completer page and click on the link that says Breakthrough Meditation Coaching Program. Buy it now.

Once you’ve signed up for the course, you’ll set your schedule up with your coach to complete each of these seven modules.

Your task will be to complete your assignments and reports. You will practice the meditations and exercises for each module. Then you will meet with your coach, who will assist you to gain the insights and make the breakthroughs that will help you to move to the next level for each of these skills.

Are you ready? Make it so!